Build your Business: Choose the Best Teeth Whitening Products to Sell

Teeth whitening business is a billion-dollar industry. According to the estimates, the dental whitening products market is expected to reach USD 7.40 billion in the next four years. White teeth have always been considered an attractive quality in society. With growing awareness about good oral hygiene and accessibility to affordable teeth whitening products, the industry is fast becoming a lucrative opportunity for businesses.

Before you consider different startup ideas for your teeth whitening business, it is important to learn about the current market situation.

With many governments lifting stay-at-home orders and shelter-in-place restrictions in America and other countries, businesses are getting back on track. However, limited operational capacity, social distancing measures, and the overall anxiety among consumers will lead to reluctance in booking teeth whitening appointments.

So, it means you should not only focus on in-office dental whitening products but also give importance to at-home teeth whitening solutions. The more diverse your portfolio, the better are your chances of generating more business. So, what teeth whitening products can you sell in addition to chair-side dental whitening kits, in-office dental whitening LED lights, and custom teeth whitening solutions for dentists?

There are multiple teeth whitening solutions available to meet the varying needs of consumers. From on-the-go teeth whitening pens to at-home teeth whitening kits, the options are endless.

Let’s take a look at the best teeth whitening products and learn what things to keep in mind before placing an order with the manufacturer.

Whitening Pens

Teeth whitening pens are one of the most efficient products for quick touch-ups. They are perfect for removing specific stains quickly before a big event. Many customers prefer teeth whitening pens which can be carried anywhere.

It is essential to check whether the teeth whitening pens are safe for people with teeth sensitivity. Also, learn if they can be used on veneers and crowns. It will help you to position your product precisely.

Nowadays, teeth whitening pens are available with different types of gel options including hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, peroxide-free formula, etc. You can even discuss creating a custom-formula to offer a unique product to your customers.

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are a popular choice among buyers because of its easy technique, fast results, and affordable cost. As a seller, providing your customers with inexpensive solutions will encourage impulsive purchases and allow you to increase revenue.

While choosing teeth whitening strips make sure you select enamel-safe, dental-grade whitening strips. Make sure that the adhesive stays for the duration of the treatment and the removal process is effortless.

Whitening Toothpastes

Do you know whitening toothpastes help in lifting stains and whiten teeth effectively? Along with whitening mouthwashes, you can sell teeth whitening toothpastes for those customers who want to include dental whitening to their daily routine.

When you are choosing a manufacturer for teeth whitening toothpastes, discuss the ingredients in detail. As the product will be used daily, it should not contain any abrasive material. Instead, the ingredients should whiten teeth, prevent cavities, and nourish the gums at the same time.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

During these times of COVID-19, a large number of people will want to whiten their teeth in the safety of their homes. And, that’s why it is a smart decision to sell at-home teeth whitening kits. Choose a whitening kit that includes all the essential items (gel syringes, whitening trays, LED lights, instructional manual, etc.) required for a thorough teeth whitening session at home. Select whitening gel strength and flavor keeping in mind your target market.

By providing comprehensive teeth whitening kits under your logo, you will be able to build your brand. So, do not forget to discuss private label packaging with the manufacturer.

Find out more about your Customers

If you want to build your business in the world of cosmetic dentistry, you must consider selling the best teeth whitening products. Take time to find out more about your customers so that you can choose products that cater to their needs. Research the current market trends, do a competitive analysis, seek feedback from existing customers, and reinvent your brand to stay relevant.

There is one more crucial thing for your success in the teeth whitening industry. We know that teeth whitening products are safe to use and deliver effective results to whiten teeth. However, the safety and efficacy of the products depend on the protocols followed by the manufacturer. No matter what product options you choose to sell, you cannot ignore the importance of choosing a reliable manufacturer.

Approach different teeth whitening products supplier after thorough research and seek product samples. Test the effectiveness of all the products before you begin selling them to the public.

All the best!

Do you want to launch your brand of teeth whitening products? Get in touch with a reliable private label whitening products manufacturer. Build a solid portfolio of wholesale teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening strips, dental whitening pens, etc. and improve your chances of establishing a successful business.

Barbell Piercings: Bold and Beautiful Jewelry to suit your Style

With the growing popularity of body jewelry and adequate safety measures to prevent infection, body piercing has entered the mainstream! It provides an opportunity to express oneself and manifest individuality. Whether body piercing is done for decorative, cultural, or spiritual purposes, there are many options to adorn one’s body.

Amidst several types of body piercings from nose studs, labrets to earrings, there is one that remains popular even today. This piercing jewelry gets its name from weightlifting barbells, as it looks very similar to the bodybuilding equipment with weights on both sides. Barbell piercing is one of the most popular and versatile body piercings. It is truly a great fit for anyone who wants to enjoy a bold and beautiful look.

A barbell piercing has a center bar with beads on both ends. Either one or both the beads are removable for easy installation and removal of the jewelry. If you are new to the world of body jewelry and want to push the envelope with your fashion sense, opting for barbell piercings can be a good choice. However, you need to make a decision about which body part you want to pierce and what kind of a barbell piercing to choose. For there are options galore and a single mistake can make you regret your piercing choice.

What Body Part do you want to get pierced?

When it comes to body piercing, you will need to consider the visibility of the piercing. If your place of work requires you to remove body jewelry, it makes sense to avoid getting your eyebrows, ears, nose, or lips pierced. Additionally, certain body parts are sensitive and the piercing can cause infection if done incorrectly. So, consider all aspects before getting pierced because it is a rather important decision.

Think about which body part do you want to accentuate with barbell piercings. You can seek advice from an experienced piercer certified by Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and decide on what kind of piercing you want.

Barbell Piercing Jewelry: Abundant Choices

Once you decide on the body part that needs to be pierced, the next question is about choosing the kind of barbell piercing you like the most. Now, barbell piercings are not limited to simple straight bars and two beads at the end. It is much more than that. Let’s take a look.

1. Straight Barbells

Starting with the fairly common, straight barbells are truly versatile because they can be used for piercing tongue, eyebrows, ears (industrial piercing, cartilage piercing,), nipples, etc.

2. Curved Barbells

Just as the name suggests, curved barbells have a slightly curved central bar. They are used by body piercers for piercing eyebrows, lips (vertical labrets), navel, etc. A perfect example of curved barbells is the belly button rings.

3. Circular Barbells

Ideal for the nose (septum) and ears (helix, tragus, conch), lips, circular barbells have a shape similar to a horseshoe and so they are often called “horseshoe” barbells.

4. Twisters/Spiral Barbells

Nowadays, twisted barbells are becoming highly popular among clients. Instead of a straight or a curved bar, the barbell is twisted in a spiral shape. It can be used for eyebrows, helix, lips, navel, etc.

Many designer barbells are also available on the market. The designer beads allow you to showcase your personal style. For example, barbells with multi-color beach balls, barbells with spikes, marble swirl straight barbells, etc.

Best Material for Barbell Piercings

When choosing barbell piercings, you will want to choose a jewelry option that’s safe for you. It is essential to check that the material used by the piercer doesn’t cause any allergic reaction to you.

Please remember that not all steel is made equal. So, opt for high-quality 316L stainless steel, 316LVM implant-grade steel, titanium, niobium, platinum, or gold. Other options used for barbell piercings include PTFE (Nylon and Teflon), flexible plastic, animal bone, wood, stone, glass, silicone, gold-plated steel, sterling silver, Bioplast, etc.

While choosing a material for your piercings, you need to consider several factors. For example, acrylic piercings are ideal for healed piercings only. Plastic barbells are skin-friendly and cheaper than metals but they are less durable. On the other hand, metal barbells are easy to maintain and they are commonly available in body piercing stores. However, you need to be sure that the metal in question doesn’t cause allergies to you.

Choose the Perfect Size of Your Piercings

There are four important things while choosing the size of your barbell piercings:

1. Gauge: It refers to the thickness of the jewelry. The higher the number, the thinner the jewelry. For example, a 10-gauge barbell piercing is thicker than a 12-gauge barbell.

2. Diameter: Useful to determine the size of circular piercings. It helps in determining the accurate size of the jewelry. The diameter is calculated from the inside of the ring to the widest part of the ring. (Note: It refers to internal diameter).

3. Length: The length refers to the central bar and not the entire piercing. It is useful to calculate the size of straight barbells.

4. Ball Diameter: It helps in determining the size of the beads.

The size of the piercing jewelry depends on the body part that you want to get pierced. For example, the standard gauge size for navel piercing is 14G. For septum piercing, you can choose between 14G or 16G.

Body Piercings are a Personal Affair!

Whether you are getting your body pierced for the first time or you have experience of body jewelry, one thing remains the same: body piercings are a personal affair. Choose what suits your personality, select jewelry that makes you feel good, and do not forget to ensure the safety of the piercing.

Ready to upgrade your style with bold and beautiful barbell piercings? Whether you are looking for straight barbells to adorn your ears or you want curved navel rings, visit a wholesale body jewelry store online. You will find all types of quality body piercings options at discount prices.

Preventative Measures to reduce the Risk of Liver Cancer

Do you know the liver is the largest internal organ of the body? It weighs around 1.36-1.39 kilograms. Vital for your body’s metabolic functions and immune system, the liver plays a crucial role in your health and well-being.

One of the deadliest diseases that affect the liver is cancer. According to the World Cancer Research Institute (WCRF), liver cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. In 2018 alone, 8,40,000 new liver cancer cases were registered across the world. The American Cancer Society estimates that liver cancer accounts for more than 700,000 deaths each year.

The deadly liver cancer affects both genders and with a growing number of cases every year, it is essential to spread awareness and lower the fatality rates.

There are two types of liver cancers:

A. Primary Liver Cancer that begins in the liver cells. It includes hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, hepatoblastoma, etc.

B. Secondary Liver Cancer, also called metastatic liver cancer, doesn’t initiate in the liver but it spreads to the organ over a period of time. The origin of this type of cancer can be colon, bladder, pancreas, kidneys, ovaries, breast, stomach, etc.

Why is Liver Cancer so Common Today?

Primary liver cancer is highly prevalent in underdeveloped and developing nations. It is estimated that liver cancer is one of the top ten reasons for deaths among Indians. Lack of awareness, unhealthy lifestyle and inaccessibility to affordable treatment are a few of the reasons why liver cancer is affecting so many people today.

The problem with HCC – liver cancer is that it rarely shows any symptoms in the early stages. And, even if there are any symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, they are often ignored as common digestive issues. In order to prevent the spread of liver cancer, you must know all of its symptoms.

1. Weight loss and loss of appetite.

2. Extreme fatigue and unexplained exhaustion.

3. Nausea or vomiting.

4. Enlarged liver or spleen

5. Discomfort in the upper abdomen.

6. Abdominal pain.

7. Easy bruising and bleeding.

8. Itching.

9. Jaundice.

10. White chalky stools, etc.

Let’s find out the risk factors associated with liver cancer to understand more about the disease:

1. HCC is more common among males than in females.

2. The fibrolamellar subtype of HCC is more prevalent in females.

3. Certain ethnicities and races including Asians, have higher rates of liver cancer.

4. Chronic infection due to Hepatitis B (HBV) or Hepatitis C (HCV).

5. Cirrhosis, hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease, etc.

6. Autoimmune diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and certain inherited metabolic diseases can cause cirrhosis. It can lead to liver cancer.

7. Excessive fat accumulation in the liver/ non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

8. Higher blood sugar levels.

9. Exposure to aflatoxins.

10. Excessive alcohol consumption.

11. Smoking and consumption of tobacco in other forms.

12. Long-term use of anabolic steroids.

13. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Prevent Liver Cancer: Tips for Leading a Healthy Life

As the liver has the capacity to regenerate, it is possible to remove a part of the liver that is affected by cancer. But, if the remaining liver is unhealthy, a liver transplant may become crucial.

Even though technology has advanced in recent years and survival rates have increased, those who suffer from liver cancer can also suffer from physical, emotional and financial exhaustion. The only solution? Focus on the preventable risk factors. Work on leading a healthy life and prevent the occurrence of deadly diseases such as liver cancer.

Avoid Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C infections

Avoid sharing needles and adhere to safe sex practices to prevent the spread of the virus. If you are at risk for HBV or HCV, monitor your health and watch out for common symptoms of liver diseases.

Reduce the Consumption of Alcohol and Tobacco

Along with cirrhosis and liver cancer, these vices have the potential to cause several different problems in the body.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

People with obesity are prone to diabetes and fatty liver diseases, both of which have a close link to liver cancer. Maintain an active lifestyle and focus on eating nutritious food.

Avoid Exposure to Aflatoxins

Aflatoxins are a group of toxins that are found in agricultural crops including maize, peanuts, cottonseed, tree nuts, etc. In order to avoid exposure to aflatoxins, avoid consuming contaminated grains.

Do not ignore Routine Checkups

Early detection is the key to saving your life from liver cancer. Visit your surgical gastroenterologist for regular medical checkups for early detection and treatment of liver cancer.

Prevention is in Your Hands!

According to a report published in December 2017, JAMA Oncology found out that incidences of liver cancer have increased by 75% between 1990 and 2015. Even though the rate of increase for liver cancer is very high, there is a ray of light. Specialists have observed that a majority of liver cancer diagnoses are due to preventable risk factors.
It means if we focus on reducing the risk factors of liver cancer, there are higher chances of us leading a healthy life.

Early detection and accurate treatment by a liver surgeon can help you in leading a healthy life. If you are showing symptoms of liver cancer, visit an experienced surgical gastroenterologist today. Book appointment with South Gujarat’s first National Board Certified HPB and GI surgeon.

3 Common Mistakes to avoid while getting an Auto Loan

Buying a car is not an easy task. You need to choose a car that fits your budget as well as figure out a way to finance the car. Most of the time, the case may be that you have bad credit or no credit; in which case it becomes difficult to get an auto loan. However, even if you don’t face any credit problems, there are a few things you should take care of while purchasing your next car. Avoid common mistakes while working out the finances for your next car. Remember if your auto loan is sorted, your car buying process will become very smooth.

What are the Common Auto Loan Mistakes that can affect your Financial Condition?

The following points will give you an understanding of the common auto loan mistakes and how to tackle them effectively.

1. Making an Impulse Purchase Decision

Purchasing a car is a big investment. You should not buy a car without thinking about the financial responsibility of the new purchase. Decide in advance if you wish to purchase a used car or a new car, your budget, and the model of the car that you wish to buy.

A solution to plan your car finance and avoid a last-minute rush is to get a pre-approved auto loan. Apply for an auto loan in advance, get an understanding of your budget, and then purchase a car. A pre-approved auto loan will also help you to curtail overspending on unnecessary features of the car.

2. Ignoring the Numbers

Once you walk into a dealership, consider the entire car amount. The principal amount and the interest rate make up the total amount that you will be spending on the car.

When you talk about shopping for your auto loan, do not talk about monthly payments alone. Monthly payments can be larger or smaller depending on the term of the auto loan. By simply focusing on smaller monthly payments, you run the risk of choosing a longer loan term. It increases the possibility of being in an upside-down car loan situation. Therefore, aim for a shorter-term of 60 or 72 months on your auto loan.

3. Not taking any Help

Usually, it is difficult for car buyers with a bad credit history to obtain a desirable auto loan. The presence of a co-signer on your auto loan adds many benefits. Firstly, a co-signer helps in establishing creditworthiness on your loan application that can lead to faster approval. Secondly, a co-signer will help you in negotiating for a lower interest rate. You can shop around for better interest rates and lock in the best deal. Therefore, finalize a co-signer for your auto loan before you step out of your house.

Auto Loan Mistakes are Costly; Avoid Them!

The best way to avoid a mistake is to be prepared for the entire car financing process. Keep the important things in mind and work towards getting a better auto loan deal. Purchas a car that will not become a financial burden for you. Instead, make smarter decisions, avoid the common auto loan mistakes, and drive a car with peace of mind.

Avoid common mistakes while buying a car to ensure a stress-free financial future. Make sure you choose the best bad credit auto financing company to help you get an auto loan. Apply for instant car loan approval to enjoy the upper hand in the car buying process.

Build your E-commerce Brand with a Successful Blog

Whether you are a giant e-commerce portal selling several different products on your website or you are a small business owner who is focused on local markets, your goal is getting more share of the customer’s wallet.

And, in order to encourage your customers to buy more products, you need to start blogging now. Confused?

Did you know a survey revealed that marketers who focused on blogging saw thirteen times ROI in comparison to businesses who don’t prioritize their blogs.

Another report from divulged that sixty percent people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it.

The statistics bring to light one important conclusion: Blogging can prove to be a robust marketing tool for increased profitability and better growth.

Three Essential Strategies for a Successful Blog

Take a look at the following three strategies essential for creating a successful blog and thus, a successful e-commerce busines.

To Solve; and then to Sell (Eventually)

People are not buying products; they are seeking solutions to their problems. Your blog should be an avenue for visitors to find answers to their problems. If you do it effectively, without focusing on the sole objective of increasing sales, it will build confidence in your brand. It will lead to trust-building in not only what you say, but also what you sell.

Example: If you own an online wine store, you can blog about the origin of wine, wine-making process, food and wine pairing basics, gifting ideas, etc. Including general interest topics along with engaging product posts will set you apart from the drone of over-hyped sales pitches of your competitors. It will allow your customers to seek solutions and they will keep coming back to find more answers; thus, increasing sales eventually.

Listening to the Latent Needs

When a customer has an existing need, he takes action to satisfy it. With webstore search functionalities and navigation features, he will find the exact product required to satisfy his need. But, what about the latent needs of the customer? By tapping into the hidden, secret needs of your audience, you will be able to expand your customer-base and sell more products.

In such a situation where the customer won’t go browsing through your website, how to engage him and increase your chances of generating more sales? Create unique, useful blogs that attract visitors to the e-commerce store. Increase the list of subscribers, cover a wide-array of topics, pay attention to trends and do not simply focus on selling products in every blog post.

SEO never goes out of Style

Remember Google craves for SEO-rich content and your product pages may not always be unique, especially when there are little to no chances of adding content to the product pages. In such a situation, you can publish unique content regularly with the help of blogs. Remember you are on the internet and your visibility is dictated by the current SEO standards.

A good blog with well-research keywords will boost your search-engine rankings. Choose keywords that your audience is most likely to use and offer an educational insight on your blog.

You need to optimize your blog by not only focusing on the main content but the meta text as well. Use keyword-rich meta title, meta description, meta tags, and headings.

Include links to relevant topics, use alt tag for all the images and write your blog in a simple, lucid language. The simpler the blog to understand for your audience as well as the search-engine crawler, the better are your chances of getting a higher ranking.

Important Blog Features for your E-commerce Store

Now, that we have discussed the key strategies for blogging, let’s understand what features are essential for your blog to make it more engaging and SEO-friendly.

1. The Blog Home Page

Starting right at the beginning, the very foundation of your blog is the home page. It is much more than just a chronological display of your blog posts.

Choose a responsive design so that the blog is accessible on all devices and platforms.
Create SEO-friendly URLs and meta tags for improved SERP.
Include a value statement on the blog home page to differentiate yourself from competitors.
Choose grid or list view depending on your website design.
Include popular posts as well as recent posts on the blog home page.
Pin the most popular blog posts at the top.
Offer social media sharing options.
Add a search tab for enhanced customer experience.
Provide easy navigation in the form of multi-level categories.
Display for an email opt-in so that customers can subscribe to your blog and get regular updates.
Show gallery images for blog posts to add to the attractiveness of the blog.
Ability to publish RSS feeds and integration with XML sitemap.

2. Blog Post Detail Page

Once you have sorted out the blog home page, it is time to focus on individual post page. Let’s learn how to make it work hard for your e-commerce store.

Choose an easy-to-comprehend design.
The page should have a post title, date of publishing, along with author info.
Ability to display main blog post image, categories, and tags on the page.
Upload/embed pictures and multi-media to create attractive posts.
Comprehensive comment section to engage more customers.
Social media integration to increase the chances of producing viral content.

3. Miscellaneous

Other essential features for your blog include:

Ability to create blog widgets for any page.
Display related posts on products pages for more visibility.
Show popular posts on the Home page.
Ability to import blog information from other platforms such as WordPress.

Choose a Blog Extension to make your Job Simpler!

Thinking about new content for your blog and engaging your audience is a big task. Why complicate it with building a blog from scratch? Being a Magento store owner, you need not rely on other platforms for managing your blog. Instead, choose the smarter way out. Opt for a Magento blog extension to create a blog, choose categories and upload posts easily.

By integrating a blog extension with your Magento store, you will be able to manage your store and blog from one place. There is no need to log in to third-party framework for managing your blogs. It will make your job simpler and offer you peace of mind.

Happy Blogging!

All the Best for your E-commerce Store!

Are you ready to buy the Magento blog extension to enhance your blogging experience and add more value to the lives of your customers? Create unique, engaging blogs posts without any need for third-party framework and manage your blog easily. If you are looking for custom Magento extension development, choose a certified developer to deliver the exact extension you need.

Teeth Whitening Strips: Tips for getting the Best Whitening Results

Trends may come and go, fashions may change, but bright, white teeth will always be attractive. The consensus is that white teeth are a sign of beauty, health, and hygiene. Other than in-office treatments, there are many over-the-counter products available on the market to remove stains from teeth. One of them is teeth whitening strips.

Teeth Whitening Strips: A Quick-Fix to Whiten Teeth

Whitening strips are made up of flexible plastic material known as polyethylene. The plastic is coated with teeth whitening agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. A few manufacturers even sell peroxide-free dental whitening strips to meet the demands of consumers. Water, glycerin, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin, etc. are among other things used to keep the strips moist and allow them to stick to the surface.

The benefit of using whitening strips is that they are not messy. Unlike teeth whitening trays, there is no need to apply the gel to the strips. You do not require a lot of time, effort, and skills to use them.

Effective Tips for using Teeth Whitening Strips

The simplicity and effectiveness of teeth whitening strips make them popular. Here are a few tips that consumers of whitening strips should consider.

1. Read, Read and Read…

Every whitening product is different. You will find multiple over-the-counter dental whitening strips with different promises. But, to get desired results, you need to research and pick a good product.

What ingredients are used in the whitening strips? Do you need to apply them daily? What is the duration of the application? Do you need to take any special care while using the product? Will it cause any sensitivity? Seek answers to all your questions so that you can optimize your chances of getting brighter, whiter teeth.

2. The Prep Work is Quick

Before applying teeth whitening strips, brush your teeth and wipe them clean so that the strips can adhere to the surface properly. This step is not necessary but it can help you achieve the best results.

Now, different teeth whitening strips have different sizes so, check whether the strips fit your teeth and do not cover your gums. You can cut the strips to match your needs.

3. Patience is the Key

Once the teeth are clean, remove the strips from the box and place the gel side on to your teeth. Exposing your teeth to the whitening agent is crucial so make sure the whitening strips cover your teeth properly. If you miss out on any section, it will not be as white as other parts of your teeth.

Additionally, take care that the strips do not cover your gums. The soft tissue may get damaged and cause you irritation. So, take your time in applying the whitening strips.

Once you have worn the whitening strips for the required duration, you simply need to peel them and reveal your brighter teeth.

4. Avoid Foods that Cause Teeth Stains

During your treatment, it is best to avoid foods that have the potential to stain your teeth. As the teeth whitening agent will leave the pores open, your teeth can absorb stains quickly. Try to avoid tea, coffee, red wine, cola, tomato-based juices, balsamic vinegar, soya sauce, beetroot, etc. Rinse your mouth after every meal and brush your teeth twice a day to remove food residue.

Consistency gives Desired Results

Consistency is important for teeth whitening procedures. Using the whitening strips for a day or two won’t deliver whiter looking teeth. Use them for the suggested duration. If the box mentions that the strips need to be applied for two weeks, it is wise to follow the suggestion.

Note: Remember that teeth whitening strips are not a substitute for good dental hygiene. Instead, they complement it. Please visit your dentist regularly to maintain oral health.

The dental cosmetic industry is booming and it is lucrative to be a part of it. You can grab a share of the growing market by selling private label teeth whitening strips. Get in touch with a reputed teeth whitening manufacturer to build your brand with custom teeth whitening solutions.

The Do’s and Don’ts when buying a Car with Bad Credit

Bad credit is surely a mistake of your past. But you can stop it from affecting your future. Purchasing a new car or a used car is possible with bad credit, provided you understand the auto buying process. Bad credit history may make you a less preferred credit borrower. But bad credit is not the end of your world. If you take care of a few things, you can get an auto loan even with bad credit. All you have to do is to understand the “do’s” and “don’ts” of bad credit car buying.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Car with Bad Credit

The following list of things will help you to put across a strong case in obtaining a car when you suffer from bad credit.

A. The Do’s of Bad Credit Car Buying

i). Do Take Actions to Increase Your Credit Score

The primary element that comprises an auto loan approval is a good credit score. While you cannot change your financial history, you can surely put effort into improving your credit score before applying for the auto loan. A few things you can do to increase your credit score is to pay off your lenders and pay your bills on time. An increase in your credit score will positively impact your auto loan approval chances.

ii) Do Get a Co-Signer

A co-signer is liable to pay any amount of the auto loan that you are unable to pay to the lender. A co-signer can be your spouse, family member, or friend. In the case of bad credit history, a co-signer with a decent credit score of 630 or above will improve your chances of getting an auto loan approval. Therefore, do ensure that you have a co-signer on your side when you go to finalize your auto loan.

iii) Do Think About a Second Chance Auto Loan

Everyone deserves a reliable car to travel from one place to another but not everyone has a good credit score to obtain the car. Does that mean a person with bad credit should not buy a car? Well, you can choose second chance auto loans. They are designed for people who have suffered from bad credit history and wish to obtain an auto loan. The interest rates may be higher but you can negotiate with the lender to obtain affordable financing. Remember that a second chance auto loan is a great way to obtain your dream car and not compromise on your mode of transport.

B. The Don’ts of Bad Credit Car Buying

i) Don’t Overshoot Your Budget with Extras

Once you walk into the dealership, do not get distracted and agree to the sweet talks of the salesperson. Your primary focus is to obtain a car and car financing for bad credit. Do not focus on other fancy offers which are dead investments in the long run. Be informed about your warranties, GAP insurance, and auto loan terms and conditions. Sit down with the salesperson and match your budget with the car that you can afford. A used car that is a year old can be the place to start looking for an affordable car.

ii) Don’t Skip a Pre-approved Auto Loan

A pre-approved auto loan will make your bad credit car buying experience very pleasant. It tells you how much money you can afford to spend on a car. You can also negotiate for a lower car price as you already have a pre-approved car loan. Therefore, apply for a pre-approved car loan and take the help of a co-signer to obtain the best auto loan deal.

iii) Don’t Finalize the Car in a Rush

Take your sweet time when you are finalizing your auto loan and choosing your car. Make sure you research all cars that fit your requirements and shop around the dealerships to search for the right deal and the right car. Read all the documents carefully before signing your auto loan contract. Many times, bad credit auto buyers may be tempted to just get a good car but not read about the underlying charges. Therefore, make sure to understand all the factors of a bad credit auto loan before purchasing your car.

Follow the Plan

Buying a car with bad credit is easy when you have a plan in mind. Do not say yes to any lender who approves you. Research in advance, find out more about the auto financing company, discuss your requirements, and calculate the total cost of the loan. Being diligent is the only way to get the best auto loan deal with bad credit.

Do you want to buy a car with bad credit? Do not worry about bad credit auto financing! Pick a reliable lender to help you make the purchase. Whether it is a bad credit score or a zero credit history, pre-approved auto loans are a reality for everyone.

Should you visit your Doctor during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

2020 has changed the way we behave, function, and live. From working at homes to wearing masks while going out, every facet of our lives has been severely affected by the Novel Coronavirus. One aspect of our life that has taken a backseat is preventative care and routine medical checkups.

People are terrified of moving out of their homes and going to a clinic for a routine checkup seems like too much of a risk. Indians are skipping out on medical checkups and physical screenings. Many patients have even rescheduled elective surgeries to avoid infections.

Additionally, several hospitals have scaled-back their operations due to physical distancing measures and nation-wide lockdown. The entire situation has made it difficult for patients to get access to proactive cancer screenings tests. When it comes to cancer, a month’s delay can prove to be fatal and severely affect the chances of recovery.

For example, the symptoms of stomach cancer include poor appetite, abdominal pain, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, etc. if you ignore these signs and consider them a general digestive issue, it can quickly deteriorate your condition. Early detection is the key in many cases of stomach cancer as well as other GI cancers.

If you consider other acute abdominal conditions such as gallbladder stones, delaying the treatment can lead to the spread of infection and more suffering for the patient. This situation is not limited to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract but other conditions as well.

Doctors are witnessing a disturbing trend where the death rate is rising in treatable conditions, only because patients are avoiding timely medical checkups. A higher number of patients are getting admitted because they are evading initial symptoms out of fear of Novel Coronavirus.

Patients with potentially curable diseases can benefit a lot from early detection and immediate medical treatment. It is also essential for patients to be treated for palliative care. So, should you miss out on routine checkups and medical screenings during the pandemic?

You should visit your doctor for checkups but with precaution. Visiting any medical facility without safety precautions can make you susceptible to infections and affect your health, especially if you are above 60 years of age. Extra care should also be taken for pregnant women and young children. Here are a few tips to ensure that your health is not ignored during the pandemic.

1. Telemedicine is the New Normal

As a race, we are nothing if not resilient. As soon as the effects of Coronavirus started affecting the economy, people started coming up with safer ways to connect with their audience. There is more acceptance of technological advancements among people and they have started becoming compliant with things that were thought to be too-techy for them.

Enter the world of telemedicine. Now, you can book virtual appointments with doctors and discuss your medical issues over a video call or a text message. It has become synonymous with remote healthcare.

It allows long-distance patients to connect with doctors for care, advice, education, intervention, monitoring, and even, in some cases, remote admissions.

2. Unscheduled Doctor’s Appointments are a big NO

Say goodbye to walking down to your GI cancer surgeon without an appointment. Whether it is post-operative care or a routine checkup to address the problems of the GI tract, do not visit the doctor without appointments. And, this rule is true for every other medical professional you visit.

With the number of asymptomatic cases on the rise, your chances of getting infected are incredibly high. So, call the medical expert, book an appointment, and show up on time to avoid coming in contact with other patients.

3. Avoid Over-Crowding the Clinic

As Indians, we have a strong support system and even if there is a normal checkup at the hospital, several relatives attend the patient. It is an admirable quality of our culture, whereby we take the utmost care of the patients. But the current pandemic situation requires special measures. Come to the clinic with only one relative so that you do not increase your risk as well as the risk of your relatives by bringing them into a crowded place.

Doctors have already started staggering the appointment so that social distancing measures are followed in the clinic. But, as responsible patients, we need to do our part and avoid bringing so many people to the doctor’s place of work.

4. Practice Social Distancing

This may now sound to be a cliché, but the point of social distancing needs to be reiterated. It is a new concept for a highly populated country like ours and it will take us some time to get used to it. You must try and avoid close contact with a sick person. If you have a sick family member, try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet.

When outside, the 6-feet distance becomes all the more essential. Do not function in groups, and avoid being in close proximity with others. Remember that the Covid-19 virus can spread from asymptomatic persons as well. These norms should be followed even while visiting a doctor. It will protect you from infections especially when your immune system is already affected by the disease.

Additionally, avoid touch your face without cleaning your hands first. You have touched several different surfaces and then putting those fingers on your face can make you susceptible to infection.

5. Cover your Mouth and Nose

Everyone should wear a mask, when around in public. Many people wear masks but remove them when communicating with others. A few will have their masks around their necks and then, some people won’t cover their nose and mouth properly.

Improper use of masks will leave you vulnerable to Novel Coronavirus. Wear the mask in a way it helps prevents infections. If you do not have access to masks, use a cloth covering your nose and mouth. Make sure that the material is breathable, clean and, hygienic.

Do not ignore your Health: Get in touch with your Doctor immediately

Due to the Novel Coronavirus, we are doing all things we can to boost our immunity. Drinking regular kadhaas, sanitizing your place rigorously, and avoiding social gatherings is essential, but it doesn’t mean you should ignore routine medical checkups.

As things are progressing, one thing is sure: Sars-COVID 2 is here to stay for a long time. Even if vaccines and medicines are launched this year, it will take some time to reach every member of society. By postponing your checkups and surgeries for a fortnight or a month won’t reduce your chances of getting infected with Corona. Instead, it will worsen your health and affect your chances of swift recovery. The only way to protect yourself against Coronavirus is to take preventative measures. Panic is not the solution. So, do not delay your routine checkups.

Please remember that medical screenings help you in detecting the disease early and give you an excellent chance of recovery. Visit a doctor, but take all the necessary precautions. This way you will gain real health.

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TDP Lamp Therapy: Find out more about the Miracle Far-Infrared Lamps

The world of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is vast and varied. Heat therapy is an essential part of Chinese medicine that focuses on applying heat to specific points on the body. It aids in treating the patient and improving the energy flow in the body. It is ideal for treating problems related to the imbalance of yin.

Moxibustion technique is quite popular with TCM practitioners, leading to the wide availability of moxa products across the globe. However, the smoke that is emitted from the moxa products can become an issue if the room is not well-ventilated. Additionally, it may prove to be a discomfort for practitioners who have to administer the moxibustion treatment for several patients throughout the day.

The solution is simple: Buy infrared heat lamps to enjoy similar benefits as moxibustion without the smoke. They will generate heat to penetrate several layers of the skin, stimulate muscles, and offer deep relaxation at the same time. Nowadays, many physiotherapists and acupuncturists use a special type of miracle heat lamps, called TDP lamps, that offer additional benefits to the patients.

What’s so Special about TDP Lamps?

The acronym for TDP is “Teding Diancibo Pu” which means “special electromagnetic spectrum” in English. The lamps function on the principle that far-infrared lights emit wavelengths that can penetrate 2 to 3.5 inches into the body. They have the ability to loosen fascia and muscles. Hence, they are also called far-infrared heating lamps, magic lamps and miracle lamps.

What makes TDP heat lamps so unique is the presence of a mineral plate in the lamp head. The plate contains more than 30 unique minerals that are present in the human body in different ways. When the mineral plate is heated, the minerals are ionized and penetrate into the body. They help in regaining the balance of essential minerals in your body and accelerate the natural recovery process.

It allows the optimum circulation of blood. With proper blood circulation, your body receives all the essential nutrients and it detoxifies waste more efficiently. Thus, TDP lamps promise better health benefits to the patients. And, that’s why they are often called “miracle” lamps.

TDP Lamp Therapy can be used for Several Treatments

Chinese doctors have used TDP lamp therapy in hospitals for several decades. It is a popular choice of Chinese physiotherapists and physicians to treat the patients. Registered with FDA in the United States, TDP lamps have become quite popular in the last couple of years.

A TCM practitioner may use them for the following:

1. Improving the healing of fractured bones.

2. Reducing inflammation and pain caused by arthritis and paralysis.

3. Reducing pain in the neck, back, shoulders, knees, elbows, ankles, etc.

4. Helping with muscle stiffness, and muscle spasm.

5. Faster rehabilitation of muscles after injury/accident.

6. Elevating mood, reducing stress and improving sleep patterns.

7. Balancing the Chi/Qi/life force.

8. Improving metabolism and immunity levels.

9. Increasing blood circulation in the body.

10. Treating multiple skin conditions.

11. Helping patients with angina.

12. Treating irregular menstruation and menstrual pain/cramps.

13. Removing chest congestions and treating cold, flu, pneumonia, etc.

Multiple Types of TDP Lamps are available on the Market

As the demand for TDP lamps has grown exponentially in the developed countries, you will find many types of lamps sold on the market.

A. Manual vs. Digital

In the past manually-controlled TDP lamps were quite popular. Even today, a few professionals enjoy manual timers because they are sturdy. However, there is a large influx of digital TDP lamps featuring digital controls for time and power. There is a wheeled base, adjustable head for superior flexibility. Plus, when compared to manual TDP lamps, they are not very costly.

B. Multiple Heads

With the advent of technology, manufacturers have started introducing new features. Nowadays, instead of using multiple TDP lamps for a single patient, you can opt for dual-head digital TDP lamps and adjust both the heads and their power settings separately. It means you can treat multiple body parts at the same time, and offer a more efficient treatment. Dual head manual mineral lamps are also available.

Note: A relatively new concept is the 3 heads-in-1 digital TDP lamp that allows physiotherapists to expand the width of the far-infrared light spectrum and thus, permits them to treat the patient much more efficiently.

C. Portability

Although portable infrared heat wand is available for treating areas such as shoulder, neck, and back, if you are looking for a smaller, movable TDP lamp, you will have to be satisfied by desktop TDP lamps. The desk-models can be very useful in treating minor aches and offer immediate pain relief to the patients.

Often used with acupuncture and physical therapy, infrared TDP lamps can help you to treat your patients effectively and perform a miracle by restoring the energy balance in the body. As a physiotherapist/TCM practitioner, it will help you to deliver the benefits of heat therapy without the annoying smoke.

By using infrared heat lamps, you will be able to treat the imbalance of Qi as well as provide effective pain relief. You can also buy TDP heat lamps to provide multiple benefits to your patients and accelerate the natural healing process of the body.

TENS vs. EMS Units: Find out the Key Difference between the Electrotherapy Techniques

Pain can restrict your movement and affect your quality of life. For patients with
chronic pain, injuries, and several other issues, physical therapy has proven to treat them and allowed them to move and function in a better way.

One of the physical therapy procedures includes electrotherapy or electrical stimulation (E-Stim). It includes sending mild electrical pulses through the skin to specific points on the body. It helps in stimulating the affected muscle and/or nerve endings to reduce pain, provide relief, expedite the healing process, and improve the overall health of the patient.

How does E-Stim Therapy work?

As a part of the physical therapy program, the process of electrical stimulation (E-Stim) includes placing adhesive electrode pads on the affected area of the skin. Electrode pads
are small sticky pads that are attached to the e-stim machine with the help of wires.

When the physiotherapist switches on the machine, electrical pulses are delivered to the electrodes. The electrical current begins on a low setting and the frequency is gradually increased according to the requirements of the treatment.

Now, the pulses can be aimed at muscles or the nervous system. And, this becomes the main point of difference between the two most common electrotherapy stimulator devices: TENS and EMS. Learn more so that you can find out the best technique to treat your patients.

How to choose between TENS and EMS Units?

Even though there are many other types of e-stim devices, the popularity of TENS and EMS machines has surpassed others. The primary reason is that they work on acute pain as well as chronic pain. Both the techniques are tried-and-tested to improve the patient’s health and well-being. Let’s understand the difference between both the techniques so, that you can choose one that fits your requirements.

1. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Just as the name suggests, TENS stimulates the sensory nerve endings with low-voltage electrical pulses. By applying TENS electrodes to the affected area, the procedure manipulates the neurons and blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. So, instead of feeling pain, the patient feels a tingly sensation in the part covered by electrodes.

Additionally, endorphins are also produced during the procedure. They are the body’s natural pain killers. So, the concerted efforts result in better pain relief and faster recovery.

How does the TENS machine benefit the patients? The portable, light-weight TENS units block pain signals to the brain. They stimulate endorphin production and improve blood circulation in the body.

What Conditions can be Treated with TENS Units? If you are looking for pain management and helping the patient with faster recovery after an accident or an injury, you can opt for TENS units. It has been known to be helpful in post-operative recovery, child-birth contraction, tension/stress headaches, migraines, athletic injuries, inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, chronic pain as well as acute pain.

What kind of TENS Units are available on the market? When it comes to choosing TENS units, the sky is the limit. You will find battery-operated TENS massager, portable TENS unit with locater pen, as well as digital TENS/EMS unit to treat patients.

2. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation includes stimulating muscles to achieve the desired result. TENS focuses on the nerves whereas EMS emphasizes muscles. Consider EMS therapy as a passive exercise for the patient’s muscles where the machine is doing all work.

How does the EMS machine benefit the patients? It helps in the reduction of inflammation and lactic acid in the muscle. The EMS therapy also helps in relaxing and strengthening the muscle. Overall, it promises faster healing of injured muscles.

What Conditions can be Treated with EMS Units? Physiotherapists use EMS machines to treat muscle spasms, muscle atrophy, paralysis, poor blood circulation, etc. It is ideal for rehabilitation after injury.

What kind of EMS Units are available on the market? With the popularity of EMS therapies across the globe, you will find EMS units with different voltage, output channels, and functions. For example; professional electric muscle stimulator is ideal for clinic use. On the other hand, a battery-operated portable digital EMS unit is perfect for home visits.

Choosing the Best Electrotherapy Technique

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation focuses on the alleviation of pain and Electrical Muscle Stimulation machines are designed to pay attention to the strengthening of muscles. You must choose a therapy depending on your treatment goals. So, consider the condition of your patient and then decided on the therapy.

Nowadays, many TENS+EMS units are available to provide both types of stimulation to the patients. If you choose an SK-700B electric stimulator, you will be able to combine the benefits of both the therapies and get access to an affordable tool for treating patients. It also contains acupoint locators to detect the pressure points for effective treatment.

While buying a TENS+EMS unit, you have multiple options to choose from. So, research the features and find out more about channels, patches, power source, accessories as well as the cost to make the best buying decision.

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