Should you visit your Doctor during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

2020 has changed the way we behave, function, and live. From working at homes to wearing masks while going out, every facet of our lives has been severely affected by the Novel Coronavirus. One aspect of our life that has taken a backseat is preventative care and routine medical checkups.

People are terrified of moving out of their homes and going to a clinic for a routine checkup seems like too much of a risk. Indians are skipping out on medical checkups and physical screenings. Many patients have even rescheduled elective surgeries to avoid infections.

Additionally, several hospitals have scaled-back their operations due to physical distancing measures and nation-wide lockdown. The entire situation has made it difficult for patients to get access to proactive cancer screenings tests. When it comes to cancer, a month’s delay can prove to be fatal and severely affect the chances of recovery.

For example, the symptoms of stomach cancer include poor appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, etc. if you ignore these signs and consider them a general digestive issue, it can quickly deteriorate your condition. Early detection is the key in many cases of stomach cancer as well as other GI cancers.

If you consider other acute abdominal conditions such as gallbladder stones, delaying the treatment can lead to the spread of infection and more suffering for the patient. This situation is not limited to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract but other conditions as well.

Doctors are witnessing a disturbing trend where the death rate is rising in treatable conditions, only because patients are avoiding timely medical checkups. A higher number of patients are getting admitted because they are evading initial symptoms out of fear of Novel Coronavirus.

Patients with potentially curable diseases can benefit a lot from early detection and immediate medical treatment. It is also essential for patients to be treated for palliative care. So, should you miss out on routine checkups and medical screenings during the pandemic?

You should visit your doctor for checkups but with precaution. Visiting any medical facility without safety precautions can make you susceptible to infections and affect your health, especially if you are above 60 years of age. Extra care should also be taken for pregnant women and young children. Here are a few tips to ensure that your health is not ignored during the pandemic.

1. Telemedicine is the New Normal

As a race, we are nothing if not resilient. As soon as the effects of Coronavirus started affecting the economy, people started coming up with safer ways to connect with their audience. There is more acceptance of technological advancements among people and they have started becoming compliant with things that were thought to be too-techy for them.

Enter the world of telemedicine. Now, you can book virtual appointments with doctors and discuss your medical issues over a video call or a text message. It has become synonymous with remote healthcare.

It allows long-distance patients to connect with doctors for care, advice, education, intervention, monitoring, and even, in some cases, remote admissions.

2. Unscheduled Doctor’s Appointments are a big NO

Say goodbye to walking down to your GI cancer surgeon without an appointment. Whether it is post-operative care or a routine checkup to address the problems of the GI tract, do not visit the doctor without appointments. And, this rule is true for every other medical professional you visit.

With the number of asymptomatic cases on the rise, your chances of getting infected are incredibly high. So, call the medical expert, book an appointment, and show up on time to avoid coming in contact with other patients.

3. Avoid Over-Crowding the Clinic

As Indians, we have a strong support system and even if there is a normal checkup at the hospital, several relatives attend the patient. It is an admirable quality of our culture, whereby we take the utmost care of the patients. But the current pandemic situation requires special measures. Come to the clinic with only one relative so that you do not increase your risk as well as the risk of your relatives by bringing them into a crowded place.

Doctors have already started staggering the appointment so that social distancing measures are followed in the clinic. But, as responsible patients, we need to do our part and avoid bringing so many people to the doctor’s place of work.

4. Practice Social Distancing

This may now sound to be a cliché, but the point of social distancing needs to be reiterated. It is a new concept for a highly populated country like ours and it will take us some time to get used to it. You must try and avoid close contact with a sick person. If you have a sick family member, try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

When outside, the 6-feet distance becomes all the more essential. Do not function in groups, and avoid being in close proximity with others. Remember that the Covid-19 virus can spread from asymptomatic persons as well. These norms should be followed even while visiting a doctor. It will protect you from infections especially when your immune system is already affected by the disease.

Additionally, avoid touch your face without cleaning your hands first. You have touched several different surfaces and then putting those fingers on your face can make you susceptible to infection.

5. Cover your Mouth and Nose

Everyone should wear a mask, when around in public. Many people wear masks but remove them when communicating with others. A few will have their masks around their necks and then, some people won’t cover their nose and mouth properly.

Improper use of masks will leave you vulnerable to Novel Coronavirus. Wear the mask in a way it helps prevents infections. If you do not have access to masks, use a cloth covering your nose and mouth. Make sure that the material is breathable, clean and, hygienic.

Do not ignore your Health: Get in touch with your Doctor immediately

Due to the Novel Coronavirus, we are doing all things we can to boost our immunity. Drinking regular kadhaas, sanitizing your place rigorously, and avoiding social gatherings is essential, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore routine medical checkups.

As things are progressing, one thing is sure: Sars-COVID 2 is here to stay for a long time. Even if vaccines and medicines are launched this year, it will take some time to reach every member of society. By postponing your checkups and surgeries for a fortnight or a month won’t reduce your chances of getting infected with Corona. Instead, it will worsen your health and affect your chances of swift recovery. The only way to protect yourself against Coronavirus is to take preventative measures. Panic is not the solution. So, do not delay your routine checkups.

Please remember that medical screenings help you in detecting the disease early and give you an excellent chance of recovery. Visit a doctor, but take all the necessary precautions. This way you will gain real health.

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TDP Lamp Therapy: Find out more about the Miracle Far-Infrared Lamps

The world of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is vast and varied. Heat therapy is an essential part of Chinese medicine that focuses on applying heat to specific points on the body. It aids in treating the patient and improving the energy flow in the body. It is ideal for treating problems related to the imbalance of yin.

Moxibustion technique is quite popular with TCM practitioners, leading to the wide availability of moxa products across the globe. However, the smoke that is emitted from the moxa products can become an issue if the room is not well-ventilated. Additionally, it may prove to be a discomfort for practitioners who have to administer the moxibustion treatment for several patients throughout the day.

The solution is simple: Buy infrared heat lamps to enjoy similar benefits as moxibustion without the smoke. They will generate heat to penetrate several layers of the skin, stimulate muscles, and offer deep relaxation at the same time. Nowadays, many physiotherapists and acupuncturists use a special type of miracle heat lamps, called TDP lamps, that offer additional benefits to the patients.

What’s so Special about TDP Lamps?

The acronym for TDP is “Teding Diancibo Pu” which means “special electromagnetic spectrum” in English. The lamps function on the principle that far-infrared lights emit wavelengths that can penetrate 2 to 3.5 inches into the body. They have the ability to loosen fascia and muscles. Hence, they are also called far-infrared heating lamps, magic lamps and miracle lamps.

What makes TDP heat lamps so unique is the presence of a mineral plate in the lamp head. The plate contains more than 30 unique minerals that are present in the human body in different ways. When the mineral plate is heated, the minerals are ionized and penetrate into the body. They help in regaining the balance of essential minerals in your body and accelerate the natural recovery process.

It allows the optimum circulation of blood. With proper blood circulation, your body receives all the essential nutrients and it detoxifies waste more efficiently. Thus, TDP lamps promise better health benefits to the patients. And, that’s why they are often called “miracle” lamps.

TDP Lamp Therapy can be used for Several Treatments

Chinese doctors have used TDP lamp therapy in hospitals for several decades. It is a popular choice of Chinese physiotherapists and physicians to treat the patients. Registered with FDA in the United States, TDP lamps have become quite popular in the last couple of years.

A TCM practitioner may use them for the following:

1. Improving the healing of fractured bones.

2. Reducing inflammation and pain caused by arthritis and paralysis.

3. Reducing pain in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles, etc.

4. Helping with muscle stiffness, and muscle spasm.

5. Faster rehabilitation of muscles after injury/accident.

6. Elevating mood, reducing stress and improving sleep patterns.

7. Balancing the Chi/Qi/life force.

8. Improving metabolism and immunity levels.

9. Increasing blood circulation in the body.

10. Treating multiple skin conditions.

11. Helping patients with angina.

12. Treating irregular menstruation and menstrual pain/cramps.

13. Removing chest congestions and treating cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.

Multiple Types of TDP Lamps are available on the Market

As the demand for TDP lamps has grown exponentially in the developed countries, you will find many types of lamps sold on the market.

A. Manual vs. Digital

In the past manually-controlled TDP lamps were quite popular. Even today, a few professionals enjoy manual timers because they are sturdy. However, there is a large influx of digital TDP lamps featuring digital controls for time and power. There is a wheeled base, adjustable head for superior flexibility. Plus, when compared to manual TDP lamps, they are not very costly.

B. Multiple Heads

With the advent of technology, manufacturers have started introducing new features. Nowadays, instead of using multiple TDP lamps for a single patient, you can opt for dual-head digital TDP lamps and adjust both the heads and their power settings separately. It means you can treat multiple body parts at the same time, and offer a more efficient treatment. Dual head manual mineral lamps are also available.

Note: A relatively new concept is the 3 heads-in-1 digital TDP lamp that allows physiotherapists to expand the width of the far-infrared light spectrum and thus, permits them to treat the patient much more efficiently.

C. Portability

Although portable infrared heat wand is available for treating areas such as shoulder, neck, and back, if you are looking for a smaller, movable TDP lamp, you will have to be satisfied by desktop TDP lamps. The desk-models can be very useful in treating minor aches and offer immediate pain relief to the patients.

Often used with acupuncture and physical therapy, infrared TDP lamps can help you to treat your patients effectively and perform a miracle by restoring the energy balance in the body. As a physiotherapist/TCM practitioner, it will help you to deliver the benefits of heat therapy without the annoying smoke.

By using infrared heat lamps, you will be able to treat the imbalance of Qi as well as provide effective pain relief. You can also buy TDP heat lamps to provide multiple benefits to your patients and accelerate the natural healing process of the body.

TENS vs. EMS Units: Find out the Key Difference between the Electrotherapy Techniques

Pain can restrict your movement and affect your quality of life. For patients with
chronic pain, injuries, and several other issues, physical therapy has proven to treat them and allowed them to move and function in a better way.

One of the physical therapy procedures includes electrotherapy or electrical stimulation (E-Stim). It includes sending mild electrical pulses through the skin to specific points on the body. It helps in stimulating the affected muscle and/or nerve endings to reduce pain, provide relief, expedite the healing process, and improve the overall health of the patient.

How does E-Stim Therapy work?

As a part of the physical therapy program, the process of electrical stimulation (E-Stim) includes placing adhesive electrode pads on the affected area of the skin. Electrode pads
are small sticky pads that are attached to the e-stim machine with the help of wires.

When the physiotherapist switches on the machine, electrical pulses are delivered to the electrodes. The electrical current begins on a low setting and the frequency is gradually increased according to the requirements of the treatment.

Now, the pulses can be aimed at muscles or the nervous system. And, this becomes the main point of difference between the two most common electrotherapy stimulator devices: TENS and EMS. Learn more so that you can find out the best technique to treat your patients.

How to choose between TENS and EMS Units?

Even though there are many other types of e-stim devices, the popularity of TENS and EMS machines has surpassed others. The primary reason is that they work on acute pain as well as chronic pain. Both the techniques are tried-and-tested to improve the patient’s health and well-being. Let’s understand the difference between both the techniques so, that you can choose one that fits your requirements.

1. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Just as the name suggests, TENS stimulates the sensory nerve endings with low-voltage electrical pulses. By applying TENS electrodes to the affected area, the procedure manipulates the neurons and blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. So, instead of feeling pain, the patient feels a tingly sensation in the part covered by electrodes.

Additionally, endorphins are also produced during the procedure. They are the body’s natural pain killers. So, the concerted efforts result in better pain relief and faster recovery.

How does the TENS machine benefit the patients? The portable, light-weight TENS units block pain signals to the brain. They stimulate endorphin production and improve blood circulation in the body.

What Conditions can be Treated with TENS Units? If you are looking for pain management and helping the patient with faster recovery after an accident or an injury, you can opt for TENS units. It has been known to be helpful in post-operative recovery, child-birth contraction, tension/stress headaches, migraines, athletic injuries, inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, chronic pain as well as acute pain.

What kind of TENS Units are available on the market? When it comes to choosing TENS units, the sky is the limit. You will find battery-operated TENS massager, portable TENS unit with locater pen, as well as digital TENS/EMS unit to treat patients.

2. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation includes stimulating muscles to achieve the desired result. TENS focuses on the nerves whereas EMS emphasizes muscles. Consider EMS therapy as a passive exercise for the patient’s muscles where the machine is doing all work.

How does the EMS machine benefit the patients? It helps in the reduction of inflammation and lactic acid in the muscle. The EMS therapy also helps in relaxing and strengthening the muscle. Overall, it promises faster healing of injured muscles.

What Conditions can be Treated with EMS Units? Physiotherapists use EMS machines to treat muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, paralysis, poor blood circulation, etc. It is ideal for rehabilitation after injury.

What kind of EMS Units are available on the market? With the popularity of EMS therapies across the globe, you will find EMS units with different voltage, output channels, and functions. For example; professional electric muscle stimulator is ideal for clinic use. On the other hand, a battery-operated portable digital EMS unit is perfect for home visits.

Choosing the Best Electrotherapy Technique

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation focuses on the alleviation of pain and Electrical Muscle Stimulation machines are designed to pay attention to the strengthening of muscles. You must choose a therapy depending on your treatment goals. So, consider the condition of your patient and then decided on the therapy.

Nowadays, many TENS+EMS units are available to provide both types of stimulation to the patients. If you choose an SK-700B electric stimulator, you will be able to combine the benefits of both the therapies and get access to an affordable tool for treating patients. It also contains acupoint locators to detect the pressure points for effective treatment.

While buying a TENS+EMS unit, you have multiple options to choose from. So, research the features and find out more about channels, patches, power source, accessories as well as the cost to make the best buying decision.

Want to buy the best electrotherapy equipment for your physiotherapy practice? Shop online to find the biggest collection of acupuncture point locators, TENS and EMS machines, and muscle stimulators at affordable prices.

Get Online; Sell more Wine: Tips for Building an Online Wine Store

In vino veritas!

In wine, there is truth! In wine, there is happiness! And, this is truer than ever.

According to a Nielsen March 2020 report, combined U.S. dollar sales of wine from retail and the DTC (Direct to Consumer) shipment were almost $2.5 billion. It is an increase of nearly 30% versus the year before. The numbers show that large gatherings may have become a thing of past, but a quiet night with crowd favorites such as Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz is still as popular as ever.

When everyone is still anxious about going out in the world, it makes sense to bring them their favorite wine home. Thanks to the world of e-commerce, physical boundaries are a blur. It doesn’t matter where your store is located, you can reach wine connoisseurs and run a prosperous business with the help of the internet.

Thinking of building a Wine Store Online? “Wine” not?

For a wine shop or a winery, the ability to sell more wine bottles and earn more revenue is like winning the jackpot. As always looks matter! And, if you want to sell wine successfully over the internet, you need a website that attracts your customers and makes them drool over your fine wine. Here’s what you need to get your store online and sell more wine.

1. Magento makes Magic

When you decide on choosing an e-commerce platform, give serious thought to Magento. Create a Magento e-commerce store to enjoy incredible benefits over other options. It is highly scalable, flexible, and secure. Magento is an SEO-friendly platform and allows you to manage multiple stores from a single dashboard. It means you can enter several international markets and even create micro-websites for different wine categories easily. Plus, you will find plenty of Magento extensions and plugins to improve upon the default Magento capabilities.

2. Elegant, Responsive Design to match your Elegant Product

There is prime importance on the design of the website. Visually appealing to the taste of your customers, your online wine store should look perfect on every device. Cross-browser compatibility is also essential because customers now use multiple browsers and different versions to search for products.

Make sure you choose a responsive theme. This way you will be able to remove the restrictions, in terms of location, device, screen size, etc. and allow customers to access your wine store any way they want. Choose to build a multi-lingual e-store so that you can offer the delightful wines in many languages and expand your target market.

With easy access, you will be able to improve impulse purchases and thus, increase revenue for your business.

3. Effortless Navigation makes Wine Shopping Easy

Other than the design, navigation is one essential element that makes your Magento store a success. Good navigation allows the search engine bots to index your website properly. Additionally, it helps in reducing the bounce rates and provides customers a clear “road” to purchase decisions.

Consider using a sticky menu so that customers can access the menu without having to scroll the entire page. Keep it short and concise so that customers can find their favorite wine in a matter of seconds.

You can opt for a responsive mega menu and create stylish menus that are visible on all devices and platforms. A responsive menu will take a shorter time to load and thus, make your website faster than before. You can even show custom images of different wine products for the menu and help customers find the exact wine that they want to buy.

By choosing improved layered navigation, display 100% Ajax-based filters on category pages. Buyers will be able to multi-select attributes and filter wines based on multiple features such as:

a. Wine Ingredients – Primary Grape

b. Sweet-Dry Scale

c. Brand

d. Country of Origin

e. State of Origin

f. Region

g. Special Features (Vegan, Kosher, Organic, NSA (No Sulfite Added)

h. Awards and Accolades

i. Food-Pairing

j. Vintage

k. Price, etc.

Work on e-commerce features that make navigation intuitive, quick, and effortless so that purchasing from your online wine store becomes easy.

4. Search your Wine!

No matter how elegant and functional the navigation of your website, you need a search feature that allows visitors to find anything they want. With the Ajax Quick Search feature, you will be able to show instant results to customers. The auto-suggest feature ensures that customers see results as soon as they type a word in the search tab.

For example, if a customer searches for “red wine”, you will be able to show a list of multiple product pages that contain the same keyword. It is helpful when customers know what they want to buy and make a quick purchase without exploring the product catalog. You can even show suggested products and useful CMS pages in the search results pop-up and encourage customers to shop more.

5. Interact with Wine Enthusiasts

Interactive websites offer a more personalized experience to users. It can separate you from other run-of-the-mill wine sellers on the internet and build a sense of loyalty among your customers. You can incorporate the following user-driven methods and inspire customers to interact with your website:

a. Trivia quizzes, games, and voting contests.

b. Product surveys.

c. Social media sharing buttons to share your products.

d. Product reviews from customers.

e. Newsletter and blog subscriptions.

f. Blog comments and blog post sharing button, etc.

By creating an interactive online wine store, you will be able to collect data from existing customers and potential buyers. It will help you in making strategic decisions and improve your sales numbers as well.

Choose a Wine Store Theme: Take the Right First Step!

Are you ready to deliver wine at the customer’s doorstep? Are you excited to build an online empire? Let’s set things in motion.

Remember that the theme is the foundation of your Magento store. To enjoy a feature-rich, attractive website, you need to choose a Magento readymade wine store theme that addresses your concerns and offers all the features that you require.

It is wise choosing a readymade theme because there are several specialized Magento themes available on the market. And, with the ability to customize them to suit your brand, you will be able to create a unique e-commerce website in no time. Instead of spending several months over building a new theme and verifying its features, you can opt for a tried-and-tested option and build your store in a shorter period.

A readymade theme is budget-friendly with several features to help you make the right first step in the ferocious world of e-commerce. So, make a wise choice; choose a theme and get ready for a successful online wine store.

Here’s raising the glass to the success of your online wine store!

Are you ready to take your wine store online? Choose the best Magento wine theme and create a stunning, functional e-commerce store. Take expert help! Hire a dedicated Magento developer to build an online wine store successfully.

From Dull to Dazzling: LED Teeth Whitening Lights Brighten up Smiles!

Everyone desires brighter, whiter teeth. Luckily, it is possible to get a more pleasing smile with the help of teeth whitening products. And that is why dental whitening procedures are one of the most requested cosmetic dental treatments across the globe.

If you are a dentist, a dental hygienist, or a businessperson in the teeth whitening industry, your focus should be on providing efficient solutions that solve the problems of your patients/customers. Recently, LED teeth whitening systems are gaining popularity among the general public. Learn how you can benefit from introducing LED teeth whitening lights to your target market.

LED Teeth Whitening Lights: An Effective Tool for Better Results

LED teeth whitening lights have become quite common, with many celebrities promoting them on Instagram and other social media platforms. Let’s understand how LED (Light Emitting Diode) teeth whitening light can help in achieving the coveted brighter, whiter smile.

A common whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is used on the teeth. It helps in removing surface-level stains and deep discoloration caused by coffee, tea, cold-drinks, medicines, etc.

Nowadays, blue spectrum LED light technology can be used in conjunction with whitening gels to achieve optimal whitening results.

LED Teeth Whitening Machines: Your Preference; Your Choice

With the increasing popularity of LED teeth whitening solutions, multiple options are available on the market. Let’s take a look:

A. Chair-Side LED Teeth Whitening Light

Specially designed for a dental clinic, chair-side LED dental whitening light has a small-base design. It can be mounted on a dental chair/pole easily without much effort. It allows the operator to adjust the light at different angles and thus, it is very convenient to use. It often comes with a remote control and timer settings to set the duration of the treatment.

B. Portable LED Teeth Whitening System

Teeth whitening treatments are not limited to dentists. And, many spas/salons offer teeth whitening solutions as a part of their wellness program. If you own a teeth whitening business and do not have dental chairs to mount an LED light, you can opt for a portable LED teeth whitening system. The machine can be mounted on almost anything and thus, help you in delivering satisfactory teeth whitening sessions to your clients.

C. Standup LED Teeth Whitening Machine

Instead of mounting the LED teeth whitening machine on to a surface, you can opt for a standup LED teeth whitening lights with wheel-base for easy maneuverability. It has an adjustable body-design so that you can position it any angle you want. While buying the LED machine, make sure you choose one that has a variety of features such as clear timer display and multiple intensity modes.

If you want to advertise your services and products to the patients during the teeth whitening session, you can choose in-office standing LED teeth whitening lights with LED graphic display. With it, you will be able to promote after-care teeth whitening solutions and several other treatment options to the patients.

D. Home LED Teeth Whitening Lights

Due to the immense popularity of LED teeth whitening, many brands have started selling home LED teeth whitening kits to accelerate the whitening process in a convenient home environment. It promises the benefits of LED teeth whitening without having to book an appointment at the dentist.

Key Things to Remember about LED Teeth Whitening Lights

1. LED lights are significantly brighter than UV lights. Plus, they do not generate a lot of heat and are quite safe to use. LED teeth whitening lights promise safer teeth whitening procedures without the risk of cancer.

2. LED teeth whitening lights are a non-invasive technology that works great when used along with quality teeth whitening agents.

3. At-home LED teeth whitening kits are very affordable and they can be used at as a full whitening treatment or as a maintenance procedure to complement an in-office whitening.

In Conclusion…

Whether you are a dental professional or a businessperson, you should not miss out on LED teeth whitening lights. They are safe to use, especially when purchased from a reliable manufacturer. Depending on your requirements and place of business, you can choose different LED teeth whitening machines and deliver efficient results. It will ensure that you address the current needs of the target market and gain more business in the process.

Do you want to buy LED teeth whitening lights for your dental clinic? From chair-side LED dental whitening lights to stand-up LED teeth whitening machine, you will find everything online. Choose a reputed teeth whitening products manufacturer for professional-quality products.

Teeth Whitening: An Opportunity for Dentists and DSOs to expand their Practice

Whether you are a licensed dentist or the director of a DSO (Dental Service Organization), the primary goal is improving the patient experience by addressing their needs effectively. It will help you in sustaining your business as well as build a loyal base of patients.

A large number of patients request dentists to offer chair-side teeth whitening treatments. What does this mean? “Teeth whitening” doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate business. As a professional in the dental industry, you can address the needs of your patients and offer teeth whitening solutions at your dental clinic.

Reasons for Introducing Teeth Whitening Procedures at your Dental Clinic

DSOs are always looking for new ideas to improve the profitability of dental clinics. They want to increase the ROI (Return on Investment) and teeth whitening is a low-investment, high-returns business. For the dentists, it is a good opportunity to treat more patients and brighten up their smiles. Still not convinced? Let’s break down the reasons in detail.

1. Address Patient Needs

A large number of patients prefer chair-side treatments for whitening their teeth. However, two things affect their decisions. One is the availability of the whitening treatments at their trusted dentist and the other is the cost of the said treatments. If you can offer affordable teeth whitening solutions, you will be able to address their needs effectively.

2. Build Patient Loyalty

By delighting patients with professional-quality dental whitening treatments, you will be able to build a loyal patient base. Teeth whitening solutions are not limited to chair-side treatments and your patients may return to you for replenishing their stock of at-home teeth whitening kits. You will be their one-stop solution for all oral-hygiene needs.

3. Increased Revenue

Teeth’s whitening is a lucrative business. When you have a ready set-up, you can focus on procuring the best teeth whitening products and start booking appointments for your patients. It doesn’t involve any additional expenses in terms of setting up a clinic, because your dental clinic will be perfect for it.

By including teeth whitening solutions at your clinic, you will be able to target your existing patient-base plus add new patients who come into the clinic for teeth whitening procedures.

First Step: Finding the Right Product Formulation

With the advent of multiple teeth whitening products manufacturing companies, it has become a buyer’s market. From chair-side treatment options such as teeth whitening with pen and retractor and syringe and tray for dental whitening to take-home selections including maintenance teeth whitening kits and dental whitening pens, multiple choices are available to you. Manufacturers will be ready to custom create dental whitening solutions to meet your needs. Whether you want to opt for non-peroxide teeth whitening kits or more traditional options, explain your requirements in detail.

Step Two: Choosing between Generic Vs. Private Label

Many dentists prefer using generic teeth whitening products for chair-side treatments. And, when it comes to offering at-home maintenance kits to patients, they focus on creating private label brands so that patients are reminded of their dental clinic every time they whiten their teeth. It is a wise marketing strategy to target the mindshare of your customers and so, your product line should include private label teeth whitening products.

Step Three: Seek Product Samples

While working with teeth whitening solutions providers, make sure you choose a trusted company. Check the certifications of the manufacturers and whether they meet the quality standards essential for providing an excellent service to your clients. Discuss the Minimum Order Requirements (MOQ), inventory solutions, order fulfillment facilities, and cover every aspect of the deal.

Once you have shortlisted a couple of manufacturers, seek teeth whitening product samples. A majority of manufacturers will be happy to provide you with samples so that you can test the efficacy of their products and place a bulk order. So, take advantage of the samples and ascertain the worthiness of each product.

Final Step: Build a Reliable Brand

The final and the most important step in building a business is to build a reliable, robust brand. Once you get access to professional-quality teeth whitening kits, focus on providing multiple treatment options to patients so that you can address the needs of different demographic sets.

Teeth’s whitening is a lucrative business opportunity for dental professionals and an essential service for patients. For establishing a successful business in the dental industry, provide smarter teeth whitening solutions that give your patients multiple options and encourage them to keep coming back to your clinic.

Are you ready to take your dental clinic to the next level? By incorporating wholesale teeth whitening solutions into your clinic, offer more services to your existing patients and attract new patients as well. Whether it is ready-to-use professional teeth whitening products or custom-branded whitening kits, find a reliable supplier to meet your requirements.

Laparoscopy & GI Cancer: Why A Surgical Gastroenterologist is Essential for Effective Treatment?

With the advancement in the medical field, laparoscopic surgeries are becoming more common than ever. Laparoscopy is also called minimally-invasive surgery, or key-hole surgery. It is a modern technique that allows the medical experts to examine the insides of your abdomen without the need for traditional, open surgery.

A laparoscopy involves a surgical procedure with a fiber-optic instrument. The laparoscope is a long tube with a high-intensity light and high-resolution camera at the end. It is inserted into the abdominal walls of the patient to examine the inside of the abdomen. The camera sends images to the monitor and allows the surgical gastroenterologist to see the inner workings of your abdomen.
Laparoscopy can be used for diagnostics purposes as well as surgical treatment. So, whether it is to diagnose an illness accurately, take biopsies to confirm the existence of cancerous tumors, or remove organs in the stomach, laparoscopic surgeries can prove to be very useful.

What Kind of Operations can be performed using the Laparoscopic Technique?

Laparoscopy is used for treating ailments of the following: gallbladder, common bile duct, appendix, small intestine, large intestine (colon), spleen, pancreas, liver, stomach, rectum, reproductive system, etc.

A large number of intestinal surgeries can be performed with the help of a laparoscope.

1. Cholecystectomy to remove the gallbladder

2. CBD (Common Bile Duct) Exploration for bile duct stones

3. Hernia surgery

4. Appendectomy (Appendix Removal)

5. Bariatric surgery

6. Gastric bypass

7. Surgical Treatment for Hydatid liver disease

8. Liver Tumor Surgery

9. Distal Pancreatectomy

10. Treatment for Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Rectal Prolapse

11. Laparoscopic surgery for GI cancer, etc.

How can Laparoscopy help with GI Cancer?

GI cancer includes a cluster of cancers that affect the gastrointestinal tract in the body. So, the cancerous tumor that is visible in the esophagus, stomach, biliary system, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus, comes under gastrointestinal cancer.

As laparoscopy offers multiple benefits in the form of reduced chances of infection, decreased need for pain medication, shorter recovery time, etc., its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.
There is a concern about the increasing use of minimally-invasive surgery to treat a variety of diseases and undertake several medical procedures.

When it comes to diagnosing GI cancer, you need the help of an expert GI surgeon/surgical gastroenterologist. Not everyone can undertake the responsibility of laparoscopic surgery because it requires special knowledge, expertise, and adequate training.

When curative surgeries for GI cancer are administered, the purpose is to remove all malignant (cancerous) tissues from the body and cure the patient, it includes removing a part or all of the organ affected by the disease. The primary motive is to ensure that patient is tumor-free, whether by conventional open surgery or laparoscopy. And, a doctor should not lose focus of it.

It is important to understand that every GI cancer patient cannot be cleared for a laparoscopy. Before choosing a surgical technique for the patients, a thorough analysis of the patient’s condition and several other tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, ECG, chest X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound, and MRI may become necessary. The tests will help the GI surgeon understand what kind of abnormalities to examine during the laparoscopic surgery.

So, the key is the proper selection of the patient and a thorough understanding of his condition. The doctor should not compromise radicality just to conduct the minimally-invasive surgery. Otherwise, it can lead to tumor recurrence and poor survival rates.

If you are suffering from GI cancer, it is essential to visit the best surgical gastroenterologist. Seek treatment from Dr. Jay Chokshi, South Gujarat’s First National Board Certified HPB, GI Surgeon, and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Measures to Manage Your Car Payments When You Are Unemployed

Losing your job can be heartbreaking and it may put you on a standstill. You may be worried about your credit card payments, mortgage payments, and even your car loan payments. However, this is the time to figure out the next step and a way out. Do not dwell on the misfortunes and seek for an efficient way out through this difficult time.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act helps you to get $600 per week as unemployment benefits in addition to other benefits provided by your state. Consider other benefits offered to unemployed individuals in your state and prepare a plan. Once you have figured out how to reassess everything, it is important to understand how to act towards your car payments and why a car is a necessity even in this difficult period.

Measures to Manage Car Payments in Difficult Financial Times

You can take help of the below pointers to keep your car payments in check.

1) Avoid Repossession

The first thing to do when you lose a job or get furloughed is to manage your finances. Think about reducing certain expenses which cause you to overspend such as online shopping or fancy brunches. However, do not stop making car payments amidst a difficult financial situation.

The last thing you would want is to get your car repossessed. The presence of a car is essential in the times of Covid-19 where public transportation can cause higher risk due to less social distancing measures. It will also help you in going for your next set of interviews. Therefore, make sure to take the correct steps so that your car does not get repossessed.

2) Negotiate with Your Auto Lender

In a situation where meeting your monthly auto loan payment seems difficult, you must contact your lender. Work on negotiating a lower interest rate on your auto loan. Explain your situation in detail. Provide information about the consistency of your past payments and convince the lender in giving you some respite.

Some auto lenders may agree to help you and some may not. So, it is essential to consider all options. You can take the help of online auto financing companies and search for lenders who are willing to refinance your auto loan in these times.

3) Make Consistent Payments

Unemployment means that you should explore every opportunity to make extra dollars. Search for other sources of income on Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, and other online portals. Apart from online sources, you can even try looking for a job at Walmart, Target, or even Uber. The important thing is to not lose your shot at earning enough for yourself and making consistent auto loan payments.

A car will help you to commute and keep you and your family safe. You can even cycle your bill payments in a way that you pay your cable or phone bill last and save up enough money to pay for your loan payments first.

Make Auto Loan Payments: Your Car is Your Companion

At a time when you are unemployed or furloughed, losing your car is more difficult than canceling your Netflix subscription. A car will be your companion to get more groceries so that you don’t have to step out in public more often. It can also help you to avoid a subway journey that promises minimal social distancing measures. Therefore, focus on your car payments and do not let this tough time leave you will one asset less.

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, cars have become a necessity. Make sure you obtain a low rate auto loan so that you can make easy monthly payments during difficult financial times. If you have a bad credit score, seek the help of, the bad credit auto loan company, to customize monthly payments to suit your needs.

Synthetic Tattoo Skin: The Best Solution to Practice your Tattoo Skills

Practice makes the man perfect!

This may sound cliché to you but it is definitely the ultimate truth. If you want to improve your tattoo skills, you need to practice and then, you need to practice more.

No matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch to understand the tattoo skills or work as an apprentice for an experienced tattoo artist, you will still need to practice. Transitioning from creating tattoo designs on paper to using a needle on the skin is not an easy task. And, it requires a lot of effort.

No one is going to line-up for a new tattoo artist to practice his skills on them. So, you need to find alternatives. And, that’s where tattoo practice skin comes into picture.

What is Synthetic Tattoo Practice Skin?

When you are shopping for fake tattoo skins, you will find that several options are available on the market. When fake skin was first available, it was made up of plastic or rubber. It wasn’t very life-like and artists preferred using other alternatives.

However, with the advancement in technology, high-quality silicone fake skin was introduced in the market. It comes very close to real skin and behaves like one. It will hold the ink efficiently and permanently so that you will be able to display your artwork or add it to your portfolio.

Here are a few products available on the market:

1. Loose fake skin sheets for tattoo practice (with/without elastic straps)

2. Skin book with pages filled with synthetic skin

3. Gallery-ready wooden plank of flesh

4. 3D practice head for tattoo, micro-blading and permanent makeup

5. Tattoo practice hand with short arm

6. Full back tattoo practice skin

7. Silicone arm and full hand for tattoo practice

8. Tattoo practice skin foot

Pig Skin and Other Alternatives: Are they Worth it?

The alternatives to synthetic tattoo skin include pig skin because it is anatomically similar to the texture of human skin. It is slightly thicker and less elastic than human skin. And more importantly, it can smell awful.

As the pig skin behaves differently than human skin, stencil papers do not give clear designs, so you may have to draw your designs on the skin. Due to the thickness of pig skin, you may have to apply additional force while using the tattoo machine which is not required when working on human skin. Also, it stains and dries quickly so you need to very careful while working with pig skin. When you buy a pig skin sheet, you usually have an hour with the skin before it starts drying. If you are using pig skin, you may want to invest in an arm-bar to replicate a human limb.

You can even use fruits for practicing your art. Many tattoo artists prefer using honeydew melon as it works great for lining and coloring. Even grapefruits and oranges are old school practice tools for tattoo technicians. However, the small size of fruits and texture makes it difficult to absorb stencils, inks, and needles.

Synthetic tattoo skin is the best option because it cannot go bad like fruit peels and pig skin. And, you can preserve it without any issues.

Why choose only the Best Synthetic Tattoo Skin?

Silicone tattoo skin can become expensive but it offers the closest resemblance to real, human skin. It is essential that you choose the best synthetic tattoo skin because of the following reasons:

a. Cheap synthetic skin will not feel like human skin to you.

b. Your needle won’t react the same way as it is does on real skin.

c. You may have to go over the tattoo lines multiple times.

d. Cheap silicone skin will not hold the ink effectively and will bleed all over.

e. Packing the color becomes extremely difficult.

f. You may need to use large quantities of Vaseline otherwise; the skin will smudge and stain.

So, it is essential to choose the best synthetic tattoo skin for practicing your skills.

Synthetic Tattooable Skin: Improve Tattoo Skills without Mishaps

The most important reason for using tattooable skin is that it allows artists to practice their techniques in detail. They can closely experience how the real skin will behave during the tattooing process and what kind of pressure to apply in order to get the best results. It means you will be able to avoid unnecessary bruising, bleeding, and accidents and thus, provide a pleasant experience to your clients.

Buy synthetic tattoo skin for your tattoo salon online. Instead of choosing pig skin that dries quickly and stinks a lot, choose silicone synthetic tattoo practice foot or hands. You can also buy gallery-ready tattoo practice skin with wooden-frame.

Keeping your Tattoo Studio Clean, Sterile and Hygienic

Businesses are evolving every day however; one thing remains constant: the safety of your employees and customers. An unsafe business is an unstable business; and an unstable one won’t stay in business forever. If you own a tattoo studio or you are planning to open a tattoo salon, it is essential that you maintain a high standard of cleanliness and safety.

Why do Tattoo Studios need to maintain a Sterile Environment?

The answer is simple. Tattoo technicians and clients are exposed to blood. It means the chances of exposure to blood pathogens such as Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, HIV, and other types of viruses and bacteria are high. And so, it is essential to incorporate several safety measures and precautionary steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standards. If any tattoo technician is found circumventing the laws and regulations incorporated by the governing bodies, they can have their license revoked. Evading the rules means risking your business and livelihood.

How to Minimize the Risks and keep your Tattoo Studio Clean?

In order to minimize the risk of infections and possible illness, you need to stock up on tattoo shop supplies that will help you in keeping your studio clean, sterile, and hygienic. Let’s take a look at the essential items for every tattoo studio:

A. Importance of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

In the times of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, it has become all the more essential to protect your tattoo technicians from infections. It should be a practice to use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at your tattoo studio. It includes buying PPE such as latex tattoo gloves, disposable aprons, disposable ear loop face masks, and reusable face shields to prevent the chances of exposure to blood pathogens.

You will definitely need to buy sharps disposal containers for a safe and efficient disposal system. Make sure you buy multiple sharps containers because you will need to dispose of tattoo needles, piercing needles, razors, and other sharp tools.

B. Make use of Disposable Products

Other than Personal Protective Equipment for your tattoo artists, you need to buy single-use, disposable supplies for your studio. It includes disposable needles, disposable ink caps, single-use ink cup holders, disposable razors, etc.
Additionally, it is best to make use of barrier films for surfaces that are hard to clean such as tattoo chair, armrest, trays, and other items in the tattoo service area. The perforated sheets of the barrier film can be replaced after each appointment so that your clients get to enjoy a clean environment every time.

C. General Cleanliness Measures

Using the PPE kit before providing your services to the client will help you in preventing diseases caused by the transmission of bodily fluids. However, it is not enough. It is essential that general cleanliness measures are taken to provide a clean environment for your clients. It includes washing hands regularly with tincture green soap. It is multi-purpose bio-degradable soap that is popular among tattoo artists for removing dried blood and other organic waste from the skin as well as tattoo equipment. It is best to keep a fluid absorbent powder such as speedy cleanz powder to clean-up vomit, blood, and OPIM (Other Potentially Infectious Materials).

Even though MadaCide-1 is popularly used as a disinfectant, it may take some time to dry. It is not suited for a quick cleaning procedure between two appointments. So, it is essential to buy the quick-drying formula of the MadaCide-FD germicidal solution.

D. Sterilizing Tattoo Tools is Essential

You may be buying several disposable products to ensure a sterile environment but you cannot avoid sterilizing certain tattoo tools, piercing equipment, and even jewelry items. When you are re-using tattoo equipment, you need to sterilize them and kill microorganisms that can cause infections. Multiple sterilization techniques are used in the tattoo industry such as heat-based sterilization methods and non-heat-based methods.

Many tattoo artists prefer using an autoclave machine that will offer a precise temperature and pressure to sterilize the equipment. However, a few choose to make use of stove-top pressure cookers to clean their tattoo tools on a regular basis.

Running a tattoo business is no simple task. You need to ascertain the needs of your fellow tattoo technicians as well as your clients. Focus on guidelines set up by governing authorities and list down the essential items in detail. Discuss your needs with a wholesale tattoo shop supplier to find all the required products in one place. It will save you time and allow you to get bulk order discounts on your purchase.

Are you ready to stock up on tattoo shop supplies? Whether you want to buy Personal Protective Equipment – PPE for tattoo artists or invest in tattoo sterilization equipment, shop online. Find a wide range of tattoo safety supplies and ensure the safety of everyone involved.