Why Tattoo Artists choose Tattoo Needle Cartridges over Traditional Needles?

The traditional tattoo process involves setting up your needles before beginning the artwork. Doesn’t it sound time-consuming? It includes several steps of sorting needles, getting the accurate needle jig, spacing needles, grouping them in the tubes and setting up the machine. And, not to forget cleaning the station mess after everything is over!

If you are looking to simplify the tattoo experience, choosing tattoo needle cartridges can be the solution. Let’s understand cartridge needles in detail.

Cartridges are tattoo needles with a ready-made tube setup. You do not need to spend time setting them up. You can switch them quickly according to your requirements. For example, if you want to move from a liner tattoo needle cartridge to a shader needle cartridge, you can do so in a matter of seconds.

Before you buy premium tattoo cartridges, make sure you own a rotary tattoo machine that is compatible with cartridges.

Why do Artists prefer Tattoo Needle Cartridges?

Numerous reasons make cartridges a better choice for your tattoo salon. Let’s look into the many reasons why switching over to the cartridge needle makes sense.

1. Most of the artists choose tattoo needle cartridges for convenience, efficiency, and safety. The needles are stable and run consistently for every single use. It saves time as you can change the cartridges quickly with no setup.

2. If you are traveling or setting up your store at a convention, needle cartridges offer incredible support. Easy to set up and carry, the cartridges save you from hauling large tube boxes everywhere.

3. Tattoo needle cartridges make the job of a tattoo artist enjoyable. It doesn’t need much effort to set up a tattoo machine with cartridges, and the workstation looks as clean as a research lab!

4. The needle cartridges release only an adequate amount of ink during the tattoo making process. The ink does not stick to the tube and flows freely till the last drop avoiding any wastage and keeping the station clean at the same time. Hence, it proves to be more economical in the long run.

5. The cartridges are pre-sterilized and packed individually to ensure the safety of your patrons. You do not even need to invest in an autoclave sterilizer machine because tattoo needle cartridges are disposable.

6. Cartridge needles include a piece of rubber, also called a membrane. It acts as a return spring and prevents ink backflow. It helps in avoiding cross-contamination and ensures a safe tattoo process.

Cartridges are pre-packaged, sterilized, and disposable in special sharps containers for tattoo waste disposal. So, tattoo artists often call them safety cartridges because they help in preventing infection.

What are the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridge Brands?

As time went by, tattoo artists started looking for more convenient options for setting up tattoo machines. Thus, the market for tattoo needle cartridges began to boom. From Legend tattoo needle cartridges, Cheyenne cartridges to Silverfox needle cartridges, the market is full of premium-quality options to suit your style.

It is essential to choose professional-quality and popular brands of needle cartridges because you will find many options in different sizes and groupings. Many tattoo artists buy ready-to-use cartridges in bulk to get a good wholesale discount.

Do you want to buy tattoo needle cartridges in bulk? Shop Cheyenne, Silverfox, Legend needle cartridges, and several other brands online to get the best bulk order discounts and save money by making a wholesale purchase.

A Co-Signer makes Buying a Car Easy and Affordable

Car shopping is a tedious process. After a long round of shopping at various dealerships, you finally find a set of wheels that is soothing to your eyes and wallet. However, the previously affordable car suddenly seems costly when you move ahead for an auto loan; and the lender pulls out your credit history and finds it unsatisfactory. Your credit is not up to the mark, which means you pay a higher interest rate. What should you do in such a situation? A co-signer will help you when your credit score is not strong enough to get a better interest rate.

A co-signer steps in when you have a bad credit/no credit history and a lender is hesitant to provide you with an auto loan. If you miss out on any payments of the auto loan, your co-signer will cover it. He is very useful for bad credit car buyers and people who are relatively new to auto loans like college-going students or immigrants.

Benefits of having a Co-Signer for your Auto Loan

The following points explain how a co-signer is beneficial in more ways than one:

1. Savings in Terms of Low-Interest Rates

A co-signer is someone who has a splendid credit score and financial history. He agrees to make payments if the primary car buyer misses out on them. You can get great interest rates with a co-signer by your side during the auto loan process. A bad credit car buyer will typically pay double the interest rate than an average car buyer. The savings that come from a low-interest rate can be helpful. You can invest the money in something else of more value. Therefore, savings through low-interest rates are possible with the help of a co-signer while you purchase your next car.

2. Faster Auto Loan Approval

A lender will show more interest and consider you with greater importance if you have a co-signer for your auto loan. He increases your creditworthiness in the eyes of the lender. The bad credit buyers can benefit as a lender is banking on the co-signer to ensure that the payments on time. Therefore, there is a chance that your auto loan will receive faster approval with the presence of a co-signer.

3. Boon for First-Time Auto Buyers

A co-signer helps a first-time car buyer or a person with no credit history in building their financial future. Any first-time car buyer, such as a college-going student, is burdened with student loans. A student’s debt-to-income ratio is imbalanced due to little or no income. A parent or relative can save many years of interest rates when they co-sign for their child. Additionally, first-time auto buyers can also obtain great incentives with the help of a co-signer.

Keep your Co-Signer’s Trust; Make Regular Payments

Your co-signer not only takes a financial bullet for you but also keeps your credit score in check. A co-signer trusts you to make your payments, so make sure you do not break his trust. Overall, a co-signer is a golden star that will earn you brownie points when you go to close your auto loan deal.

Did you know young college students often face difficulty in getting a co-signer? Opt for no cosigner auto financing options from a lender near you. Seek help from a reputed auto financing company to get first time car buyer’s program.

How to choose Acupuncture Needles based on the Handles?

Originated more than 2000 years ago, acupuncture is popular today. Medical practitioners in America, UK, and other developed countries often prescribe acupuncture therapy for multiple conditions. One of the most popular alternative therapies in the Western world, acupuncture is here to stay.

The main component of the therapy is acupuncture needles. They are available in many sizes, and one can also differentiate them based on their handles. Are you confused? Let’s find out why acupuncturists use varied needle handles to treat the patients.

Acupuncture Needle Handles: The Why

Acupuncture therapy is much more than inserting needles in different body parts of the patients. It involves understanding the imbalances of Qi and using the needles to manipulate the flow of Qi and restore energy balance. When an acupuncturist is conducting therapy, he/she needs to understand the patient’s response and control the intensity of the needling techniques. The TCM practitioner also stimulates the acupoints with the help of electro acutherapy or moxibustion therapy. So, unique needle handles are essential for different treatment modalities. For example, plastic handles may not be suitable for needle moxa therapy.

Acupuncture Needle Handles: What Options are available on the Market?

1. Plastic Handles

Every acupuncturist has his/her preference for choosing the needles. A few of them prefer the feel and handling of plastic handles. Usually, acupuncture needles with plastic handles are quite popular among the TCM community. Plastic handles are inflexible, so they allow the acupuncturists to insert the needles easily. To ensure effortless insertion, manufacturers provide each acupuncture needle with a guiding tube. For example, Seirin J-type plastic handle acupuncture needles come in a pack of 100 needles, and each acupuncture needle has a guiding tube.

2. Copper Spiral Handles

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners often prefer acupuncture needles with copper spiral handles and a loop at the top for an easy needling technique. They are also called “classic” or “traditional” needles. Copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile material. The majority of needle manufacturing facilities in China used copper for producing acupuncture needles. It proves to be ideal for TCM practitioners who prefer flexible needle handles for a superior handling feel. Copper is a conductive metal, so it is useful for heat therapy (moxibustion) as well as electric stimulation therapy.

3. Rigid Metal Tube Handles

Japanese acupuncture needles often come with rigid metal tube handles. In comparison to Chinese copper handle needles, they are slightly more stable. Acupuncture needles with a metal handle are available in two options: ones that come with loop and others without them. Often, the needles without loops are ideal for electro acupuncture therapy because the TCM practitioner will be able to clip the electrodes to the handles easily. It is because the rigid metal handles offer a solid grip for current clamps.

4. Metal Spiral or Metal Wire Handles

Korean acupuncture therapy includes the use of acupuncture needles with metal spiral handles (stainless steel). There are two categories of Korean-style spring handle acupuncture needles: with eyelets and without eye loops. For example, Unisharp spring handle needles and DBC Spring Ten Korean needles are sterile acupuncture needles without eye loop.

Similar to copper handle needles, the metal-spiral ones are good for heat therapy as well as electro-acupuncture treatment. A TCM practitioner will be able to attach the electrodes easily to the metal handles and perform the treatment effectively.

The metal wire handles are more rigid than the acupuncture needles with copper handles, but they are more flexible than metal tube handles.

5. Gold-Plated and Silver-Plated Needle Handles

Traditional TCM practitioners make frequent use of gold-plated and silver-plated needle handles for acupuncture therapy. Often, such needles are ideal for auricular therapy and electro-acupuncture. Gold and silver have the potential to unlock the energies in the body and heal the patients effectively. For example, Silverstar acupuncture needles have a silver-coated handle to address the special needs of acupuncturists.

The Final Word.

Now that you know all about the different types of handles available for acupuncture needles, the choice becomes simple. Your decision depends on your preference and the kind of treatment you have chosen for the patient. No matter what material you select for the handles, buy high-quality acupuncture needles that do not cause too much pain to the patient.

Choosing a cheaply-made acupuncture needle can cause the handle to break during the appointment. It can harm the patient as well as damage your reputation as an acupuncturist. So, it is essential to select the right acupuncture needle handle that is compatible with the treatment. Always buy acupuncture needles from a reliable acupuncture wholesale store to get quality products at discounted prices.

Buy authentic acupuncture needles for your holistic healing practice. Whether it is Hy-Chi plastic handle acupuncture needles or Unisharp spring handle needles; make your purchase online to save money!

How the Quotation Extension makes selling to Wholesale Buyers Easy?

The Magento e-commerce platform is a revolutionary medium for setting up an online store. It caters to many requirements of sellers and buyers. However, when it comes to B2B business features, the platform falls short. Do not worry if your target market includes a large number of wholesale buyers who indulge in the practice of RFQ (Request for Quote).

RFQ helps the buyers (especially wholesale buyers who are looking for vendors) to obtain quotes from multiple sellers. It provides an opportunity for bargaining and negotiation with the seller for the best deal. If your customers often request you for customized quotes or call you to negotiate, using the Magento quotation extension can save you from many troubles.

The specialized B2B extension makes negotiations faster and easier! It helps in documenting the entire process. Thus, it helps the buyer as well as the store admin to reach a consensus quickly.

Why Choose a Quotation Extension for your Magento Store?

Are you unconvinced about making the purchase? Do you think the traditional way of talking over the phone with B2B buyers is a practical solution? Well, here are a few robust reasons to help you make the decision:

A) The extension takes away the complicated negotiation process and reduces the time spent in convincing buyers. It allows you to build an RFQ-friendly e-commerce store quickly.

B) Whether it is for a single product or a group of products, a quotation extension makes customer negotiation easy. It works for all types of products. So, no matter what you sell, you can use the Quotation Manager to negotiate with customers.

C) Instead of adding products to the cart, customers can use “add to quote”. There is a separate section for “request a quote” that allows customers to edit quantities of the requested products as well as propose prices. They can even leave a small message and provide additional information to expedite the negotiation process.

D) The extension provides an estimated shipping time before the customers submit the quote.

E) It is useful for registered customers as well as guest visitors.

F) Once the buyer submits the request for a quote, he/she will be able to get a quote confirmation email. The store admin will receive an alert for a new Request for Quote. It ensures that the admin does not miss out on any new request.

G) As all the details are available with the admin, it becomes easy to provide a quote. The extension ensures minimal conversation by seeking all the information from the customer at once.

H) The admin will be able to offer personalized discounts depending on the order quantity. The customer has a choice of accepting or rejecting the proposals.

I) If the customer rejects the quote, the admin can send an improved quote to make a sale. The negotiation process continues until the B2B buyer accepts the proposal and makes the purchase.

J) The extension includes many features to assist in the negotiation process. It allows the admin to track communication. He/she can set a quote expiration time and send reminders regarding the same.

K) The RFQ extension allows the admin to show original/revised prices along with shipping and taxation details for more clarity.

The Modern Way to Communicate with B2B Buyers

In today’s world of instant gratification, customers want quick solutions. If you make them wait, they will move on to the next seller. So, it is essential to make use of tools and extensions that help you enhance the features of your Magento store and make it more customer-friendly.

With the help of quotation extension, you will be able to manage customer negotiations from one place. It will not only help in convincing customers in the present, but you can also use it to build strategies for the future.

Do you want to add B2B features to your Magento e-commerce store? Buy Magento Request for Quote extension so that customers can request quotes quickly. You can even install the Wholesale Fast Order extension to help B2B buyers expedite the shopping process.

Build your “Green” Brand with Natural Teeth Whitening Products

The dental whitening industry is a lucrative business option if you cater to the evolving demands of the customers. Have a pulse on your customers so that you can understand the changing trends of the market and meet the requirements more successfully and efficiently than before.

The Rising Demand for Natural Products

As a result of growing environmental awareness and rising spending capacity, millennial customers are demanding greater transparency in product ingredients. A 2018 report by global consulting firm Kline and Company mentioned the rising importance of the natural trend in the personal care industry.

Customers are now ready to pay a premium price for products that are natural or perceived to be in the public eye. In the past five years, America has seen a growing market for natural/organic personal and healthcare brands. The 2019 Grand View Research report suggested that the natural/organic personal care market will grow to $25.1 million by 2025.

We already know that the dental care industry is a growing business in America as well as several other developing nations. And, with the trend shifting towards natural products, your business portfolio must include affordable, natural products that help customers whiten teeth effortlessly.

Natural Dental Whitening Products deserve a Place in your Portfolio!

In the current scenario where the existence of COVID-19 is forcing the population to maintain social distancing measures, people are worried about going to the dental clinic, especially if it is only for teeth whitening treatments. So, a majority of customers are looking for at-home teeth whitening options such as dental whitening pens, teeth whitening trays, whitening powders & toothpastes, etc.

If you are in the business of dental whitening products, it is essential to not only cater to the dentists and DSOs but the general population as well. Include products that are popular among the retail customers so that you can ensure a steady revenue stream even during the stressful times of COVID-19.

1. Non-Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

The non-peroxide teeth whitening kit includes natural/botanical teeth whitening gel ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, aloe vera, and chamomile tea. Even though the gel does not contain peroxide, it ensures thorough stain-removal and leads to brighter teeth. Along with the non-peroxide gel, the whitening kit should include other tools for a comprehensive cleaning process. Do not forget to include whitening trays, syringes, retainer cases, and mini-LED lights to expedite the whitening process.

If you are selling in the United Kingdom or other European markets, include non-peroxide teeth whitening products because several parts of the EU have banned the use of peroxide gels for whitening teeth.

Although American markets do not make the use of peroxide-free gels compulsory, a large number of consumers have started looking for natural teeth whitening products. It will benefit your sales numbers if you include non-peroxide teeth whitening options in your business portfolio.

2. Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

What started as a trend has now become a staple in the dental whitening industry. Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder helps in whitening the teeth without eroding the enamel. It lifts stains naturally and rarely causes tooth sensitivity or gum damage. And that is why it is often touted as one of the best natural ingredients to enjoy pearly whites.

When you choose a supplier for fluoride-free activated charcoal teeth whitening products, make sure that he/she has adequate expertise to handle the complexities of activated charcoal. Avoid counterfeit and inferior quality products.

The common complaint of customers with activated charcoal teeth whitening powders is the taste. The clay-like taste discourages people from buying the product. So, it is ideal to choose a whitening powder with refreshing flavors such as peppermint. Stevia is also another option to make it taste good. Include sodium bicarbonate and bentonite clay for superior anti-microbial action and better gum health.

3. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Modern-day customers are getting environmentally-conscious and learning more about the ethical impact of their choices. They are looking for eco-friendly options to keep their teeth clean, healthy, and white.

Adding bamboo toothbrushes to your business portfolio is a great product choice for eco-conscious customers. A bamboo toothbrush has a bio-degradable bamboo handle. Once the toothbrush is old, you can remove the bristles and add the handle to your compost or reuse it as a stake for leaning plants. You can even plant a bamboo tree in your garden with the old toothbrush.

According to a Market Watch research from September 2020, the value of the bamboo toothbrush market is $565.2 million. It is poised to grow to $744.5 million by the end of 2026. The expected CAGR for the period of 2021-2026 is 4.0%. The numbers reveal the growing importance of sustainable, bio-degradable dental products in the market. Thus, it makes sense to take advantage of the trend. You can opt for private label bamboo toothbrushes and sell them under your brand name.

Build your “Green” Brand in the World of Teeth Whitening

Modern customers do not want a DIY product, especially when it is related to their health. Many at-home remedies include the use of acidic foods such as apple cider vinegar, lemons, and oranges on the enamel. Additionally, a couple of DIY methods make use of abrasive products to clean the surface of the teeth.

Customers know that although the teeth may appear whiter, the acids and harsh products will damage the dental surface in the long run. They are looking for dentist-approved, effective, and safe teeth whitening products. They want specialized teeth whitening products formulated by dental experts.

It offers you an opportunity to address the demands of your customers. Plus, the trend bestows a responsibility on you to provide ethical, eco-friendly, and effective teeth whitening products. If you can meet the needs of your target market effectively, the teeth whitening business is going to be a profitable one for you.

Are you looking to add natural teeth whitening products to your business portfolio? Non-peroxide teeth whitening kit and activated charcoal teeth whitening powder can be the ideal products for your business. You can even include private label bamboo toothbrushes to build your brand.

The Best Artist-Approved Tattoo Ink Brands

In the tattoo business, you are as good as your art! And, to create the best body artwork, you need a quality tattoo ink that stays forever. Remember the ink brands that you choose as an artist represent you! So, do not compromise on the tattoo ink and choose wisely! Let’s find out what tattoo brands are a favorite of tattoo professionals across the world.

What to look for in a Tattoo Ink Brand?

When in doubt, always look at the ingredient of the ink products and their base. Water-based inks, as well as alcohol-based inks, are available on the market. However, the choice comes down to your preferences. Other than the base, search if the tattoo ink contains any toxins. There are many inks in the market claiming their unique quality but not every ink product suits all.

You must check the reputation of the manufacturer, ingredients, and safety instructions before making a bulk purchase of the tattoo inks. You can find all the information in MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of tattoo inks. It highlights issues such as ingredients, precautionary measures, storage and handling, and health hazards related to the ink brand.

Best Tattoo Ink Brands that you can Trust

1. Eternal Tattoo Supply

As the tagline suggests, the Eternal Tattoo Ink brings you the brightest colors!
You might consider eternal inks for their unique and trendy color options. They come in a wide range of colors ranging from whites, neons to pastels.

Made in the USA, Eternal inks contain natural pigments, deionized water, and hamamelis water. They are free from animal by-products. Eternal inks comply with all regulations and ensure that users enjoy professional-quality ink product that is non-toxic and 100% vegan.

2. Intenze Tattoo Ink

The Intenze Tattoo Ink brand believes in producing the highest quality ink for the artist. The world’s top professional tattoo artists appreciate the brand’s stand-out quality and intense colors! It is touted as the first company to manufacture ink products in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility. Intenze primarily focuses on health safety by sterilizing tattoo ink in the most hygienic rooms. The company provides Chemical Technology Lab Certificates for Intenze products to ensure your peace of mind.

The Intenze brand ink is 100% vegan, and there are no traces of animal products in their ink bottles. It is a cruelty-free product. In fact, in 2016, the company joined hands with PETA to create a PETA Color Set and raise funds for fighting animal cruelty.

3. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

The original Japanese ink manufacturing company, Kuro Sumi is currently producing Made-in-USA inks products. The company uses a secret tattoo ink formula with world-class ingredients that deliver incredibly bright and long-lasting results. The Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink products are organic and vegan-friendly.

“Kuro” loosely translates to “black” in the Japanese language. It highlights the company’s reputation as the leading ink brand for grey washes and outlining. And, “Sumi” means “before” which is the representation of the rich tradition of Japanese tattoo culture. If you are looking for bright black pigments and stunning grays, Kuro Sumi is the perfect choice for you. Their vibrant ink colors are equally good.

4. StarBrite Tattoo Ink

Whether it is their Classic series or Signature series, StarBrite Tattoo Inks are always a crowd favorite. It is one of the most popular ink brands for over 15 years. There are more than 170 different ink shades of the StarBrite brand.

Starting the company in a basement clean room, today the manufacturers produce StarBrite products in ISO 8, Class A 100,000 clean room with high powered HEPA-filters. The company is a part of Coalition for Tattoo Safety (CTS), Connecticut Alliance of Professional Tattooists (CAPT), Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT), and many other safety groups across the world. StarBrite takes the quality and safety of its patrons seriously. If you are looking for a bright hue and consistent ink flow, choose the brand. The vegan-friendly ink is long-lasting and never fades away.

5. Solid Ink

Solid Tattoo Ink is created for tattooers; by tattooers. Made in the USA, the brand is the brainchild of Federico Ferroni. It provides premium tattoo inks for its clientele. Solid Tattoo Ink is famous for its durability, longevity, and bold colors. The brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Solid Tattoo Ink products are approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR). The company manufactures the tattoo ink inside a cleanroom containing HEPA filters. It follows the highest standards in cleanliness for the safety of the users.

6. World-Famous Tattoo Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink products are truly popular across the globe for their affordable and high-quality ink. The company works with top-rated chemists and cosmeticians to create the best ink colors on the market. A family-owned business, World Famous Tattoo Ink is fueled by a tattooing bloodline with decades of industry experience.

Along with passing all the legal regulations, including the stringent EU quality standards (esAP2008 regulations), the brand is vegan-friendly. World Famous Tattoo Ink products are sterilized with gamma radiation to ensure maximum purity. The brand is reliable and safe on the skin, plus the ink color stays long-lasting and vibrant for years to come.

7. Panthera Tattoo Ink

The Italian tattoo ink brand Panthera is quite famous across the world. Established in 2000 by experienced tattoo artists, Panthera Tattoo Ink is the #1 choice of professionals who demand quality and safety.

The company analyzes a series of raw materials and pigments to create a robust product that adheres to the EU regulations as well as international standards. Panthera Tattoo Ink colors are gamma-ray sterilized for the safety of the patrons. The brand sells many variants of rich black color, a few gray options as well as a white shade for highlighting and shading.

8. Big Sleeps Ink

Big Sleeps Tattoo Ink brand is known for bold colors, often in the hues of black and white. It contains safe ingredients and long-lasting colors with minimal fading. It is the reason why professional artists prefer Big Sleeps Ink for outlines as well as shading.

The Made-in-USA ink products are free from acrylic, solvent, and PET plastic.

9. Dynamic Tattoo Ink

If you are looking for high-quality, professional tattoo ink products, Dynamic can be an option for you. Dynamic Tattoo Ink products come in a wide array of colors that take your art to the next level. The premium quality ink suits the skin and heals quickly, thus, giving a long-lasting design.

Buying tattoo inks can be confusing. But, when you take a step back and observe all the different brands of ink, you will realize that each brand has unique features and pricing options.

It is essential to choose an ink brand that you can trust as your reputation is dependent on it. Remember to choose a reliable brand even if it is a bit expensive because your clients will care for you when you care for their health. Do the right thing and choose the best tattoo ink brands in the world.

Do you want to buy the best tattoo inks for 2020? Whether they are Eternal Tattoo Inks products, Intenze Tattoo Inks colors, or StarBrite Tattoo Inks options, shop online to get the best bulk order discounts.

Acupuncture Needles: Choosing the Right Needle Size for Treating Pain

Although Traditional Chinese Medicine practice involves several therapies, acupuncture therapy is often the most popular holistic healing practice in Western civilization. Whether you are learning the science of acupuncture or you are a practicing acupuncturist, it is essential to learn about the size of acupuncture needles. It will help you in treating patients better.

Acupuncturists use different needle sizes for different types of therapies. Your choice also depends on your expertise, the treatment modality, the affected body part, and the patient’s comfort level with the needles.

Let’s find out how needles are differentiated based on size.

1. Length

The practice of acupuncture has evolved over several centuries. Different regions have adopted varied practices to cure the imbalances of the Qi. For example, Japanese needles tend to be smaller and sharper than Chinese needles. The depths of insertion also vary along with diverse needling techniques.

The length of acupuncture needles is the distance from the tip to the end. For example, TCM practitioners use shallow needles (3mm-7mm) for the face, hands, and ears. Usually, acupuncturists use 0.18x7mm acupuncture needles for facial treatment.

The most common length of needles is 13mm-40mm. Medium-length needles are ideal for multiple body parts such as the face, shoulders, hands, arms, stomach/abdomen, back, legs, etc. For example, the Seirin D-Type acupuncture needles come in two sizes (0.18x15mm and 0.16x15mm). You will also find Seirin J-Type needles in a wide variety of sizes to treat patients effectively.

Do you know there are acupuncture needles longer than 50mm? The longer needles are essential for body parts with extra muscle and fat, such as legs and buttocks. If you want to insert needles in the hip or thigh, that usually have muscles and fat, opt for long acupuncture needles such as Silverstar S-Type Chinese needles that range from 7mm-75mm.

2. Thickness or Gauge

Did you notice there is another measurement of acupuncture needle along with the length? The other number mentioned is the thickness or the gauge.

Thin needles (0.12-0.18mm) are ideal for body parts such as the ears, face, hand, and feet. Experts recommend acupuncture needles in the range of 0.20-0.25mm for many parts of the body. Use thicker needles (0.30-0.50mm) for the back, glutes, hips, and thighs.

Although the gauge/thickness of acupuncture needles is measured in mm, you will find a different coding system in the Japanese and Chinese acupuncture therapies. Let’s take a look.

The Silverstar N-Type needles come in many gauge sizes to address the needs of TCM practitioners. It is essential to offer a wide range of options because acupuncturists have a personal preference for choosing the thickness of the needles. For example, the Japanese style of acupuncture has thinner needles in comparison to Chinese acupuncture therapy. Remember thicker the needle diameter, the higher the sensation of Qi.

Acupuncture Needles: Making the Right Choice!

Along with the size of acupuncture needles, several other considerations require your attention. What kind of handle do you need for the needles? Are you looking for metal handle acupuncture needles? Or do you want to buy Korean spring handle acupuncture needles? Once you decide on the handles, make sure you choose a reliable seller. If the prices seem too good to be true, they might be! Research before you finalize the purchase decision. Seek recommendations, read online reviews, and buy sample sizes before you place a big, wholesale order.

Buy from a reputed online acupuncture wholesale store to get quality needles and treat your patients the right way!

Do you want to buy acupuncture needles for your TCM practice? Choose 100% authentic Chinese and Japanese acupuncture needles online. Get the best deals on top brands such as Seirin acupuncture needles, Silverstar acupuncture needles, and more.

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Sports Watch

Watches are an important part of our lives because they keep us aware of the time and not only this, but they have many additional features as well. In addition to that, a good watch can add a lot to the style statement of the person who wears. This is the reason why nowadays people concentrate a lot on design and features.

With the advent of smartwatches, most of the users have switched to them and the incredible features of the sports watches are overlooked by those expensive watches.

Why it’s good to buy a sports watch?

Here we will discuss why you should buy a sports watch.


The first thing that anyone will notice in their sports watch will be the rugged design. This means that not only the outlook of the watch will be very aggressive, but it will provide a lot of strength to these watches as well. With a lot of strength, you must find no problems when using these watches in any type of environment.

The aggressive design of the watch will also provide you the extra motivation that you will need during heavy workout routines.


One of the things that is missed in most of the modern-day watches is the battery life. This is not the case with the sports watches and these watches are designed to provide performance. When you get the sports watch, you will be amazed by the incredible life that its battery provides.

Unlike some of the common watches, the sports watch will not require a battery replacement for a lot of time, and they will be with you every day.


This is another great feature that is only present in the sports watches.

· Most of the modern watches that we can buy right now can provide water resistance, but it is only up to a certain extent.

· Additionally, these modern watches are not designed to be used in harsh weather conditions. This makes taking them everywhere almost impossible.

It is because of the fear of damaging them. In this case, the sports watches are designed against standards that allow these watches to be used everywhere even in the harsh weather conditions and there will be no problems in using them.


Apart from checking date and time, one very important feature that people use is the stopwatch. Although this is present in most of the watches, it is not very easily accessible there. But with the sports watch, you will never need to worry to scroll through different menus just to get to simple things like a stopwatch.

The best thing about having a sports watch is that it has dedicated buttons for features like these so that it can save your time.


If you want to use your sports watch as a multipurpose watch that will serve for its fitness features and utility benefits as well, then buying the sports watch will be the best thing for you. This is because, with the help of the latest technologies, we are now able to implement a lot of things simultaneously in a watch.

This makes the watches very practical as now they are serving a lot of additional useful features.

Our top 5 recommendations for buying a sports watch:

If you are looking to get a sports watch with an amazing blend of style, features, and quality then here we have our top 5 recommendations that you can buy.

Military-style multifunction sports watch

Image for post

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If you want to get a watch that has a lot of features on the screen and still manages to maintain a decent style to the outlook, then this is the right watch for you. This watch features a dual time setting option where one clock is digital, and one is analog. Other than this, the watch comes in a very aggressive design and an eye-catching large dial.


Some features of this watch are listed below.

· LED display with backlight.

· Shock-resistant durable design.

· Alarm and sound features for different things.

Military-style digital sports watch

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This is the watch that offers a digital dial with a black LED display. On this watch, there is no analog clock system, and the watch packs all the necessary features of a sports watch. The watch also shows day, date, month, and time zone format. The rubber band and durable plastic dial provides this watch a very premium and durable feel.


Some unique features of this watch are mentioned below.

· Seamless design.

· Huge digital display.

· Time zone format is shown.

LED sports watch with leather band

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If your need for the watch requires you to have a watch that can not only be used as a smartwatch, but you can also use it as your daily wearing watch, then this will be one of the best options for you. This watch offers a great stylish dial with a dual clock. The leather band of this watch adds to the style and comfort of wearing this watch.


The following are the features of this watch.

· Unique style with hidden digital watch.

· Metallic rim provides an aggressive feel.

Electronic LED sports watch

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This watch has a 50mm large dial that is more than enough for your sport’s needs. On the display, this watch has an LED color display that provides all the necessary information.


Some features of this watch are.

· Backlight luminous grey color display.

· Shock-resistant body.

Smart sports watch

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This is the watch that can divide you all the necessary features of a sports watch, but its attractive thing is that it has a lot more to offer. Other than the features, the design of this watch and the price is also very attractive.


The following are the features of this watch.

· Compatible with the latest devices.

· Full touch screen style.


If you are looking for a sports watch but you are confused if you should buy one or not, you can get the general ideas from our reasons for buying a sports watch and how important it is to have sports. Here we also recommended some unique and amazing sports watches.

Things to Look for in a Bag Before Buying

The use of a backpack is different for everyone. It depends on their lifestyle how they use their bags. For example, a student will carry things like notes and stuff while an office worker will carry the necessary stuff. This is the reason why now we have a lot of options to select from.

The best part is that each of the styles of backpacks has different unique features and styles.

If you are planning to spend money on buying a bag, you must not go and buy your bag black minded.

Important things you need to consider before selecting a bag for you:

Here we will tell you some things that you must look for when you select a bag to buy.


The first thing to look for in a bag is the size and the capacity of the bag. Usually, it is mentioned in liters to provide a general idea to the buyer. However, if you are buying the bag, you must check this in terms of length and width of the bag. It is because these will provide you a better idea of what things you can carry with you in this bag.

Size and capacity are some of the major concerns for the students and the people who travel a lot. It is because students need to carry a laptop computer. Travelers on the other hand need a bag that can house all of their necessary hand carry stuff.


The next thing that you need to look for is the pockets and management in the bag. Most of the bags these days have dedicated pockets for managing stuff like,

• Earphones

• Keys

• Glasses

• Tech gadgets

If you think that you will be keeping this bag along with you while you travel, then looking for the bag that has all the management options will be a necessary thing.

It is because, with everything well managed, you will always know where to look for a certain thing. this will not only save a lot of time, but it will also enhance your traveling experience.

Padding is a crucial factor:

Another thing to look for in the bad that you are buying is the safety padding. This padding is there to keep your valuables safe from any type of impact.

1. When you buy these types of bags, you keep things like laptops and expensive photography equipment safe from harsh impacts.

2. So, if you are going to use the bag for this purpose, you must look for the padding.

Apart from the internal padding, some bags also offer external padding that is there to provide comfort to your back while you are wearing the bag on your shoulders.


Although this is not the concern for most of the people, you must look for this feature. This is mostly accomplished by installing a zipper that is hidden in the body of the bag and it is also difficult to open for a person who is unaware of the bag.

Apart from the zipper, some nags also have this pocket on the back that can be used to place your phone and cash as nobody can touch them while you are wearing the bag.


The last thing to look in a bag is the applications for which it can serve. Although different bags are very stylish, they will be useless for you if they are unable to fulfill your needs. So, whenever you are buying a bag, you must look for the one that is designed according to your needs.

The best Recommended bags that you can buy:

Here we have recommended some of the best bags that you can buy for different applications.

Herald preppy style bag

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If you are buying the bag for a teenage girl who will use it as a school bag, then this might be one of the best bags for you.


• It is because this bag offers a great floral pattern to match their styling needs.

• Additionally, the bag is made with leather which means it will have a rather premium feel to it.

• The carrying capacity of this bag is 20 liters that means it will easily carry a couple of books and notes.

• The zipper pocket and the shoulder straps also make this bag very practical for a student.

So, these are some of the technical features which will be helpful.

Oxford style zipper bag

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If you want to stay on the classy side while maintaining all of the functionalities, this will be the right choice for you.


• This bag is made from oxford material and it has a dual shoulder strap design.

• It offers a total 10-inch height that will be enough to keep books, notes, and a tablet computer if necessary.

• Other than this, this bag cannot house laptops that makes this bag the best option for the school students.

Above mentioned things show the importance of this bag.

Cat style backpack

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This is a bag that comes in a rucksack style with leather material that provides this bag a lot of durability and a premium feel.


• There is a cat design on the outer pocket of the bag that provides it with a very cute outlook.

• Other than this bag has polyester lining on the inside.

• Altogether this is a perfect bag to carry with you for short trips where you need only some necessary things.

So, you can by this cat style backpack with confidence.

Bead style shoulder bag

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This is surely a great shoulder bag to carry anywhere.


· This leather bag not only has a premium look and feel because of its leather, but it also has a very eye-catching appearance because of its beads style.

· Additionally, the combination of golden beads on black leather also looks very attractive.

· Having 2 shoulder straps and 9-inch height, this is the perfect bag for the students and travelers.

Leather Retro Bag

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If you are in the mood of maintaining a retro look while keeping things classy and practical at the same time, this is the perfect bag for you.

· This bag offers mutable pockets that can be used for managing things like notes and gadgets at the same time.

· The zipper handles of this bag also have some unique leather attachments that add a lot to the design of this bag.


If you are looking to buy a bag for your daily usage, you must look for the things that we have mentioned above to get the best bag. To ease the selection for you, we also shared some great bags of different styles from which you can easily opt for one.

5 Ring Trends That You Can Find On Gift World Style

Rings are and have always been one of the women’s favorite jewelry pieces. From an engagement and wedding rings to stacking up multiple rings, the trends in this department are so wide and various that the choice is endless. The jewelry market today offers everything for everyone, and for those fashionistas who are following trends, we at Gift World Style bring you the latest trends in the ring’s department. Take a look at what is hot and refresh your ring collection:


The symbol of the heart is always connected with love. From the last season, the rings trend includes lots of heart-shaped stones on top of the ring. The trendiness of the heart is continuing this season too, and it also comes in combination with color. The Purple Lover Heart ring is a fashionable and trendy choice for all the girls that want something different.


If there is one gem that never goes out of style it is the pearl. Classic, soft, feminine, and gentle, the pearl has always been the truest representation of high style and class. Inspired by the French chic and irreplaceable style, the pearl ring is something that will make a difference in terms of fashion perception. The Satellite look party ring is a stylish piece. The pearl comes in a gray color that excellently complements the shiny silver band. The crown that holds the pearl is another catchy thing that makes the ring unique and desirable.

Flower power

The flower power is forever. And so is the flower ring trend. Among the most demanded and popular ring choices, this season is the flower-inspired ones. For those who would like to mix the trendy with the elegant, the Delicate Floral Flower rhinestone is the choice to go with. The band is irregular, thin, and comes in a rose gold finish which makes it the ultimate girl’s choice. On top of the band, extremely delicate and soft, come the shiny gems, in the form of a beautiful flower.

Modern wedding band

You don’t have to be married to wear a wedding band ring. Luckily for all the girls out there who love this style, the latest ring trends put the wedding band rings as a trendy choice. And the new and fresh touch of modernity comes as an excellent suggestion in the Black and Gold wedding ring. Thin, delicate, and very fashionable, this is a band that is much more than a wedding ring. The golden ends display refined style, and the black matte finish is the trendiest choice currently.

Statement rings

The statement rings have always been popular, season after season. Now, the trends create a nice mixture between the statement ring with the trend of stacked rings. Instead of stacking multiple rings, why not try the 6 plain bands interlocked stacked ring? And the color combination between the silver and gold finish is something that adds to the stylishness of the ring.

The trends are here, it is your turn to find your pick and do some shopping!