Tattoo Studio Furniture Essentials: How to set up your Tattoo Salon?

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. However, the process of getting it can be quite painful. For a pleasurable experience for clients, comfort is paramount. And, this is where the tattoo furniture comes into play! Make sure to equip your studio with the best furniture pieces as it would be worth every penny!

Durable and comfortable furnishings and fixtures keep the client comfortable as well as the artist focused on the work. When it comes to choosing furniture options for your tattoo salon, opt for ergonomic pieces that improve the overall experience. Depending on your needs and budget, there is a wide array of options available. Let’s peek into it.

1. Tattoo Client Chairs and Massage Tables

Along with a relaxing massage table, you need to add a couple of chairs for your tattoo clients. The tattoo client chairs of today are versatile with adjustable height, seat, and leg angles. While making the purchase, make sure you choose a hydraulic tattoo chair with adjustable leg rests.

Another option is buying a relaxing couch that provides a comfortable and flexible tattoo experience. Opt for a massage table that can be adjusted height-wise. Nowadays, electric massage tables are available on the market to help tattoo artists adjust the height easily.

2. Tattoo Pillows and Bolsters for Clients

Long tattoo sessions can often be exhausting. It can be minimized to a great extent by providing your clients with tattoo pillows, cushions, and bolsters as they ensure proper positioning and posture. Buy multiple tattoos for face, neck, arms, lower back and legs for best support and comfort! It is of utmost importance to have a wipe-able tattoo pillow that can be kept clean and sterile after every appointment.

3. Tattoo Armrest Extensions for Comfort

Opt for armrests that can be attached or removed without the need of any tool. Usually, armrests have Velcro attachments to connect them to the massage table effortlessly. Consider a sidearm table extender or a universal hanging armrest that is easy to clean and sanitize. Opt for a durable vinyl armrest that can support multiple tattoo sessions without any issues.

If you are going to use a chair, then buying an armrest extension with a metal tray will help the client in resting his arm as well as aid the tattoo artist in managing his tools. While choosing an armrest extension, make sure it is adjustable for different size and height.

4. Artist’s Stool for Convenience

An artist works for long hours at a stretch. Sitting for long can lead to health disorders in later life. So, it is important to take care of the artists because you are a key player in the entire equation. If you have multiple tattoo artists working with you, you will have to invest in many different types of chairs and stools for your fellow artists. Consider buying stool with backrest or a tattoo artist’s rolling stool so that your entire team can enjoy comfortable tattoo sessions.

5. Tattoo Trolleys and Tattoo Equipment Cart

Are you walking to the cupboard every time you need anything for the tattoo session? Quite annoying, isn’t it? A moveable tattoo trolley or a portable tattoo mayo stand will help in managing all the tattoo equipment, ink bottles, and other tools in one place.

Invest money in good quality multi-shelves salon trolleys to accommodate more things in a single place. You can even opt for tattoo tray extenders that can be attached to any piece of furniture.

Some tattoo artists also buy workstations instead of investing in multiple pieces of equipment. This single workstation comprises of a magnifying lamp, gloves holder, cup holder, drawers, and caster wheels. They offer storage space too.

6. Lamps and Lighting Fixtures for the Tattoo Store

Tattoos involve detailed designs and complicated artwork, and it requires time to create a masterpiece! To make the tattoo job simpler, artists use magnifying lamps, LED floor lamps, and additional lighting fixtures that imitate natural sunlight in the salon. You can even buy an ionizer floor lamp to purify the air in the tattoo studio.

Make a Conscious Buying Decision!

When you are making a crucial decision of becoming a tattoo artist, you need a tattoo salon that caters to your needs. Do not skimp on buying furniture essentials because choosing a quality piece of furniture is a long-term investment. Set up your tattoo studio with fixtures and furnishing that reflect your style as well as ensure maximum comfort to your clients.

Happy shopping!

Do you want to buy furniture for tattoo studio? Shop online to find the best deals on tattoo client chairs and stools, massage tables with cabinets and tattoo pillows & bolsters for your tattoo salon.

Gallstones and Complications: Why visit a Surgical Gastroenterologist Immediately?

When there is a bile imbalance in the gallbladder, patients suffer from gallbladder stones. It is essential to understand that not all gallstones require surgery. Sometimes, there may be no symptoms at all. From a size of a tiny grain to a golf ball, gallstones vary in size. They can be painful and cause blockage in a duct. In such situations, your surgical gastroenterologist may suggest a gallbladder removal surgery.

Gallbladder stones are one of the most common digestive problems. And so, a majority of the Indian population ignores them. Remember, complications from gallstones can cause grave issues. There are chances that the gallbladder stones cause severe blockage and move to other parts of the digestive system.

Let’s understand what complications can arise from gallbladder stones:

1. Acute Cholecystitis

Also called inflammation of the gallbladder, acute cholecystitis occurs when gallstones or bile build-up inside the gallbladder cause blockage of the cystic duct

Acute cholecystitis can cause pain in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen and last for several hours. Chills, high fever, rapid heart rate, nausea, and vomiting are also a few symptoms. Additionally, few patients may develop jaundice.

If acute cholecystitis is not treated, the patient may end up having pus inside gallbladder (pyocele). This can lead to gallbladder rupture, causing leakage of pus and bile inside the patient’s abdomen. It is a critical condition that requires prompt surgery and intensive care treatment. The gastrointestinal surgeon may suggest antibiotics and perform laparoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder.

2. Jaundice

If gallstones move out of the gallbladder and into the bile duct, the liver may not function optimally. The flow of bile may be affected and cause jaundice in a few patients. Jaundice can also occur due to inflammation of the gallbladder and gallbladder cancer.

Patients with jaundice have yellowing of the skin and eyes, abdominal cramps, dark urine, itching, fever, chills, and other flu-like symptoms, etc.

Usually, there is no surgery for jaundice caused by acute viral hepatitis. As the liver begins to cure itself, jaundice will go away. However, when the blockage in the bile duct is causing jaundice, the surgeon may suggest surgery to remove the blockage.

3. Acute Cholangitis

Bacterial infection of the biliary tract due to obstruction is called acute cholangitis. It occurs when gallstones or build-ups in the gallbladder cause a blockage, thus leading to bacterial infection. It can cause pain in the upper abdomen that moves towards the shoulder blade and makes the entire experience intolerable. High fever, chills, jaundice, itchy skin, and fatigue are other symptoms of acute cholangitis.

When a patient is suffering from the blockage of the bile duct, the surgical gastroenterologist may have to conduct an endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) to drain the bile and remove the infection. Additionally, he may prescribe antibiotics to treat the condition.

4. Acute Pancreatitis

One of the complications related to gallbladder stones includes acute pancreatitis. When a gallstone moves out of the gallbladder and reaches the duct of the pancreas, it can cause inflammation and infection.

If a patient is suffering from acute pancreatitis, he will experience symptoms such as dull pain in the central region of the upper abdomen. It will steadily worsen until it makes the patient starts feeling constant ache. Other symptoms include the general feeling of being sick, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, tenderness of the abdomen, high fever and, jaundice (less common).

Often acute pancreatitis clears up in 10-15 days. However, a few patients may require hospitalization to treat severe symptoms. Usually, doctors put the patient on a drip for avoiding severe dehydration and help him regain the lost minerals and fluids. The doctors will also prescribe painkillers to alleviate the pain.

5. Gallbladder Cancer

It is a rare complication caused due to gallbladder stones. But we need to address gallbladder cancer because it is a grave issue. A recurring history of gallstones can lead to cancer of the gallbladder among a small number of patients.

If you have had gallbladder stones in the past and your family history includes gallbladder cancer, experts recommend visiting your surgical gastroenterologist and discussing your possible treatment options.

People often confuse the symptoms of gallbladder cancer with those of gallstones because they are very similar. Stomach ache, high fever, jaundice, nausea, and vomiting are all signs of gallbladder cancer. So, it is essential to pay attention to all the symptoms and get immediate medical attention.

6. Gallstone Ileus

Gallstone ileus is a type of bowel obstruction due to gallbladder stones. It is rare and affects only about 0.5% of patients with gallstones. The symptoms of gallstones ileus include abdominal ache, abdominal distension, constipation, nausea, vomiting, etc.

When inflammation or infection from the gallbladder causes a fistula (abnormal connection), it allows the gallstone to travel to the ileum (the third part of the small intestine). The distal end of the small intestine connects with the large intestine and helps with digestion. When a gallstone lodges itself in the ileum, it can block bowel movement that requires immediate medical treatment.

Do not ignore Gallstones; Avoid Serious Complications.

Amidst the recent COVID-19 outbreak, a large part of the population is ignoring routine medical checkups. It is leading to fatalities in otherwise treatable medical conditions.

It is essential to undergo a medical examination and maintain an overall healthy approach to life. If you notice any symptoms related to gallbladder stones or experience chronic digestive distress, consult your surgical gastroenterologist to ensure immediate medical attention.

With the advent of the internet and easy accessibility to technology, telemedicine is a reality for Indians. You can opt for a teleconsultation with the GI surgeon and discuss your symptoms online. No matter the mode of communication you choose, it is imperative to get medical help because it can become a matter of life and death.

Are you suffering from gallstone pain? Consult a surgical gastroenterologist for gallstone treatment. Get in touch with South Gujarat’s best HPB and GI surgeon for immediate medical consultation.

How to Strike a Sweet Car Deal during Halloween?

The spooky season of Halloween is all about trick or treat. However, the car buying process seems more like a trick than a treat if you do not take the right steps. The year 2020 has presented many challenges to the auto industry, right from production, low sales to delays in the launch of new models. But, for a car buyer, there could not be a better time than this for buying a vehicle.

Carmakers are ready to optimize on high sales, especially at times such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, if you play your cards right, you can get a sweet car deal that would surely be a Halloween treat for you and your family.

Make Buying a Car a Treat and not a Trick!

The following points will help you to get the best Halloween car deal.

1. Avoid the Ghoulish Long Term

Many auto dealers and lenders will urge you to opt for a very long term on your auto loan. Anything above 72 months forces you to pay a higher interest amount. Instead, try to stick to 60 months because it will make you debt-free early. You can even obtain a good resale value on your car with a shorter auto loan term. Therefore, avoid the ghoulishly long auto loan term while buying a car during October.

2. Steer Clear of Spooky Hidden Charges

A car price may be presented to you differently when you shop versus when you sit down to close the deal. Make sure you understand all the charges towards add-ons, insurance, loan fees, taxes, etc. Any hidden charges will cause you to rework your budget and finances. Include any extra charges to your calculations before you apply for a pre-approved auto loan. Thus, be prepared in advance so that you do not get a spooky jump scare while closing your car deal during Halloween.

3. Don’t Get Scared of Prices, Negotiate Your Way

For many people, the process of negotiation may seem like a difficult task. But fret not. Negotiating for the price that you deserve will not be scary if you plan it right. Take the help of online portals to calculate the expected auto loan amount. Also, shop at various dealerships to ensure that you get the lowest price and the maximum benefits when you buy a car on Halloween.

Scary Season, Great Car Deal!

Make the most of festive times like Halloween. Ensure that you not only have a good time with your friends and family but also purchase a new car at low prices! Do your researches, improve your credit score, and be informed of the ongoing promotions at the dealership lot to strike a sweet car deal during Halloween.

Ready to buy a car this Halloween? Do not worry about bad credit history or zero down payment issues. Apply now to get guaranteed car financing at affordable rates. Get in touch today; buy car with bad credit.

Simple steps to create a Sparkling Magento Online Jewelry Store!

Due to the low threshold of e-commerce, many are selling their products online and building a business from scratch. Whether you make jewelry as a hobby or you own a brick-and-mortar store for selling high-end pieces with precious gemstones, it is essential to establish your business online with the help of an e-commerce website. During the crucial times of COVID-19 outbreak, it can prove to be an efficient medium for increasing sales volume and revenue.

Let’s look at a few tips to build an online store. Find out how to transition into the world of e-commerce with a sparkling jewelry website.

Research Jewelry Trends to Stay On-Point

It’s essential to stay on-trend! Go through fashion blogs and study the top trends for the season before finalizing the jewelry pieces. You will be able to succeed in the field of e-commerce only when you sell good-quality jewelry that’s trending along with timeless designs.

Set a Budget and Timeline for E-Commerce Store

Calculate the cost of setting up an online store and see how it fits your budget. Also, get quotations from different web developers to find out how much time it will take to get your store up and running. Make sure to check with the most reputed web developers to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Choose a Brand Name

One of the essential things while selling jewelry online is to choose a brand name that speaks about your vision and mission. It should connect with the customer on a personal level. Choose an excellent brand name that will enable the developer to create a website that matches your brand story.

Pick up a Unique Domain Name

Domain names are super important as they give an identity to your business and create a brand image in the minds of the customer. It can be similar to your brand name or something else, depending on the availability. No matter what you choose, make sure it reflects your business.

Categorize the Jewelry Pieces

When it comes to a jewelry store, customers should be able to find what they need. Include categories such as New Edition, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her, etc. to attract buyers.

A Photoshoot for your Jewelry Store

To establish your business as a stylish jewelry brand, you need high-quality pictures. Use different angles of the jewelry pieces focusing on the details. With a clean background, you will be able to eliminate distractions. Furthermore, photos suggesting styling ideas often boost sales numbers.

Choose a Magento Theme to create your Online Jewelry Store!

Magento gives you a unique power to engage customers with a feature-rich e-commerce store. It is an affordable, secure, and highly-customizable e-commerce platform. Its features make it the primary choice of several businesses globally!

Another reason to choose Magento is the wide availability of Magento themes and extensions to create a sparkling website. You will be able to find readymade themes to suit your business requirements.

When it comes to choosing a theme for jewelry business, make sure that it has a responsive design. It will ensure that your e-commerce website is available on all devices. Other features required for the Magento store theme must include:

1. Easy installation and powerful backend to build the Magento jewelry store quickly.

2. Select an M2 theme that allows you to customize the home page, header, and footer according to your jewelry brand.

3. The Magento theme should have multiple pre-built layouts for category pages and product pages to help you choose the best.

4. Make sure that the navigation menu is quick and easy! Include a responsive menu as well as layered navigation with filtering options for a user-friendly shopping experience.

5. Make the search feature as simple as possible with the help of an Ajax Search. Include the search bar on every page to help customers find products quickly.

6. The theme should include SEO-features such as Google Rich Snippets, meta content, etc. to improve the visibility of your e-commerce store.

With the help of a readymade Magento theme to match your e-commerce store, the developer will be able to create a sparkling website in no time. So, what’s stopping you from building a successful e-commerce store? Choose a stunning Magento 2 theme and get ready to enter the world of e-commerce!

Are you ready to build an online presence for your jewelry brand? Get in touch with experienced, certified Magento developers who will help you to create a Magento store. With a feature-rich, multi-purpose Magento 2 jewelry theme, your e-commerce store will be ready to take over the world!

Partner with Teeth Whitening Manufacturer to grow your Private Label Business

With the growing need for safe and effective teeth whitening products, you can build a successful private label brand of your own. Instead of becoming retailers for big brands, many businesspeople are choosing the “private label” route because it promises exclusive access to a robust product line, higher margins, and improved control over distribution channels.

But, establishing a successful brand of teeth whitening products is hard work. Even if you do not set up a manufacturing unit, you will have to take care of multiple tasks. Right from choosing the right set of products for your clients to ensuring a steady supply chain, every decision will set you on the right path to success.

Complete Business Solutions to take your Private Label Brand from Concept to Shelf

To make things simpler, you need to have an expert at your beck and call. Instead of hiring a business consultant, take advantage of unique solutions offered by the manufacturer.

Nowadays, teeth whitening products manufacturing companies do more than just sell products. As your partners, they offer unique supply chain management solutions to help you grow your business. Their services include everything from general business solutions to production, order fulfilment, and inventory management options.

1. General Business Solutions

As teeth whitening products fall under the category of health and wellness, they are subjected to several government regulations across the world. You need to ensure that the products are safe & effective as well as comply with the legal guidelines. It is imperative to choose an ethical teeth whitening manufacturer who can help you navigate the complexities, offer regulatory guidance, and provide ingredient information for better transparency.

It is ideal to choose teeth whitening products that are FDA-registered and cGMP-approved. An ISO certificate will enhance the trustworthiness of your private label brand.

2. Marketing Support

The main benefit of the teeth whitening business is its low threshold entry. You do not need to have formal education in dental medicine or dental surgery. Nor do you require a business degree to set up your business. Teeth whitening is simple and anyone can sell private label dental whitening products.

Many manufacturing companies guide new entrepreneurs and help them build successful private label teeth whitening brand. You can benefit from marketing support and educational insights from the manufacturer. By learning more about the teeth whitening ingredients and the procedure, you will be able to increase your customer base.

3. Production Solutions

The business of teeth whitening works on getting the pulse of your customers and offering products that address their needs. By enabling production services from the teeth whitening products manufacturer, you will be able to outsource an important part of supply chain management and divert your attention towards market research.

The manufacturer will manage the sourcing of custom ingredients and ensure production & package development according to your specifications. It is ideal for dental professionals who require specific product formulation for their patients. The company will also take care of product assembly and private label packaging to save you from the task of assembling the products on your own.

4. Inventory Management

When it comes to private label teeth whitening products, businessmen often have to face the issue of high minimum order requirements (MOQ). It leads to the unnecessary stocking of products, higher cost of warehousing space, plus puts a strain on cash flow. Wouldn’t it be better if the manufacturer offered low MOQs along with inventory management and warehousing solutions?

Modern-day teeth whitening manufacturers stock components & ingredients, promise on-demand production, offer seasonal storage options and manage shipment on behalf of the private label seller. By choosing an experienced company to handle inventory and warehouse, you will be able to ensure smooth operations and quick delivery to your customers without the problem of stockouts. It will also improve the ROI of your business.

5. Fulfilment Solutions

Whether you want to sell your private label teeth whitening products at your dental clinic, ship directly to your international customer or introduce your brand in retail stores across the country, there are many ways to establish your business. Instead of leasing a fulfilment center or hiring a third-party logistics provider for fulfilling customer orders, you can assign the responsibility to the teeth whitening manufacturer.

As the manufacturer and the order fulfilment provider are the same, it will ensure seamless integration of the process. To save you money, reduce order fulfilment errors and decrease average cycle time, make sure that the manufacturer has a trained logistics team to provide you with the optimum order fulfilment solutions including comprehensive reverse logistics capabilities.

Your Partner in the Teeth Whitening Industry!

Whether you own a dental clinic, a spa/wellness center, or a teeth whitening clinic, your business needs will depend on your goals and clientele. Even if you are selling teeth whitening products on Amazon or introducing your brand at the local department store, you will need a manufacturer who not only provides private label teeth whitening products but also offers customized business solutions to suit your needs.

Remember the manufacturing company will not only be your supplier but it will also be your partner in the teeth whitening industry. And, with the help of your partner’s expert assistance, you will be able to take your private label brand from concept to shelf in no time.

Do you need inventory and warehousing solutions? Are you looking for direct consumer fulfilment options? Do you need help with expanding your line of private label teeth whitening products? Chalk out your goals and plans; discuss your requirements before finalizing the teeth whitening manufacturer.

Is the Process of Buying a Car Worth your Time?

The car buying process is lengthy and time-consuming. Purchasing a car can be cumbersome as you first research the type of car you want, figure out your budget, and then hunt for a lender to obtain an auto loan. However, even though the car buying process is long, you need to figure out if it is worth your time.

In the current times of dealing with a pandemic, it is not always safe to use public transportation like the subway or bus. You need to have a car for traveling safely to your work, college, grocery store, or even when you visit your family. Owning a car means that you have the convenience and flexibility to plan your activities. So, when it comes to buying a car, you can overlook the long process as you are getting the benefits of convenience, flexibility, and safety.

Understand a few tips and tricks that will help you in making the car buying process simple.

1. Stay Away from a Lemon Car

Lemons are cars with defects. They are not fit for daily transportation due to re-occurring maintenance issues. The safest way to ensure that the automobile is not a lemon is to request a vehicle history report. Check the number of previous owners and find out many times the car needed major repairs. Car ownership details, repair history, and test drive will help you to identify whether the vehicle is a lemon or not.

2. Term of the Auto Loan

Once you research for the car that you wish to purchase, you need to decide on obtaining an auto loan. One of the most important aspects of auto loans is the loan term. A shorter loan term can help you achieve lower interest rates and overall a cheaper auto loan. An ideal loan ranges from 60 to 72 months. Anything higher than 72 months can attract high-interest rates, and you will end up paying more money in interest.

Opt for a shorter loan term. It will help you to invest the money that you save on something else of importance. You can also get a better interest rate when you put 20% or more as a down payment.

3. Debt to Income Ratio

The debt to income ratio is the amount of debt that you have against the income that you earn. The lower the debt to income ratio, the better. Before you purchase your car, you should check if your income is sufficient for the monthly auto loan payments.

Another thing of importance is a steady source of income. Stable employment and income source will increase your creditworthiness in the eyes of the lender. You can also check your debt to income ratio on online auto portals and focus on repaying old debts before going for your new auto loan.

Buying a Car: Worth the Work; Worth the Wait

Buying a car may seem tiring, but if you are clear on the vehicle and budget, you can finish the process quickly. Therefore, make sure to shop around dealerships and get information and guidance from online auto loan companies before you purchase your next car. Remember buying a car may be a long process but is worth the work you put in.

Want to buy a new car? Do not worry about your credit issues or low income. Get bad credit auto loan approval in no time. Apply with a reputed online auto lender for getting guaranteed car financing.

This Halloween let’s bust the Ghosts of E-commerce that harm your Magento Store

Halloween is the fourth largest holiday shopping day in the USA. Because of this, most e-commerce businesses prepare for the shopping extravaganza several days in advance. If you own an e-commerce store, this the right time to get your store ready and maybe tackle a few nasty ghouls that are troubling your sales online.

Let’s find out what problems act as troublesome specters and ghosts for your e-commerce business. And how to exorcise your Magento store from their clutches.

1. The Deadly Consequences of Non-Mobile Friendly Website

The ghost of old technology could be affecting the performance of your Magento e-commerce store. Nowadays, all your customers are mobile! And, so should your business. Your website should be easily accessible on mobiles, tablets, and other devices that your buyers use frequently. If they are unable to read and access your website without constantly zooming in and out, they are going to move to your competitors.

Did you know Google punishes websites that are not mobile-friendly? It will push you further down in rankings if visitors have to scroll horizontally to adjust the screen. So, make sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to load on all devices. Additionally, incorporate Google Rich Snippets to improve mobile organic search results.

2. Slow Website Speed is Leading your Customers Astray

In the age of instant gratification, no buyer wants a hellish experience of slow loading pages. It won’t matter if you are selling high-quality products when customers are unable to go through your website. Tackle the problem of slow page loading speed and optimize the Magento store performance effectively.

You can make use of Google Page Speed Optimizer to adhere to the guidelines incorporated by Google Page Speed Insights. By choosing a ready-made extension to improve the page loading speed, the reputation of your website will improve in the eyes of customers as well as search engines.

3. The Products Pages are Six Feet Under

When the customers have to dig deeper to find the buried product pages, the experience will haunt them. If you want to increase sales, make sure the navigation structure is simple, not spooky. Include Ajax quick search on every page to make product search effective.

It’s time to get creative with web navigation and create a multi-category menu to make the product search quick. You can show images/icons for categories in the menu and make the shopping experience easier for customers. Do not forget to create 100% mobile responsive menus that do not take time to load on different devices.

To make your job simpler, use Magento 2 Mega Menu module. It will help you in creating unlimited mobile-responsive menus and sub-menus. You can also use it to edit menus without changing the code.

4. The Product Images are not Spell-Binding

If the product image is unable to provide a clear idea of the product in question, the page will not enchant buyers. Upload multiple high-resolution images and make sure that the product is visible from all angles with the help of Product Image Flipper.

Unlike a brick and mortar store, customers won’t be able to touch the products or try them out before buying. So, it is up to you to make their experience as real as possible. Add a detailed product description with all features. Include demos and video tutorials in the “How To” section to explain the functions. You can even create a product reviews section to get feedback from customers and display it for convincing potential buyers.

5. The Spooky State of SEO

When it comes to SEO of e-commerce stores, business owners are often confused about how to tackle the ghost of duplicate content. When you are selling big product catalog online, the products tend to be alike with similar names, URLs, meta descriptions, and product descriptions. So, what’s the solution?

Try to incorporate as many unique keywords as possible and put extra thoughts before creating new pages for similar products. For example, keep a single page for multiple variations (size, color, etc.) of the same product.

A clean site structure is also essential for SEO. Cache all the pages regularly to keep the content updated for search-engine crawlers as well as your customers. It will also help in faster loading of pages. Use Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer to expedite and automate the web caching process.

6. Tackling the Deadly Monster of Inventory

If you are still manually managing the inventory of your e-commerce store and updating it every time a buyer places the order, the chances are that your techniques will come back to haunt you. What if you miss out on a few orders? Customers may place orders before you update the stock. It can lead to an embarrassing situation.

The solution to tackling the deadly inventory monster lies in using an automated inventory management system. Remember automating inventory will save you tons of time and ensure reduced chances of errors. Choose a robust inventory management software that helps you to track products and predicts the demand for easy procurement.

You can also incorporate additional features in your Magento store to send stock notification alerts as and when the products are back in stock. This way, you won’t lose customers due to inventory issues. Also, you will be able to address the needs of your customers in a better way by keeping them updated about the stock.

7. The Eerie Checkout Steps that no one wants to take

If the customer has decided to add a new product to the cart, it shows that you have been able to lay a few of those unearthly spirits to rest. But what if they leave the cart abandoned? A primary reason for abandoned carts can be a lengthy checkout process.

You need to eliminate the eerie checkout steps that your customers do not want to explore. For example, do not make registration compulsory for buying from your e-commerce store. Show all checkout steps on one page for easy review and edits. You can auto-fill addresses of logged-in customers. Auto-update shipping methods & payment methods for a better shopping experience. Display terms and conditions and trust seals clearly on the checkout page for better transparency. Make use of One Page Checkout extension to optimize the checkout steps at one go.

Lay the Spirits of E-Commerce Problems to Rest Once and for All!

If you do not address the ghouls terrorizing your e-commerce store, your customers will be scarred for life and leave your website for good. We all know how difficult and expensive it is to track abandoned carts and bring back lost customers. So, do not let them go awry.

Hire a Magento developer who goes above and beyond and helps you evict those demons. Get in touch with a reputed Magento development company to understand the problems affecting your e-commerce store and get ready for a pure and angelic website.

When it comes to exorcising the ghosts of e-commerce stores, hire a Magento developer who is brave and fierce. With the help of extensions such as abandoned cart email extension and one-page checkout, you will able to improve website performance. Get in touch with a reputed Magento development company to find out what ails your online business and learn more about divine Magento extensions that can save you.

One App to Rule Them All: How Remote-First Teams Succeed

Last year at our Y Combinator demo day presentation, we set out on a journey to make Taskade a breath of fresh air in the team collaboration space. We created a remote-first productivity tool that would enable teams to collaborate in real-time without friction. We wanted to build a remote-first productivity tool, for ourselves and other distributed teams like us, in one unified workspace.

Fast-forward to today, our priorities haven’t changed. With the global pivot to remote work en route due, Team Taskade is hell-bent on a growing mission to help remote and distributed teams to become more productive. The answer starts with a minimalist tool that focuses on:

  • Frictionless UX
  • Essential functionality
  • No siloed workflows
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Incentive for individual users
  • No context switching


But… let’s start from the beginning.

The Curse of Plenty

The market of remote collaboration tools has reached a peculiar point. With hundreds of apps and platforms on the table, it seems that business owners and employees have nothing to complain about. In fact, this digital horn of plenty (pardon the dramatism) is about to burst.

Want to jump on a video conference with your team? There are dozens of apps that make that possible. The same is true for chats, VoIP, to-do lists, project management platforms, cloud storage… and the list goes on and on. It seems like we have it all figured out. But there’s a problem.

While remote teams can cherry pick the tools they work with, the sheer number of options makes for some really tough decisions. On top of that, trying to juggle with several (dozen) solutions means that meaningful, focused deep work takes a back seat.

Instead of getting work done, teams fall into a vicious circle of analysis paralysis. “Which tool should we use for this project?”, “how do we coordinate work across platforms?”, “does this app integrate with others?”

It’s a garden variety case of the paradox of plenty.

In reality, 99.9% of the projects require three essential ingredients to pan out from ideation to completion: collaboration, communication, and coordination. Most tools do a decent job of one of the three. But few manage to elegantly combine these ingredients so they’re in sync with each other.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Remote collaboration rocks. After all, we’re a remote-first team ourselves! But we believe there’s still plenty of room for improvement with the toolkits built for and by remote-first teams.

Want your remote team to be productive with the tools you give them? It’s easy. Pick the ones they’ll fall in love with from day one. One that effectively solves their problems, and gives them the superpowers to innovate and create, to make the tool their own. And if you haven’t found the perfect match yet, Taskade may be your answer.

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Magento – A Versatile E-Commerce Platform to build your Online Presence

People were inclined to online shopping even before the COVID19 pandemic struck the world. But, with customers following social distancing measures and staying at home, their shopping habits have changed phenomenally. The market of e-commerce is booming, and it has become a chosen path for many businesses due to the convenience it offers. If you are still not convinced about the powers of e-commerce, let’s give you a sneak peek.

1. As always, customers opt for online shopping because it provides convenience. Nowadays, people prefer to skip the trip to stores and do their shopping from a computer screen or a mobile device. E-commerce gives them the power to shop even when they are busy, sick, or lazy.

2. The convenience, speed, and comfort of online shopping help customers make purchases the same moment they want something. E-commerce means more sales because it leads to more impulse purchases. Additionally, with target-centric ads, you can expedite the buying decision of customers.

3. For businesses, e-commerce websites are a cost-effective choice. They cost less than a storefront. Building e-commerce stores save money spent on rent, permit charges, utility bills, furniture, maintenance fees, staff salaries, etc.

4. Store owners can easily maintain an online database of customers and use email marketing to increase sales. From sending abandoned cart emails, transactional emails to special promotional emails, the sky is the limit! You can even use the e-commerce store features to notify customers about products that are back in stock.

Why Choose Magento to build your E-Commerce Store?

Even though there are several e-commerce platforms available in the market, Magento wins the competition because of the following reasons:

Magento’s drag-and-drop tools help you to create an attractive website quickly.

You can install the free Magento community edition to save money.

Magento is super-easy to install and cost-effective with open source technology, thus allowing you to experiment more.

Single, user-friendly interface to manage your entire e-commerce business from one place.

You can customize several customer-specific segments to target different customer groups.

With the help of the Magento marketplace, you can find multiple themes and extensions for different types of businesses.

As Magento is a highly scalable platform, your e-commerce store can grow bigger and better along with your business.

Magento can be easily integrated with several existing back-end systems to help you manage your business.

Magento regularly releases security patches to keep your e-commerce store protected and secure.

Reduced page loading time and shorter query processing time make it the perfect choice for store owners.

It lets you build flexible shopping cart systems to suit your needs.

It supports more than 50 payment gateways making it accessible to everyone.

Magento ensures SEO-friendly structure, sitemaps, URLs, etc. It leads to better SEO and offers more visibility to your business.

In conclusion, Magento provides superior customization features, incredible flexibility, and scope for experimentation and innovation! It is truly a versatile e-commerce platform to build a successful website.

Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform!

Today, e-commerce is a prerequisite to building a successful business. Every business owner looks for an amalgamation of flexibility and scalability. And, Magento promises the same. From abundant choices available in the market today, Magento’s un-paralleled features make it the most popular e-commerce platform. It’s a versatile solution to businesses seeking an online presence.

Do you want to build a Magento e-commerce store? Choosing the Magento e-commerce platform will help you to create a flexible, scalable, and versatile e-store. Hire the best Magento developers to build a website to match your brand.