Independence Day Deals: Learn how to grab the Best 4th of July Car Deals

Independence Day composes of long weekends, fireworks, family time and the opportunity to grab great deals on cars. As with anything, timing is a crucial aspect during purchase. Making the most of 4th of July deals will help you attain a car at its best price. In order to get to the lowest price, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you set out to make your 4th of July car purchase.

How to optimize your Car Purchase on 4th of July?

Maximizing 4th of July in order to purchase your dream car can be easy if you consider the following tips:

1. Discounted Last Year’s Models

Automobile manufacturers are always looking to increase their shelf space. As 4th of July attracts a high demand on cars, dealers are often eager to sell off the previous year’s car models. Segments such as sedans, luxury cars as well as small cars are highly marketed in order to attain maximum Independence Day sales. Therefore, make sure you know in advance the type, make and model of the car you wish to purchase. Negotiation during the period of 4th of July is a fruitful effort as the manufacturer’s eagerness to sell is your opportunity to save and buy your dream car.

2. Reading the Advertisement Minutely

It is common to find huge marketing efforts for 4th of July by various carmakers all around town in terms of print and outdoor advertisement. However, it is important to have exact knowledge of the offer before walking into a dealership. Make sure you gather information regarding the region where the offer is available, the time validity of the offer and if the it applies to a limited percentage of the dealer stock. Shopping around numerous dealerships will help you get a clear picture as to the best deals for 4th of July.

A Glance at the Best 2018 Independence Day Car Deals

Independence Day brings about a surge in rebates, incentives and special offers at various dealerships. According to a report on U.S. News website, the following are some of the best deals that the carmakers have to offer.

1) 2017 RAM 1500: The 2017 model of RAM 1500 is available with $7250 cash back in selected regions with plenty of features that make it your perfect summertime pickup truck.

2) 2017 Mazda3: The vigor of the Mazda cars is clearly seen in its deals as well. For Independence Day, the carmaker is offering a zero percent financing for 60 months along with a $1000 cash back on its Mazda3 hatchback and sedan.

3) 2017 Hyundai Elantra: Hyundai has surely made its name in the compact SUV segment with the Hyundai Elantra. The 2017 model of the car will be offered at $4250 cash back in many parts of the country.

Gear Ahead: Leverage this 4th of July

Timing your car purchase on 4th of July is a smart move. Make sure that you ascertain your car model and do a vigorous research. You can always seek assistance of various dealerships in order to understand more about the car features, contact recent owners who have purchased the same car and gather reliability reports. Maximizing Independence Day car deals is the move that will help you to take advantage of the offers as well as save money in the long run.

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Selecting The Right Dentist for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Perhaps you might already have a dentist and so the process is simplified as you already know the dentist and have a good relationship with them. Perhaps you might feel that your dentist’s personality and demean our is not suitable for your child. Where do you then start?
Get Recommendations:
Speak to friends, get a recommendation. Children need to feel comfortable and they need to establish a connection with the person they see. They sometimes need to warm to the person and sometimes they will get on with them from the outset. The dentist seeing them will hopefully be equally friendly and gregarious, connecting with your child at their level and establishing a common ground. Once this is achieved, the rest becomes simply a matter of good communication as trust has been established.
Regular Visits:
Hopefully your child’s first dental visit is an easy one and if you are doing the right things at home in regards to your child’s oral hygiene habits and dietary habits, then you have nothing to worry about. Children’s teeth can develop issues relatively quickly so it’s always best to keep your check up visits biannual, not to mention that it acclimatizes your child to dental visits being a normal thing and nothing to get concerned about. People often ask, at what age should I start taking my child to the dentist? In my opinion somewhere between the age of 2 and 3, depending on the child.

Dental Costs:
Kids’ checkups and routine cleans need not be expensive. Your health fund may cover a large part of it and you may also be eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme through Medicare. Many surgeries will charge a reduced fee for kids, especially if they are at a very young age.
At North Rocks Family Dental, we feel we provide a very friendly, relaxed and happy environment for kids and we are very keen promoters of good oral health and good oral hygiene habits in order to minimize future issues and emotional distress to your child and yourself as a parent. We want to keep you and your kids smiling! Call us on 9871300 to make your child’s dental appointment or visit our website at

HID vs. LED Headlights: Dealing with the Car Lighting Dilemma

Over the last couple of years, the automotive lighting industry has been on a ‘brighter’ growth trajectory. It started with simple incandescent bulbs and halogens. And now, you can opt for better and innovative technology such as HID and LED. But, it also poses a dilemma for car owners. Is HID conversion kit a better option or one must choose the newer LED bulbs for efficient headlamps?

HID vs. LED – The Big Decision

Making a choice between two technologies is never done in a New York minute. You need to consider both the technologies, learn your preferences and make a conscious choice. But, before you seek other options, understand why you should avoid halogen bulbs.

Why move away from Halogen Bulbs?

The bright light of halogen bulbs, easy availability and low cost made it the preferred choice of auto manufacturers. If you are not a frequent driver, you can still use halogen bulbs that usually produce 1200-1300 lumens. But, they are many brighter options available now. It is essential to remember that halogen bulbs consume high amount of energy and they are not very eco-friendly. There is another issue of the emitted light not begin focused. If you drive on a regular basis and want to opt for more efficient alternatives, you can consider HID or LED lights.

HID Headlights – What’s the Deal?

The first challenger of halogen bulbs are HID lights that were introduced by BMW in 1990s. HID stands for high-intensity discharge. Sometimes, they are also referred as Xenon bulbs because of the Xenon gas used in the process. Currently, large numbers of auto manufacturers use them for high-end cars.

1. HID bulbs emit a bright white or blue light that not only illuminates the road but also adds to the beauty of the car. It offers superior visibility on the road.

2. Useful for people who have to mostly drive at night.

3. HIDs are more efficient than halogen bulbs. Even though they take more energy to start up, they consume less energy later.

4. The bulbs offer thrice the lumens than halogen bulbs.

5. They are long-lasting. For example, a 35watt HID bulb can last for as many as 3200 hours.

If you are interested in installing HID headlights, consider your vehicle. Is it HID-ready? You will require a ballast and an ignitor for proper functioning of the technology. Also, you need to choose a HID conversion kit that performs best in projector housing.

LED Headlights – Are they Better?

The name comes from Light Emitting Diodes (semiconductors) that are used in LED bulbs. As electrons pass through the semiconductors, they give out light. LED lights are slightly costly than HID bulbs but their durability outweighs the cost. Many manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Audi, etc. use the technology in their cars.

1. Although every technology is different, we can say that the level of illumination of a typical LED bulb is between a halogen bulb and a HID bulb.

2. They are the most energy-efficient bulbs in the market and consume less energy than the traditional halogen bulbs.

3. Car enthusiasts prefer LED lights for effective strobe lighting.

4. You do not require a ballast to fit LED bulbs. And, the installation process is simpler than HID bulbs.

5. Previously LEDs were used for indicators and rear lights. But, now there are LED bulb options to be used for high and low beam headlights.

Even though LED lights do not require ballast, you need to consider the heating issue. It can heat up the neighboring assemblies in the car. So, they need accompanying cooling systems. It means you need to spend money on buying quality LED bulbs that offer safety.

The Final Word

As with any other decision, you have to consider the price and your preference. Halogens are cheap and offer decent beam length but, they consume more energy and you can always take advantage of improved technology. LED and HID technologies work on different principles. If you require maximum illumination, you can opt for HID headlights. And, if you are looking for a stylish, futuristic technology, consider LED headlamps to enjoy flexibility and glare-free illumination.

When it comes to upgrading the car lights, car owners trust the expert. We are a reliable online automotive lighting store has a wide range of HID lights and LED lights. Enjoy incredible price, premium-quality product and free shipping benefits on your order.

Your First Move in Sports Betting

A sports betting is merely placing a stake on the team, your pet dog, 더킹카지노 a horse or possibly a driver expecting him to win the event. You win when they win! You lose your bet should they lose the big event. Sports betting happens across the world, except several countries where it is considered illegal. Europe is in the more expensive in the chart when compared with United States in sports betting.

If you are trying online betting the first time then it can be one from the best options to put your hands on. There is a great deal fun mounted on it. You can go for betting through the comfort of your home and all you will need is often a computer with the net connection! At first it will be a little confusing if you hear the jargon connected with a sport. Once you are informed about the jargon it will likely be clear to see it.

One in the best ways to understand would be to start right away on a single of one’s favorite sports and start betting. Only experience can educate you numerous. If you know well about the sports in places you are betting then you can certainly benefit from what it really proposes to you. So know better regarding the sports in places you are betting.

Know the Odds

You ought to know how online betting works. For this you must study the odds with your favorite sports then place a bet onto it. There are online sports books giving you information on these odds for a particular sport. Internet gamers use these online books. Just open a forex account having an online sports book for you to place your bet. It’s as easy as it really is.

Why to pay for glass pipes in bulk wholesale

Lots of smokers are too much choosy while buying their smoking accessories. If you have chosen smoking pipes, there are different options of materials. However, we have seen that most of the smokers like to invest on the glass pipes. We have found the potential reasons for which these smokers look for smoking glass pipes wholesale suppliers.

Glass smoking pipes cannot get heated very easily. It is the major positive aspect of these pipes. At the same time, they can drop their heat within a very short time. As the glass does not become hot, you can manage it with no effort.

Smoking weeds become healthier-

To prevent any effect on your health, glass pipe is the right option to you. With this pipe, you will not find the production of much smoke. That is why your pipe may not become dirty, and you’ll enjoy healthier smoking all the time. As the smokes get collected in a chamber, this won’t affect the taste.

Show your style-

With unique design and shapes, glass pipes will surely enable you to show a trendy style. The choice of smoking pipes of various colors and patterns will reflect your own personality. While you prefer visually appealing smoking tools, a glass pipe is the best choice. Add more fun to your smoking activity. Lots of passionate smokers like to invest on different Glass pipes in bulk.

The transparent property of glass can give you an amazing experience. You can find how the smoke moves through your smoking pipe.

Smoking pipes- Highly durable-

The durability of glass pipes is also very high. Their capability of withstanding pressure or stress has made them different from that of other smoking pipes. The manufacturers design every glass pipe from one material piece. They mold the material by heating them up.

Glass of diverse types-

The glass, used for smoking pipes, is different from that of the ordinary glasses. The lab-standard glass, containing borosilicate, is applied for smoking pipes. It is a highly engineered glass, which endures higher temperatures and chemicals.

You can find lots of Smoking glass pipes wholesale suppliers to get affordable products. The glass-made pipes are much cheaper than bongs. However, there’re also costly pipes with artistic look. Thus, as a regular smoker, you can look for a variety of pipes. It is really amusing to smoke your weeds with different pipes every day.

Is there any risk to use glass smoking pipes?

In few cases, you may find the issue of breakage. For instance, bubblers can cause spills accidentally. Some users have also found that water in bubbler emit bad odor. You have to know the technique of smoking with bubbler.

Cleaning the pipes-

It is very easy to maintain the cleanliness of your glass pipes. You can boil the pipes as it does not cause any harm to the product. You should continue boiling until the removal of resin from the system. You may also prepare a solution by using salt and alcohol. This alcohol helps in dissolving resin.

Thus, you can look for the best quality Glass pipes in bulk. We have shown you the reasons for choosing the glass-made smoking pipes. After buying those pipes, you should also clean them in the right way.

Resource box-
Glass pipes in bulk wholesale package are the most important resource to every smoker. You can find out the reliable Smoking glass pipes wholesale suppliers to buy the preferable product.

From Dull to Dazzling Home: Tips to renovate your Home before Canada Day

Are you planning a Canada Day bash at your place? Have you decided to organize a stellar red-and-white themed party with an amazing menu? Is the guest list ready? What about your home? Does it match the Canada Day spirit and look vibrant and beautiful? If your home looks old and dull, it’s time for a quick makeover.

Canada Day: Give your Home a Makeover for the Celebrations

Homeowners in Canada love home improvement projects. And, if you are someone who loves to keep their home beautiful, modern and sophisticated, it is the best time to make changes. The weather is perfect and you can make your home ready before Canada Day, the unofficial beginning of summer.

1. Spice up the Deck

If you are hosting a Canada Day party on the deck, it is essential to keep the deck in top shape. Broken lattices, loose nails and warped wood are all common issues that you need to check. A simple deck renovation in Toronto includes maintenance of the deck and a quick paint job according to your taste. You can install a retractable sun-shield to avoid the harsh sunlight. Consider the condition of the deck in advance to ensure a perfect setting for the party. If the deck is in good condition structurally, $1500-$2000 will be sufficient to restore it quickly and efficiently.

2. The Right Kind of Lighting

Having the right kind of lighting is perfect for setting the mood for any party. Light-up the deck with string lights to create a fun, festive atmosphere. If the deck requires work, hire an electrician to add lights to the stairs for perfect illumination. Change the deck post light to high-performance eco-friendly LED post lights and add beauty to your home. Even in-floor lighting is a way of adding light to the deck. Do not worry about the cost. A complete landscape lighting project may cost you $3500 approximately. But, simple renovation work on the deck will be just a couple of hundreds.

3. Refresh the Landscape

Raking the lawn and keeping it well curated is just the beginning of restoring the landscape. By adding new plants and flowers to your garden, you will be able to add instant color to the exterior. If you are running short of time, simply hire a handyman to finish your tasks. An experienced handyman will take care of the garden, clean up the water features in the yard, repair the driveway, paint the fences and do more. You can even ask him to power wash the siding and driveway to make the area shining. The cost of hiring a handyman will depend on the number of tasks and the level of complexity of the said tasks.

4. Do not focus only on the Exterior of your Home

Many homeowners think of the exterior structures when it comes to hosting a party. But, you need to ensure that your home in general looks good. It is obvious that your array of guests will be coming in your home. And, so it needs to be stylish and not dated. Here are a few tips to improve the look of your home before you send the invites for the party:

>>Heavy fabric, fringed trims and dirty blinds make any room dated. If you are looking for an affordable renovation, simply change the blinds. You can opt for light-weight floral curtains to welcome the season of summer.

>>Get rid of patchy, dirty wallpaper and revive the beauty of your walls. Painting is a favorite home renovation project for many because it can be finished over the weekend and it definitely uplifts the look of your home.

>>Lighting can make or mar the beauty of a room. By updating light fixtures in your home, you can instantly add charm to the place. Remove old gold-colored fixtures and opt for modern light fixtures.

>>Do not forget the bathroom! By simply fixing the leaky faucets and replacing broken fixtures, you can give a new look to the powder room. P.S. Don’t forget to clean the vanity cabinets to take care of prying guests.

>>Keep the kitchen neat and clean. A simple coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets can make them fresh and beautiful. Remove clutter from the kitchen by adding new shelves and storage compartments.

A Home Renovation Contractor makes all the Difference

To host a stellar Canada Day party, you need your home to be a place that’s relaxing, inviting and beautiful. Doing all things on your own can take a toll on your health plus, it may not give you the desired results. It is best to hire a home renovation contractor to take care of cleaning the deck, lighting the yard and keeping the landscape fresh. Choose someone with a wide experience of dealing with all types of home improvement projects. It will ensure that each and every part of your home is restored by the experts.

So, find a good home renovation contractor; finish up the improvement projects and get ready to enjoy Canada Day with your friends and family.

Get ready to restore the beauty of your home with the best home renovation contractor of Toronto. Choose the experts to renovate the deck, paint the exterior of your home, upgrade the lighting or to finish any other task. Trust our reliable handyman services to get your home in new shape. Contact now.

Make Contacts and Build your Business Popular

People stands up gradually by maintaining a quality business standard. Whether, a business beginner requires strong communication procedure for testifier. It will raise his/her earning source profoundly. Don’t you want the coequal way for yours? Have a look at our website, view the products and decide fast!

For a newcomer it is very hard to settle a business and make the profits. Though its take time to reach at its customer and generate an active network. It is very hard to consider in an isolated way without anyone’s help. So, if you are wandering for an expert team from whom you can get ideas including your require products, then simply visit us. The Lucite deal toys were perfect and doing great job to help you for your destination.However, promotional items are the effective way to advertise your product and services among the targeted audiences. And, the other option you can apply is to arrange an award ceremony and reward your employees Acrylic Awards. Not only, it praises your staff for his/her performance, but also advertises your company logo with quotation.

Where to Find the Best Store?

The magnetic plaques are used as achievement awards which compose of transparent injection. Its polarity makes them very popular since the recipient had a fine desk awards that hold together in a strong fashion. In different processes we can do to put your own personal touch to your award. And, can be utilized to the fullest by placing a photo or document that can be viewed from both sides, making it a double-sided frame. These confusions are held together with high powered magnets, rather than post screws. Moreover, there is no recessed area on Lucite Embedments popular low priced styles.

What Makes Gift Option Totally Different?

When having these items transported and installed, our company will give strategies for helping you overcome and not to face obstacles. We will email you a detailed quotation or call you personally with details or questions, as the largest supplier of custom Lucite awards to corporate and financial institutions worldwide.If you have any event within some weeks, you may call us for rush availability.  You have to order 25 pc that is the starting quantities and 6 pc minimum at additional cost.  This is an additional benefit to Deal with Tombstones that can offset your savings online.

How to Get Profits in Business?

Sometimes many inactive customers have been ignored or made to feel unimportant to touch them we have verities of options for a vendor. Our items can be presented to top individuals; however, the most appreciated gifts are trophy and acrylic corporate awards. In fact, all our composition is high standards and must be maintained.  Thus, the purchasers can completely rely on the quality of the product. We are glad that we found a vendor that does a professional job. It will help you create enough popularity by staying on the cutting-edge. Buy our proper manufacturing product and promote your identity!

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Why you need an Expert Painter to do the Job?

In 1950s, stucco ceiling or ‘popcorn ceiling’ was in fashion. It allowed homeowners to conceal ceiling flaws and even improve acoustics in a room. Because of its low maintenance and fire-resistant features, it was widely accepted in homes. However, the late 1980s and 1990s saw a steady decline in the use of stucco ceiling when it came to light that few stucco mixtures contained asbestos. Today, popcorn ceilings give your home an outdated look and they attract dust particles which can have an impact on your family’s health. If your home has a broken stucco wall or ceiling that is crumbling down, it is best to remove it.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal – Not every Job is DIY

Removing stucco ceiling is a messy, tedious and time-consuming affair. It begins with removing all the furniture and lighting fixtures from the room. Once you have prep the room, you need to spray the ceiling with water and allow the popcorn ceiling texture to absorb it. Once the texture becomes moist, you will have to scrape the ceiling slowly with a scraper. The task may seem a simple one that can be finished over the weekend but wet ceiling can be too messy to handle.

Why you need an Experienced Painter to remove Stucco Ceiling?

1. The Asbestos Issue

In the old days, popcorn ceiling or acoustic ceiling contained traces of asbestos. When the government realized that it can cause lung cancer and several other diseases, it was banned. If your house was built before 1980s, there’s a big chance that the crumbling ceiling contains asbestos. You need to test the ceiling for asbestos residue and hire an expert painter for handling the popcorn ceiling.

2. Refinishing the Ceiling is a Task

Removing the popcorn ceiling doesn’t end the story. Once the entire texture is scraped off, all the cracks, holes, seams, patches and other flaws will be visible. It means you cannot leave the ceiling as it is. You need to clean the ceiling and refinish it to restore the beauty of the room. It requires the skill and expertise of a painter to repair the drywall and paint it beautifully so that it matches the rest of the walls.

3. Safe Disposal of Debris

You cannot drop the debris in the dumpster and get away with it. If the popcorn ceiling had traces of asbestos, you need to dispose it according to the local government rules. So, you need an experienced contractor who knows how to dispose the waste at the intended waste disposal site after packing it specifically. It should not mix with other waste and the contractor should take all the necessary precautions to prevent the asbestos fibers from being airborne.

Remove Popcorn Ceiling from your Home Today!

Popcorn belongs in a movie theatre bucket drenched in butter, not on a ceiling.

Popcorn ceiling is an old concept. If you are looking for your home to have a modern appeal, it is best to remove it. The texture of the ceiling can attract dust and can cause allergy issues to your family members. And, if you are worried about asbestos in the ceiling, it is best to get it checked and remove it with the help of an expert. Find a reliable home painter in your area or a reputed general contractor who possesses the expertise of taking care of stucco ceiling and get ready for a healthy, modern home.

Do you want to remove popcorn ceiling? Allow the professional stucco removal specialist to give you a new ceiling that will make you proud. Choose the talented Toronto home painter for quality residential home painting services.

Trying to Lose Weight? Follow these 10 Easy Tips!

Fat that has accumulated over the years will not melt away in a day – that’s the hard truth that every person trying to lose weight should know. It’s universally known that diet and exercise will together help in shedding pounds, and in this post, we bring a list of 10 tips that will make the journey easier.


1. Detox your body. Add half a lemon to a glass of warm water with some honey to make your own detox concoction. Have this as the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to get rid of the toxins and boost the metabolism.


2. Replace your regular water. Instead of filtered water, go for 9.5pH alkaline water, which is effective in many ways and may reduce free radicals in the body. Alkaline water can also boost metabolism and keep your energized throughout the day.


3. Get a smaller plate. Most of the time, people end up eating more food because the mind tells them to do so. Trick your brain by opting for a smaller plate. Portion control makes a huge difference when it comes to weight loss.


4. Take your snacks to office. Anything from seeds, nuts to a granola bar is great for a quick snack. Just make sure that you don’t overindulge in nuts, because these are also high on fat. With easy snacks, you can avoid reaching out for the burgers and chips.


5. Don’t skip exercise. No excuse is good enough. Not feeling like going to the gym? Go for a walk for 30 minutes. Don’t have equipment at home? Find free home workouts online. Workout for at least half an hour each day, no matter what.


6. Shop wisely. Always check what you are confusing. Reading between labels helps considerably in avoiding food items that are high on processed meats, flavors, artificial colors and ingredients.


7. Cook your meals. You never know what goes in each recipe in the restaurant, and even best ‘healthy’ delivery services are not that healthy. Cook your meals at home, and you can save considerable amount of money and unnecessary calories.


8. Stay hydrated. Water helps in flushing toxins out of the body and keeping the body hydrated at all times, which also makes you fuller and eat less. If you don’t like plain water, go for fruit-infused beverages or make lemon water on the go.


9. Avoid sugar and reduce salt. Dieticians recommend reducing sugar and salt intake with age. Refined sugar can be avoided, but you can still eat fruits in moderation. As for salt, just reduce the daily consumption by 25%.


10. Include protein. Have more egg whites, salmon, tuna, and chicken for each of your meals. Protein makes you fuller for long, and you can easily reduce the amount of carbs per meal, which eventually helps in fat loss.


Check online now to find more on alkaline water and make sure to have all the cooking essentials at home, so that you don’t order junk food from restaurants.


Contact Information: 


Tru Balance Water Inc

Web Site:

1415 South Voss #110-274

Houston, TX 77057

Telephone: 346-907-8400

Les 10 Meilleures Nouvelles Séries Américaines En 2018 (Jusqu’ici)

La septième édition de Série Series, le 1er événement dédié aux Séries du monde entier, conçu par ceux qui les font, se déroulera du 26 au 28 juin 2018 à Fontainebleau. Si vous avez peur de tester de nouvelles séries, votre garantie, c’est le label Golden Globes. -The Rain (saison 1) : le 4 mai, cette première série 2018 à voir originale danoise pour Netflix racontera les conséquences d’un virus brutal transporté par la pluie et qui a tué presque toute la population de Scandinavie. Adaptation d’un roman culte de Philip K. Dick, cette série produite par Ridley Scott est une uchronie, c’est à dire une fiction qui raconte une Histoire autre que celle de nos manuels scolaires.les meilleures séries tv 2016

Tahar Rahim dans une série américaine les meurtres d’ un célèbre couturier et de deux légendes du rap, le ” Blade Runner” de Netflix ou encore les expérimentations formelles de Steven Soderbergh voici les séries qui peupleront vos nuits dans les deux prochains mois. SÉRIES TÉLÉ – C’est le moment que tous les fans de séries attendent ou craignent. Si on ne prend en compte que les 4 premières saisons, Dexter a sa place dans notre Top 3 des meilleures séries.

Avec sa provenance initiale (la chaîne anglaise Channel 4) et son humour noir indéniable, la mini série The End of the Fing World promet un road-trip tout sauf ennuyeux. J’ai moins aimé en revanche le côté cliché du triangle amoureux, comme je l’ai dit dans mes points faibles, actualité série mais qu’importe, toutes les séries ne sont pas parfaites. La série 2018 à voir fait partie des cinq projets retenus par la Ville de Québec dans le cadre de la mesure d’aide au démarrage de productions cinématographiques et télévisuelles, pour la période 2017-2018, a-t-on appris jeudi.

Précisons tout de même que ce chiffre de 700 séries originales regroupe autant les séries existantes (de House of Cards à Narcos, en passant par Orange is the New Black et Stranger Things) que les nouvelles créations à venir. Il y a eu de nombreuses très bonnes séries en 2017, mais il est temps désormais de regarder vers l’avenir, et celui-ci se passe en 2018, et plus particulièrement durant les trois premiers mois.les meilleures séries tv danoises

En attendant la très alléchante Maniac , avec Emma Stone (cet été) ou la grande série SF Altered Carbon (en février) voici notre classement des meilleures séries originales made in Netflix. C’est la rentrée série ! De nouvelles séries s’apprêtent à vous captiver cette année. The Handmaid’s Tale ou La Servante écarlate est une série américaine créée par Bruce Miller diffusée en 2017 sur Hulu.les meilleures séries tv danoises