2021 Car Buying Resolutions: Set the Right Goals for the New Year

The end of 2020 was one of the most awaited and anticipated part of the year. Now that we can finally bid goodbye to 2020, we welcome 2021 with new hopes and in regards that it will be a better year. With the onset of a new year, we will all set our resolutions. New Year resolutions can vary from joining a gym, spending more time with loved ones, or travel more often. However, if you want to buy a new car, setting new year resolutions related to your goal will help you in making the right choice.

Car Buying in 2021: New Year Resolutions to get the Right Deal

The following resolutions will help you pick the right car deal in no time.

1. Pick Cars over Mass Transit Options

A self-owned car has proved to be much more convenient and safer in the past year. Many regular commuters have discarded the option of riding on a subway or a train. A car is a safe mode to commute to work, school, or run errands daily. Additionally, cab-hailing services such as Uber are also not a preferred option during the pandemic. Moreover, you should road-trip in your car with loved ones instead of flying for the trip because it is the safer option. In conclusion, your resolution for 2021 should include a self-owned car for safe travels.

2. Reliable and Feature-Rich Car for Young Ones

Many countries all over the world are preparing to launch a vaccine in the year 2021.
Post the release of a vaccine and the reopening of colleges and schools, look into purchasing a car for your younger one. Focus on finding a vehicle that is reliable, safe, and beginner-friendly. The Honda CR-V 2021 has gained applause for being a spacious, compact SUV with safety features such as road departure warning, collision mitigation brake system, and traffic sign recognition. You can even check other options before you make the purchase.

3. Maintain your Car & Credit Score

Just as changing the oil of your car is a necessity, so is maintaining your credit score. Regularly look at your credit reports and correct any fallacies that may have gone unnoticed in the past year.

Additionally, pay off your previous debts before you apply for an auto loan. Be consistent with your payments. Work on improving your debt-to-income ratio before you set out to purchase your next car. In the end, make it a resolution to maintain your car and credit score for a robust financial future.

Resolutions for Better Car Deals and Improved Driving Skills

Just thinking of buying a new car will not help you to achieve your goal. Research for the kind of car you want to buy; and focus on improving your credit score to enjoy a better deal.

Additionally, get working on your resolutions to improve your driving habits. Resolve to become a courteous driver and ditch road rage. Make distracted driving and using phones while driving a thing of the past. Let us enter 2021 with an evolved sense of driving!

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Got Bad Credit Score? Level up to increase your Auto Loan Approval Chances

Car buying and auto financing are industries based on trust. Your credit score and worthiness are your tickets to guaranteed auto loan approval. But, if your credit score is a scary scenario, fret not! You can achieve an auto loan with bad credit, but you will have to work for it.

Lenders consider a credit score of 670 and above good, and you can avail better interest rates with it. However, the lender will consider you a risky borrower if your credit score is below 670. And, if your score is less than 620, the lender may treat you as a bad credit car buyer, and it will cost you more because of the high-interest rate. However, if you understand the different ways you can work on your credit score, there is hope. You can improve your loan approval chances as well as score a pocket-friendly auto deal.

Bad Credit Buyers: Ways to make your Car Loan Approval Chances Good

You can improve your credit score in the following manner before applying for an auto loan especially when you suffer from bad credit.

1. Clean your Credit Report

Revamp your credit report and clean up your credit score before you apply for an auto loan. Start by paying off the debt that is weighing down your credit score. Check your report thoroughly before applying for an auto loan. Get any fallacies in your credit report corrected to avoid explaining it to the dealer later. Pay off past debts and do not skip any current credit card payments. Make consistent payments towards loans to improve your score.

2. Make a Hefty Down Payment

Bad credit history can reduce your total loan amount. And it can lead to an increase in the interest rate. To combat the problems associated with bad credit history, make sure you apply with a subprime lender. Also, you can make a big down payment that will offset the increased interest amount. Down payment will allow the lender to rethink your offer, and he will give you a better deal in the process. You will also have the advantage to shop from a wide range of cars as your loan amount may increase.

3. Spend the Amount that you can Afford

Do not walk into the dealership and get smitten with the newest models and expensive features. Think of a bad credit auto loan as your way to build a better financial future. Consider your monthly income and minus the expenses and payments towards any other loans. The remainder of the money is what you can put towards your auto loan payments. Even if you get pre-approved for an auto loan higher than you expected, you need to re-consider your car choices.

Improve Your Credit: Improve your Life

Bad credit history will not stop you from purchasing a car. If you take care of the guidelines mentioned above, you can improve your credit score and score a good car loan deal. A cost-effective loan will ensure that you save a lot more money during the entire loan term.

Do you have bad credit? Do not worry about your auto loan approval chances. Get pre-approved car financing. Choose a bad credit auto lender who has experience with subprime car loans. Apply now.

How to Make the Most of Your Down Payment and get a Car Loan?

Many car buyers expend their energy in finding the perfect car. But not in finding the best auto loan deal. Car financing is just as critical as finding your next high performance and feature-rich automobile. A down payment is one of the main factors that decide if you are paying less or more. It is an upfront payment that is part of the total cost of the car. Although it is not compulsory to make a down payment, it is a financially wise decision.

Down Payment: What Are the Long-Term Benefits for Car Buyers?

The benefits of making a down payment are many. Understanding the importance of a down payment amount will help you get the most out of your auto loan and make you financially free quickly.

1. Approval for Subprime Buyers

A credit-challenged individual will benefit by putting a significant amount of money down for their next car. Most bad credit car buyers require a down payment to make the cut and get approved for an auto loan. A down payment can help you to attain an auto loan in the scenario where any lender is reconsidering your approval because of your credit history. The lender will treat you as a less risky borrower, especially if you are a subprime car buyer with a credit score ranging from 580 to 619. Thus, a down payment will give you a boost and help in obtaining faster auto loan approval.

2. More Savings

A down payment is going to help you save money in more ways than one. It will reduce the interest rate as the lender will see you as a financially capable borrower. You will be able to reduce the principal amount with a down payment. And, the lender will apply the interest rate to the remainder of the auto loan amount. Thus, it will reduce the total interest amount as well.

Additionally, your monthly payments will also reduce because your overall auto loan amount is smaller than before. Thus, throughout your loan term, you will save if you make a down payment.

3. Reduce Negative Equity

The value of your car reduces the moment you drive it off the dealership. Negative equity occurs when you owe more money on your vehicle than what it is worth. Real estate can increase or decrease in value. However, a car’s value can never increase once you purchase it, especially if it not a vintage car.

To minimize the negative equity on your car, you should make a down payment on your auto loan. A decent down payment of 20% or more will even shorten the duration of negative equity.

Down Payment for a Healthy Financial Future

A down payment can help you to create a solid foundation to obtain a decent auto loan deal. Make sure you put down at least 20% of the total car value as a down payment. But, do not worry if you cannot make a down payment. A down payment is essential for getting a good deal but not compulsory.

If you do not have money for a down payment, make sure you choose a lender who approves no money down auto loans. This way, you will be able to buy a car without any upfront payment. However, do not forget to calculate the interest amount and monthly payments so that the loan does not become a burden for you.

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Reasons why you need to Optimize Product Data Feeds in 2021

Are you thinking of new ways to attract visitors to your e-commerce store? With the global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus, people have shifted to online shopping. If you want your business to attract new customers, it is time to optimize your marketing strategies and make the most of the new year.

You may be currently spending your budget on search network ads, video campaigns, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns for bringing more customers to your website. However, do not ignore the importance and efficiency of a multi-channel e-commerce strategy.

Multi-Channel E-commerce Strategy: A Need in 2021

All your customers do not use a single platform to fulfill their shopping needs. For example, a few might prefer Google Shopping, Amazon, Walmart, or eBay to buy a pair of sneakers. Others may want to visit your website to check out other offerings. As a business, your products should be visible and accessible on multiple marketplaces and platforms. If you want to increase revenue in the new year, relying on a single traffic-source is detrimental to your business goals. And when it comes to multi-channel e-commerce strategies, the key lies in creating and enhancing quality product data feeds.

A product data feed or a product feed is a digital excel, .txt, or .xml file consisting of the list of products you sell online. It will include product attributes to help different CSEs (Comparison Shopping Engines), marketplaces, and other online platforms to compare the products and display them in a useful and meaningful way.

Usually, a product feed contains the following things:

a) Product image,

b) Product title,

c) Product attributes,

d) Marketing copy, etc.

Optimized Product Data Feeds: Why are they Important for E-commerce Stores?

1. You need to create flexible product feeds for different platforms because your customers use varied marketplaces and platforms to purchase. If you do not optimize the feeds regularly, they will not reflect real-time information about your products.

2. With regular optimization of data feeds, you will be able to remove out-of-stock products, add new products, exclude non-performing/unprofitable products from shopping sites easily.

3. You can monitor your performance on a weekly/monthly basis and improve the feed quickly.

4. CSEs rely on the quality of optimized product feeds to ascertain the worthiness of products. It will lead to better quality scores, increased ranking, and higher visibility on CSEs and other platforms.

5. Product feeds provide detailed information about your products to the customers and encourages them to make the purchase. So, it is a smart decision to update them regularly.

6. The feeds can drive up the traffic of your website and generate more revenue.

In a nutshell, product feed allows you to transfer your product catalog to different platforms in a matter of minutes. With an optimized product data feed, the process of exporting your listings becomes easy because they adapt to the requirements of the destination sites. It means you do not have to worry about the presentation and display of the marketing channels. You need to optimize the product feeds according to your needs, and that’s it!

Product Data Feeds: Automation is the Way to go!

If you choose the manual option, you will have to update the product spreadsheet every time you change product attributes. You will then have to re-upload the product feed according to the individualized format of each platform. Instead of managing data feeds manually, opt for an automation tool such as a product feed generator.

With the help of a Magento extension, managing your e-commerce store will be simple and more effective. If you have a big catalog, the automated product feed will take care of every small change in the price, inventory, colors, and other attributes. And if you are interested in selling on more platforms in 2021, the product feed generator will make your goal achievable.
While choosing a product feed generator, make sure you choose one that offers the following features:

1. Ready-made templates for different CSEs (Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Beslist, Get Price, etc.) and marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc.)

2. Filter products based on attribute sets, product types, categories, product status, product stock, etc.

3. Choose price and currency formats for the product feed.

4. Customize the date and time formats to suit your requirements.

5. Schedule the automated creation of data feeds using Cron Job.

6. Upload product data feeds automatically on FTP/SFTP server.

7. Use condition-based dynamic attributes.

8. Set Category Mapping to map the Magento categories with other shopping engines.

Get Ready for 2021!

Make your e-commerce store work harder with product data feeds and reach out to more customers than before. Remember, the world of e-commerce is highly competitive, and you need to be on top of your game to win more customers. Optimize product data feeds, ensure better visibility, and get ready to generate more revenue in the new year.

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Launch Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening Solutions this Holiday Season

Festive Season 2020 is going to be different: more Zoom calls and fewer visits home. However, whether it is an intimate Christmas dinner or a virtual New Year Party, everyone will want to look their absolute best. And, one essential factor of looking and feeling good is your smile!

Americans value the importance of healthy and brighter teeth. It is for the same reason the demand for teeth whitening treatments shoots up in the months leading up to the Holiday Season. This year, however, people are preferring to opt for at-home teeth whitening treatments that keep them safe and protected against Novel Coronavirus. A large number of Americans are choosing to remove discoloration and staining with the help of over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions. So, where does this leave you as a businessperson in the dental whitening industry?

Whether you sell teeth whitening products over the web or you run a spa that offers teeth whitening services to its clients, you can benefit from learning more about the industry’s seasonal trends. If clients are unwilling to opt for in-person, chair-side treatments, will it affect your sales? Most definitely, yes.

But you can add more OTC products to your portfolio that addresses the needs of your customers. Here’s a list of easy-to-use teeth whitening products that will make maintaining pearly whites a festive joy!

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are one of the most popular choices for customers looking to clean the teeth quickly. To win against the competition and ensure higher sales of teeth whitening strips, you must choose a product that promises whiter results without sticky residue.

It is because users often complain of strong adhesion that does not come off quickly and easily. So, it is essential to choose whitening strips that adhere to the teeth accurately, provide a pleasant taste, and deliver an easy removal process. Also, do not forget the effectiveness of oxidation agent in the form of hydrogen peroxide. You will need to sell dental whitening strips that are convenient, comfortable, and competent.

Teeth Whitening Pens

When someone needs quick teeth whitening solutions, teeth whitening pens prove to be a worthy choice. Learning to use a dental whitening pen is easy and requires minimal prep work and training. Modern teeth whitening pens are safe for people with caps, crowns, and veneers. If your customers are looking to remove surface-level stains from foods such as tea, coffee, wine, as well as cigarettes, and alcohol, teeth whitening pens can offer a quick fix. The dental whitening pens are ideal for a full treatment of 10-15 minutes. They are also useful as a last-minute touch-up right before the Christmas party.

Maintenance Teeth Whitening Kits

Along with the commonly available take-home teeth whitening kits, you can sell maintenance teeth whitening kits for customers who want to maintain their pearly whites between appointments at the dental clinic. Customers can use the products every 4-12 weeks to enhance their smiles in the comfort of their homes.

Usually, a maintenance kit includes a dental whitening pen and personal LED teeth whitening light to expedite the oxidation process and ensure whiter teeth in a few minutes. You can also add a shade guide and an instructional manual to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Strategic Adaptability: Key to Building a Thriving Business in times of COVID-19

The entire world is fighting the global pandemic, and surviving your business in such a situation can become quite stressful. However, strategic adaptability will let you take advantage of the changing business conditions and help you to thrive. If the current trends suggest that people are wary of booking an appointment for teeth whitening, offer solutions that allow them to make their teeth brighter and whiter at home.

Remember that the Holiday Season is right around the corner, and it is the right time to launch new products under your portfolio and gain more revenue.

Are you ready to sell teeth whitening pens and dental whitening strips to your customers? Do you want to sell private-label maintenance teeth whitening kits for Christmas? Find out how you can launch at-home teeth whitening solutions under your brand name and get ready to do more business.

Gastrointestinal Cancer: Learning More about Cancer that affects the GI Tract

Your gut health affects the well-being of your entire body. When your digestive system is weak or infected, it will not be able to process food and deliver nutrients throughout the body. It is essential to take care of the gastrointestinal tract to lead a healthy and happy life.

Often, cancerous diseases that affect the GI tract are collectively called gastrointestinal cancer or GI cancer. It not only affects the stomach but the entire GI tract that is a 25-foot long pathway starting from the mouth to the anus. GI cancer affects several organs such as the esophagus, biliary system, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus.

It is one of the most common forms of cancers, involving both men and women. Doctors across the world consider GI cancer a grave risk because together as a group, it becomes the most commonly occurring cancers in the body.

When you refer to Globocan data 2012, out of a total of 1.01 million new cancer cases in India, 227,000 were related to GI cancer. If you consider cancer-related deaths in the same period, 182,000 patients died because of GI cancer. The numbers depict that GI cancer is a real threat to the health of Indians. Let’s understand the symptoms of GI cancer in detail so that we can raise awareness and win the fight against the deadly disease.

What are the Common Symptoms of GI Cancer?

As GI cancer is a collective term for the cancers affecting the digestive system, the symptoms primarily affect gastrointestinal health. The symptoms depend on the type of cancer. For example, esophageal cancer causes difficulty in swallowing, and stomach cancer will lead to abdominal bloating and pain. However, we need to understand the common symptoms associated with GI cancer to ensure immediate treatment.

1. Anorexia (loss of appetite)

2. Unintended, significant weight loss

3. Anemia

4. Jaundice

5. Constant low-grade fever

6. Difficulty in swallowing, black vomiting, or blood in vomit

7. Passage of black color stools

8. Passage of blood/mucus in stool

9. Recurring Diarrhea/constipation

10. Abdominal pain, abdominal distention, or swelling

11. Back pain.

The symptoms are related to common digestive distress, and in patients with GI cancers, they can be subtle. It is for the same reason that patients ignore them as routine issues. It leads to late detection. In some cases, the patient is so late that curative treatment becomes ineffective. It is essential to undergo routine medical checkups to prevent serious complications.

If you notice any of the symptoms, do not fear the outcome. Please note that the existence of the following symptoms does not confirm GI cancer. To ensure an accurate diagnosis, you need to consult a surgical gastroenterologist.

The super-specialist may prescribe a few tests (blood tests, ultrasonography, Computed Tomography (CT) scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan, Endoscopy/Colonoscopy with Biopsy) to confirm the presence of GI cancer.

What is the Treatment for Gastrointestinal Cancer?

There are many treatment modalities to treat GI cancer including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Gone are the days when doctors conducted traditional open surgeries to remove the cysts. Today, laparoscopic surgeries are more common.

Laparoscopy: Usually, the GI surgeon will perform laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery or minimally-invasive surgery) to remove the cancerous cyst. The procedure includes making tiny incisions with the help of laparoscope, a long-fiber optical instrument with a camera. Laparoscopy results in minimal scarring, quick recovery, and reduced post-operative care.

How can you prevent GI Cancer?

In reality, the causes of GI cancer are varied. It may not always be possible to prevent the disease. However, you can reduce the risks of getting cancer by leading a healthy, stress-free life.

Focus on eliminating addictions such as smoking and alcohol. Reduce the consumption of high-calorie, ultra-processed food items, and eat more fresh produce. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active. Identify and eliminate key stressors of your life and add a meditation routine to ensure emotional health along with physical well-being.

Who is a Surgical Gastroenterologist?

In India, a surgical gastroenterologist is an MCI-registered (registered with (Medical Council of India) specialist. He/she has completed a super-specialty degree course (3 years) of DNB/MCh Surgical Gastroenterology after receiving the M.B.B.S. degree and an MS – General Surgery degree (3 years training).

If you are suffering from any of the digestive ailments or diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer, ensure immediate GI cancer treatment. Visit an experienced surgical gastroenterologist. Get in touch with Dr. Jay Chokshi, South Gujarat’s First National Board-certified GI, and HPB surgeon. Call on +91-9825718911 or +91-9016519832 to book an appointment today.

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2021

With 1 billion monthly users , Instagram rises to the top of the most popular social networks. When you start on the social network, you often have only one idea in mind: to see your number of Instagram subscribers skyrocket. Influencer accounts are the stuff of dreams with their 5-digit Instagram subscriber count …

So, how to have more followers on Instagram and gain subscribers without selling your soul to the devil?

When we wrote the first version of this article, we were maxing out at 230 subscribers for our customer. As we rewrite it entirely, we have over 7000 subscribers . We were able to take advantage of the advice found here and there on the web… and we decided to share these tips with you which helped us.

Since Instagram was bought by Facebook, it’s increasingly difficult to develop your account because the social network has implemented an algorithm that reduces the visibility of posts. However, there are “good practices” which, in our opinion, will never be bad!

2 golden rules to get more followers on Instagram

  • Getting a lot of followers (subscribers) on Instagram doesn’t make you successful. Some accounts have thousands of subscribers, but those subscribers aren’t always qualified and engaged. Having 10,000 followers on Instagram is great. But it is better to have 1000 subscribers who are really interested in your subject and your niche, who will like, comment, share … In short, having a lot of Instagram subscribers is good, having a lot of commitment from these subscribers is even better!
  • In summary, to have a lot of followers and a lot of likes and engagement on Instagram for free (that is to say, a qualified community that will interact and likely to become a customer): you have to define your target audiences. , its objectives, its strategy. Observe the most popular hashtags and practices in your business. Treat your content accordingly. Interact yourself with followers and influencers. It’s a free method, which takes time, but that will have an impact on your actual business, your brand awareness and your bottom line, in the end!

Gain followers on Instagram: classic rules of a social network

First, there is a simple principle on Instagram as on other social networks: to gain subscribers, you have to get involved in the network . Really get involved. We find that often, for lack of time (or laziness, it must be admitted), we are content to like the photos that pass before my eyes without necessarily making the effort to write a comment, to go looking new accounts …

However, it’s when you get involved that you yourself get the most benefits in terms of visibility!

Instagram being a social network, we receive the same types of advice as on other networks:

  • Complete your biography carefully and choose a profile image: we wrote an article on the fundamentals to follow to personalize your Instagram profile ;
  • Don’t flood your subscribers with photos of low added value.
  • Take advantage of the social functions of the network: take an interest in others while respecting ethical principles that are well known (sincerity, no advertising such as “I follow you if you follow me and otherwise, I unsubscribe”, etc.);
  • Offer quality content.

Tips that work to get more Instagram followers

Unique and qualitative content

Instagram remains a network of “beautiful images”. We can blame him for maintaining a cult of perfection , but most of the accounts that develop quickly and well are those that post quality content.

These are neat images, not necessarily taken with a state-of-the-art reflex but which are still well framed, not blurry …

A story to tell

We also think, after a few years on this network, that people appreciate hearing a unique and personal “voice”, even behind a (beautiful) image.

Sharing an anecdote, a scene from life, a few stories to feed your account, allows you to get out of the cold “picture book” aspect. It’s not easy when you like to keep a certain discretion, but we’re sure, it plays a role.

Indeed, today, there are millions of images online on the network… and many very beautiful photos of the same place for example. The quality of a photo alone is no longer the only criterion for differentiating yourself. You have to bring something unique, and what could be more unique than you and your personality?

It’s also for this reason that Instagram stories, which have reinjected a good dose of spontaneity on the network, contribute so much to giving you visibility.

Make your account known

Instagram is a network at the heart of your digital life … and to have more followers, you have to give it a place: enhance your Instagram account on your blog (through an icon or by including some photos in your articles), relay your photos Instagram on its Facebook page, create referrals between the platforms you manage so that we know the existence of your account, mention his account in his newsletter …

Nothing also prevents you from doing a little more explicit “push” concerning your account , by posting a message on your blog or on another network to encourage people to join you on Instagram. We did it 2 or 3 times last year and it allowed me to gain a few dozen subscribers.

Use hashtags and geolocation

According to a study conducted by Dan Zarrella in 2015, analyzing nearly 1.5 million Instagram photos, putting hashtags on your photos can increase both the number of likes and the number of comments. As on Twitter, hashtags make it easy to find all the photos relating to the same theme.

Here We offer advice on finding the right hashtags on Instagram , an essential point to have more visibility and therefore to gain followers: with an overly popular hashtag, your photos risk being drowned in the mass; with an overly confidential hashtag, not to find a sufficient audience to develop the notoriety of your account.

You can also activate geotagging on your photos . Thus, they will be more easily associated with a specific location when a person searches for information on the location in question (city, restaurant, business, etc.), an additional means of gaining visibility.

Use Instagram filters

Photos that use a filter are 21% more likely to be seen and 45% more likely to receive comments than photos without a filter, according to another Yahoo Labs / Georgia Tech study . According to the study, “an increase in contrast and exposure positively affects the number of views and comments.” The same goes for retouching that increases the temperature of a photo by making it warmer.

On the other hand, increasing saturation tends to have a negative – albeit minimal – impact on views even if it is positive for comments. This is in line with the conclusions of Dan Zarrella, who said for his part that photos with low saturation won 598% more likes compared to photos with bright colors! Likewise, bright photos garnered 592% more likes compared to dark photos.

Finally, users of the social network prefer filters or retouching that improve a photo without distorting it , to filters that transform a snapshot. We therefore remain in a search for authenticity at this level.

For our part, We no longer use the filters offered by Instagram , we prefer to manually modify a few parameters (especially contrast / sharpness) to improve the rendering of my photos, using the Snapseed application … but we avoid the heavy retouching that would lie too much on the initial photo

Talk to your subscribers

This is a point on which we still lack investment, let’s face it :) If we think of liking the comments we receive or of responding with a small message when the comment allows it, there is one thing we do little and yet works very well on Instagram: work well with your captions!

Photo captions provide a unique opportunity to share little anecdotes, ask your followers questions, tell stories. It creates a bond and it’s effective for starting a discussion.

Like on a blog, we can test different things: short captions, long captions, ask a question, explicitly encourage subscribers to comment (according to Dan Zarrella, this explicit dimension would promote interactions).

Keep consistency

Here again, this is not always an easy point to respect … but so that the subscribers (or members of the network who discover you) find their way there, it’s better that your account exudes a certain consistency, whether in the content that you post, in your interactions with your subscribers, in your posting frequency.

Today there are tools to preview your Instagram feed and have a consistent and harmonious feed . Don’t hesitate to use it!

Like a blog, there isn’t necessarily an ideal posting frequency, but many studies suggest posting several times a week to increase engagement. Certain agencies specializing in Instagram influence, such as Octoly, also require the “publication of a minimum of five photos per week”.

Post at the right time

Instagram no longer displays photos chronologically but instead highlights posts based on what you’re likely to like. Despite everything, the timing remains important because the commitment you receive from the publication plays a lot on the visibility that the social network will give to your photo (same observation on Facebook in my case!).

Try to identify when your community is present : more in the evening after dinner, in the morning before leaving for work, on the lunch break, during regular office hours? It can vary from one community to another, which is why we always have doubts when a study announces “ideal publication times”.

To find out, for example, you can use Creator Studio, a free tool offered for Facebook and Instagram, which displays the hours when your Instagram followers are active in tabular form.

Gaining Instagram followers: these unanswered questions

We’re not one of those people who want to calculate the likelihood of each photo posted. We love the photos that give pride of place to color. No question of changing what part of my style is just to have 598% more likes, on the grounds that the fashion is with pastel shades and ultra-bright backgrounds.

We post (too) sparingly… but we try to deliver quality. Moreover, one of my photos had been selected by the Mashable site in a selection called “12 beautifully eerie photos shot in the dark”, another was highlighted on the account of the city of Paris…

We realize, however, that this is often not enough. That we should get more involved. That there are always challenges to overcome: posting in English or in French or both? When posting travel photos, the “universal” side of the subject often leads to wanting to post in two languages ​​… and at the same time, we necessarily favor one (if only because it appears first in the caption). This is certainly playing on the interaction!

The algorithm changes that took place on Instagram shortly before the summer of 2017 deeply affected my pleasure in posting on this network, to which we were nevertheless so attached. A dramatic drop in visibility – for the same investment – and a disgust that gradually sets in, the same disgust that we feel for Facebook.

The impression that these people reason a little too often in reach, likes and algorithms … and not enough by letting the user make his choices on what he sees (or not). The era of artificial intelligence, which sometimes lacks a bit of intelligence at all.

Social proof: the last rampart

After all these tips it may happen that you still do not progress. what does it depend on then?

We think it’s social proof …

Since the era of time, man has learned to distinguish between good and bad. Nowadays, with the advent of social networks, man has adapted accordingly and learned to distinguish “good” and “bad”. “ie forming an opinion on good content and bad content.

For example: Imagine a rapper who has talent but few followers and likes.

Do you really think he’s talented? or just that you overestimated him?

This is the impact of social proof!

So, in this case you just need to get social proof.

How? ‘Or’ What?

1) Ask influencer friends to subscribe to your account and talk about you.

The effective way.

2) Buy subscribers.

The fastest way.

Where buy? I recommend the 2 best

1) Boost-ig Buy Instagram Followers – 100% Real & Instant – boost-ig (boost-ig.com)


Best customer service, Real Followers, Free analysis and personalized follow-up to each client to enable them to succeed, quality/price.

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Faster service, quality followers, popularity.

So it is possible for everyone to get subscribers just want it.

Acute Pancreatitis: Do not ignore the Sudden Pain in the Abdomen

Do you feel a sudden pain in the upper abdominal section? Does it get worse after eating? Is there a tenderness in the abdominal area? If you have other symptoms such as rapid pulse, nausea, and vomiting, the problem can be acute pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, the organ that produces enzymes and manages the way your body processes glucose. Acute pancreatitis is different from chronic pancreatitis because the former occurs suddenly and lasts only for a couple of days. On the other hand, chronic pancreatitis can last for years.

Patients often ignore acute pancreatitis because it is not a chronic disease that affects their lifestyle on a more permanent basis. However, recurring bouts of acute pancreatitis can become life-threatening if ignored. It can affect other organs such as kidneys, lungs, and the heart as well as compromise your overall health. Let’s find out what are the main symptoms of acute pancreatitis so that you can understand if there are any signs of trouble with your health:

1. Upper abdominal pain

2. Pain radiating from the upper abdomen to the back, chest, and lower abdomen

3. Uneasiness after eating

4. Abdominal swelling and tenderness

5. Fever

6. High heart rate

7. Nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite

8. Diarrhea

9. Mild jaundice

10. Severe cases may include weakness and difficulty in breathing.

What causes Acute Pancreatitis?

In a few patients, the cause of acute pancreatitis remains unclear. However, a majority of the times, the disease occurs due to the following conditions:

1. The presence of gallstones can result in an injury to the pancreas, especially if they are blocking the bile duct or the pancreatic duct.

2. Heavy alcohol consumption.

3. A high number of triglyceride levels (greater than 200 mg/dl) in the blood.

4. Hypercalcemia, a condition in which the calcium levels in the blood is above normal.

5. Obesity.

6. Having Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) surgery to treat another condition can cause acute pancreatitis.

7. Pancreatic cancer.

8. Reaction to medicine.

9. Heredity predisposition to acute pancreatitis.

10. The existence of cystic fibrosis or cystic fibrosis genes can increase the risk of both types of pancreatitis.

11. Certain kinds of viruses and bacteria may cause acute pancreatitis for a short duration.

12. Abdominal injury.

Why should you not ignore the Signs of Acute Pancreatitis?

If you ignore the symptoms of acute pancreatitis and consider them as common digestive issues, it can affect the quality of your life and even become fatal in serious conditions. In severe cases of acute pancreatitis, bleeding, tissue damage, infection, and cyst become quite common. It can affect a large part of essential organs as well.

So, do not ignore the symptoms of acute pancreatitis even if they subside after a couple of days. Visit a surgical gastroenterologist for accurate diagnosis and medical help. Discuss your medical history in detail with the GI surgeon so that he can recommend tests and diagnose the issue correctly.

The expert may suggest a blood test and pancreatic function test to ascertain the levels of pancreatic enzymes. You may have to undergo an ultrasound, CT scan, and MRI scan to identify pancreatic swelling and the presence of pseudocysts if any. A biopsy can also be a part of the diagnosis to study the tissue of your pancreas.

Once the surgical gastroenterologist confirms acute pancreatitis, he may prescribe you antibiotics and pain medications. You may be put on IV fluids and fasting to heal the pancreas. In severe cases where the gallstones are blocking the pancreatic duct or the bile duct, the doctor may suggest Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) or gallbladder surgery. Your treatment can include pancreatic surgery to remove fluids and dead tissues from the organ.

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No Pain, Still Gain: The Best Tattoo Numbing Creams Today

In the past, tattoos were painful, specifically when you get it done on body areas where the nerves are dense or when the bone is very close to the skin. However, the pain also depends on the individual’s pain threshold. Thanks to the advancement in the world of tattoo and piercing, getting a new tattoo is a simple and pleasurable experience.

With the help of tattoo numbing creams and lotions, you can reduce discomfort and pain. Once you apply the tattoo numbing lotion on the skin, it soaks through the dermis and blocks the nerve ends. It means the nerve ends are unable to send pain signals to the brain. This way, the client only senses pressure and not pain.

The numbing cream will numb the entire skin area and allow the client to sit for an extended period. When you are selecting a numbing cream for your patrons, make sure you choose a product that is safe and effective, even during longer tattoo sessions. Choose a product that offers one of the following benefits:

1. Many creams include Lidocaine to enter the skin, and numb the nerve ends so that they do not send any pain signal to the brain.

2. Creams that contain Tetracaine and Benzocaine blocks the nerves so that they do not feel any pain.

3. Powerful numbing creams often have Vasoconstrictors that constrict the blood vessels and reduce bleeding.

Here are a few top-rated tattoo numbing creams that can reduce the pain caused by tattoo needles:

TAC Sciences – Tattoo Anesthetic Cream

When the tattoo is painful on specific parts of the body, artists often choose this cream. The tattoo anesthetic cream contains a prilocaine base and lidocaine base with other ingredients. Experienced dermatologists and leading tattoo artists created the product for fast and effective pain relief. Once you shave and dry the skin thoroughly, apply the cream at least 30 minutes before starting the tattoo process. You can wipe it before beginning the stencil work. If you want to use the TAC Sciences cream during shading and lining, there is no harm in using the product during tattoo sessions.

Zensa Topical Anesthetic Cream

Zensa cream is a topical anesthetic. With 5% lidocaine, it has the potential to numb the skin for up to 2 hours. It contains vitamin E to reduce redness, itching, and inflammation. You can use the cream for sensitive body parts such as lips, eyelids, and bikini area because of its pH formulation. Zensa Topical Anesthetic cream is vegan and steroid-free. Please note that it does not contain vasoconstrictors, so it will not constrict blood vessels.

Nothing Tattoo Glide and Soothing Balm

Since 2001, H2Ocean is a world-leader in tattoo-care supplies. Nothing Tattoo Glide and Soothing balm is a fast-acting soothing balm with 4% lidocaine. It makes the tattoo experience comfortable and pain-free. It reduces bleeding, swelling, itching, pain, and redness. It also helps in numbing the skin. It is a natural, organic, and anti-bacterial protectant. The product will not clog machines, needles, and tubes.

Bactine Max Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray

Germs often cause infections and lead to severe skin problems. But, with the Bactine Max spray, you can fight germs and ensure a hygienic tattoo experience for your clients. Although it is useful as an over-the-counter, first-aid antiseptic spray, tattoo artists often use it because of its pain-relieving benefits. It contains 4% lidocaine that relieves pain, reduces redness and swelling during the tattoo process.

Vasocaine Fast-Acting Anesthetic Liquid

Vasocaine is a popular vascular constrictor spray that offers pain relief, reduction in bleeding and decrease in swelling and itching. The product contains 5% lidocaine hydrochloride for a faster numbing effect. Once you spray the liquid, the skin will go numb and allow you to finish your tattoo with no pain. It is known to relieve pain in under 90 seconds. The liquid has no odor or perfume.

The Right Care right from the Beginning!

A tattoo shines brightly when the artist takes the utmost care during every stage of the tattoo-making process. Right from choosing a design to ensuring effective tattoo aftercare, an artist has to be present with the client every step of the way.

Do not forget that if you offer a comfortable and pain-free tattoo experience to your patrons, they will come back for more! Buy tattoo anesthetic creams in bulk. With the help of premium-quality topical numbing creams, you will be able to make tattoos and body artwork pleasant and delightful for everyone.

Do you want to buy tattoo numbing creams in bulk? Shop online to choose from a wide range of tattoo anesthetic and numbing products. Get bulk order discounts on popular products such as TAC Sciences Tattoo Anesthetic Cream, Nothing Tattoo Glide Soothing Balm, Vasocaine Liquid Anesthetic Spray, and many more.

Why do Modern Tattoo Artists prefer Tattoo Pen Machines?

When it comes to tattoo artwork, the tattoo machine is the artist’s weapon of choice! It is essential to pay attention to all the details of the tattoo machine. As an artist, you must choose the best one to suit your artwork, clients, and business. Whether it is choosing between coil tattoo machines or rotary ones, you can get confused. Add to it the newest tattoo machines called tattoo pens, and the dilemma continues. It is essential to read a definitive guide on tattoo machines and understand your preferences to make the right decision.

Tattoo Pen Machines: The Innovation in the Tattoo Industry

The innovation that revolutionized tattooing and brought remarkable changes belonged to Thomas Edison. Edison invented the electric pen with a goal in mind. He wanted to use it as a stencil that would allow the user to make multiple copies of the text. The process included using an ink roller over the stencil and transferring it to a sheet of paper. The invention may have failed in its purpose, but in 1891, a New York tattoo artist Samuel F. O’Reilly took the electric pen invention to the next level. He created an electric tattoo needle based on Edison’s electric pen.

O’Reilly’s electric needle used a similar rotating ink roller as Edison’s invention. He used a needle tip to penetrate the ink into the skin. The new electric tattoo pen increased speed and ensured precision when compared to the pace of traditional tattooing methods.

Why are Modern Tattoo Pen Machines gaining Popularity?

1. Do you remember the nostalgic “whirring” sound coming out of tattoo salons? The traditional coil tattoo machine creates the same buzzing sound due to the release of the spring coil while the artist draws the tattoo on the client’s skin. Nowadays, artists, as well as clients, prefer a silent, soothing tattoo experience. Tattoo pen machines are quiet and ensure a smooth movement of tattoo needles. Hence, clients and artists enjoy them.

2. In older coil tattoo machines, the principle of electromagnetism moved the needles to pierce the skin. Today, the primary source of action in tattoo pens is the motor. It delivers more even power to the tattoo pen and thus, results in a more precise and accurate design. The needles used in tattoo pens are shorter and easily replaceable, but they are slightly more expensive than the traditional needle options.

3. The body of the tattoo pen machine is light-weight, and therefore it is easy to handle. It does not tire the wrist of the artist and ensures that you can experiment with multiple tattoo styles. If you are creating large tattoo designs, you can use the tattoo pen for efficient design and a comfortable experience. For example, the Legend Rotary Tattoo Pen is easy to use. Plus, it fits most needle cartridges, and it is an added advantage.

4. Tattoo pen machines cause less damage to the skin. They also promise faster healing due to less hammering and a steady flow of ink. The pen-style tattoo machines cause less scarring, and it is always a plus.

5. Also, the tattoo pens are portable and compact to carry, especially when you are going to a convention or setting up a kiosk at an event. For example, the Legend Mini Tattoo Rotary Pen is an ideal companion because its revolutionary battery packs a punch. You do not need cords, cables, or foot-switches to ensure its efficient working.

6. Most tattoo artists opt for tattoo pen machines due to their versatility. From lining to shading, you can use the tattoo pens to create stunning tattoo creations with just a few adjustments. For example, Legend Pen 2 Adaptable Motor Tattoo Machine comes with two motor options: 8000RPM and 10000RPM. You can switch the motor anytime to suit your needs.

7. Tattoo pens are low-maintenance and require less training for operation. They are easy to control and offer faster handling of the device. Thus, they make the tattoo process more enjoyable for the artist.

In a nutshell, tattoo pen machines are simple and less harsh on the skin compared to other options available on the market. They are an artist’s preferred choice because of their low-maintenance features and ease of use.

If you are looking to buy a tattoo pen machine, make sure you purchase from a reliable tattoo equipment supplier. Whether it is the Legend Rotary Mini Tattoo Pen or the Legend pen 2 adaptable motor tattoo machine, always buy original tattoo machines to ensure better-looking tattoos.