Why putting Money Down is Good for People with Bad Credit

A down payment is your best friend if you have a bad credit history and want to purchase a car. Usually, people see down payment as just another process to obtain an auto loan, but it is much more than that. Down payment will help you to save money in numerous different ways. Understand the different reasons why putting money down will benefit you. It will help you to better prepare for your next auto loan.

Here’s how you can take maximum advantage of the down payment amount if you suffer from bad credit.

1. Catalyst in Auto Loan Approvals

A down payment acts as a catalyst in the auto loan approval process. When you put money down, it shows the auto lender that you are trustworthy and you are serious about your financial situation. The amount you borrow significantly decreases as you make a down payment which means less risk for the lender. Therefore, for credit-challenged individuals, if the lender is second-guessing to approve your auto loan, a large down payment of 20% of the total amount will make it easy for him to trust you and give you a faster car loan approval.

2. Interest Savings

Down payment means that a certain amount of the car price is already paid off. The interest rate will only be calculated on the remnant car loan amount. Therefore, you save a lot of money in terms of interest savings. You can invest that money in something else such as your mortgage or add it to your savings. Bad credit individuals can also get good interest rates if you back your auto loan with strong financial proofs such as a consistent income source, stable employment source, and a co-signer.

3. Helps with Offsetting Car Depreciation

Cars lose value over time. The minute you drive off the dealership, your car will start to depreciate. However, putting money down can help you to certain extend to fill the gap between what your car is worth against the amount you owe for your car. As a result of a large down payment, bad credit car buyers will also face less negative equity. Therefore, a decent down payment will help you to offset the initial hit of your car depreciation. This will also help you with good resale value in the long run.

Down Payment: A Must for Bad Credit Car Buyers

A down payment is usually non-negotiable when it comes to people with bad credit. However, putting money down has many advantages that will help you in the long run. You can trade-in your old car and pay for a down payment. Make sure the amount you use for the down payment is earned and not borrowed from another personal loan. In the end, look for bad credit lenders and work your way to a “good” auto loan deal by putting money down.

A down payment is essential to obtain a good auto loan with decent interest rates. However, everyone can’t manage the down payment amount. If you are a bad credit car buyer without a down payment, do not worry. Apply now to get quick approval on no money down auto loans. Pre-approved car financing is available!

Massager Gun: The Buzzword in Percussion Massage Therapy

Work, play, or posture: many reasons can cause soreness and fatigue in several parts of the body, especially the muscles. When it comes to relaxing the muscles and treating muscle stiffness, percussion therapy can deliver incredible benefits to help you recover quickly. It is a breakthrough treatment for soft tissue pain including muscle, fascia, tendon, ligaments, cartilage, synovium, fibrous tissues, nerves, etc.

The percussive therapy/vibration treatment is a type of massage. It increases blood flow to a specific area of the body and breaks the tension/knots in the soft tissues with the help of continuous bursts of vibratory pressure. Traditionally, masseurs and masseuses used nothing but their hands to create the rippling effect on the muscles. However, today massage guns have become quite popular.

Technically called a percussive therapy device, massage guns are the latest buzz word in the fitness and healthcare industry. The massager gun can help you to access the benefits of percussion therapy in the comfort and privacy of your home. Unlike manual, self- myofascial massaging devices such as foam rollers, massage sticks, and massage balls, the percussive massager guns target a specific area and offer a more automatic solution.

What are the Benefits of Massager Guns?

While Instagram is full of celebrities and influencers advertising massager guns, let’s not jump the bandwagon without finding its benefits first. Let’s understand whether the buzz around percussive therapy massage guns is worth it.

1. Say Goodbye to expensive massage appointments and enjoy a relaxing deep-tissue massage in the comfort of your home.

2. Quiet, portable and cordless device with long-lasting battery life enables you to use the massager gun anywhere you want.

3. Increase blood flow to specific problem areas for reduction in inflammation and muscle soreness.

4. It improves your range of motion and thus, reduces the chances of injury.

5. In addition to speedy muscle recovery post-workout, massage guns can help with muscle stiffness caused due to long hours of work.

6. There is some evidence that massager guns help in relieving pain caused by chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Note: It is important to remember that massager guns relax your muscles and other tissues but they do not necessarily treat them. It is not a treatment for muscle dystrophy, osteoporosis, broken bones, muscle strains (pulled muscles), muscle sprains (stretched/torn ligaments), or injuries related to inflammation.

Are Percussive Therapy Devices useful?

Several studies have indicated that the use of massager guns and vibration therapy is useful in preventing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) caused after an intensive workout. By eliminating the stiffness, massage gun helps with faster recovery, improved agility, and better performance. It is also useful in warming up the muscles and enhancing their range of motion for running or working out.

Many people use the massager gun to lose weight or remove cellulite. However, massage guns by itself do not make you lose weight or melt your fat. With a combination of regular physical activity, a balanced diet, and a good sleep schedule, you can include percussive therapy as a part of your routine. By offering quick recovery, decreased muscle soreness, reduced stress, improved skin, and better sleep, massager guns will make sticking to your plan easy.

Deep Tissue Massager Gun in your Budget!

With the advancement in science and accessibility to affordable technology, you no longer need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive brands of massage guns. Why spend $500 when you can now buy a vibration massager gun under $70? However, you need to ensure the quality of the device and check whether it contains all the essential massage heads for targeting different pressure points. Find out if the speed is adjustable for changing the intensity of vibrations.

There is no need to opt for a noisy massage gun. Modern cordless, deep-tissue massage devices come with unique noise-reduction technology along with the added advantages of long-battery life (more than 9 hours) for easy use in the office, gym, or home. Choose one that has a light-weight, ergonomic design for convenient use.

Looking to buy best massager gun of 2020? Choose an affordable, versatile and powerful percussive therapy massage gun for maximum benefits. Shop online from wholesale massage equipment store for bulk order discounts.

Managing Stress in Current COVID-19 Situation: The Acupuncture Way

We live in a stressful world! And, with the announcement of the global pandemic, our stress and anxiety levels have shot up phenomenally. Whether it is the physical stress of staying indoors and working over the laptops for long hours or it is the emotional impact of Novel Coronavirus, our physical, mental and emotional health are getting seriously affected.

To maintain our immunity levels and boost our general well-being, we must do everything in our hands. And, the practice of acupuncture can help you in leading a happy and healthy life. The ancient TCM methodology of acupuncture includes the insertion of tiny needles in the body to improve the energy flow and maintain its equilibrium.

How can Acupuncture help in the Stressful Times of COVID-19?

1. Reduction in Stress and Anxiety Levels

American job recovery is riddled with obstacles, as the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits remains high. According to the Labor Department, another 884,000 Americans filed for first-time jobless aid in the first week of September 2020. The high number of lay-offs and furloughs in the country has led to financial insecurity among Americans. Additionally, the stress of the virus itself is taking a toll.

By choosing acupuncture treatment, you will be able to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It will also help in alleviating the physical symptoms of stress such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, frequent cold, chest pain, etc.

2. Relief from Headaches

Although several governments have lifted shelter-in-place measures, many Americans are working from home. In general, people are trying to avoid crowded places and spending a large amount of time in their homes. With higher screen time and long hours of working on the laptops, headaches, shoulder aches, backaches, and eye strain issues are becoming more common than ever.

Acupuncture offers a drug-free pain relief solution for people with headaches and poor posture. By strategically placing acupuncture needles at several points in the body, the acupuncturist will be able to help in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation.

3. Helpful in Joint Ache and Muscle Pain

Whether it is chronic pain from arthritis, gout, rheumatoid and other problems or acute pain caused by accident or poor posture, Traditional Chinese Medicine is known to be effective in treating joint aches and muscle pains. The use of red flower analgesic oil is quite popular for pain relief. However, you need to visit an acupuncturist/TCM practitioner for your pain.

He/she will be able to diagnose the problem correctly and administer acupuncture needles or use cupping therapy equipment set to offer effective pain relief without the need for drugs.

4. Relief from Digestive Issues

With WFH policies in place, a large number of Americans are spending more time indoors. Limited physical movement and the added stress of COVID-19 is causing digestive distress among many people. Along with acupuncture, the practitioner may suggest Chinese herbal teas for better digestion. It will help you to improve your digestive health and thus, your overall well-being as well.

5. Improved Energy Levels

By insertion of acupuncture needles in strategic locations, acupuncturists can balance the opposing forces of Yin and Yang and create equilibrium in the energy flow, Qi, of the body. By removing energy blockages, it helps in increasing endorphin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels and thus produces a positive state of mind.

Along with acupuncture, the expert may suggest you stress reduction techniques, regular physical activity, and consumption of a balanced diet to improve your energy levels.

Is it Safe to visit an Acupuncturist amidst the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic?

Several TCM herbal products are available on the web. You can even buy Gua Sha massage tools to massage on your own. However, without the supervision of an expert TCM practitioner, you won’t be able to reap the maximum benefits of holistic healing therapy. Additionally, without a practitioner’s license, you won’t be able to buy acupuncture needles online. So, it is essential to visit an acupuncturist/TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

But, is it safe to visit a TCM practice? Experts suggest that it is safe to get an acupuncture treatment during the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, provided safety guidelines are followed.

If the prevalence of COVID-19 positive cases is lower in your community, then it is relatively safer to book an appointment. Also, make sure that you choose a hygienic TCM practice that uses single-use acupuncture needles, disposable medical table paper, disposable face masks, and other PPE and medical safety supplies.

There should be a gap of at least half an hour between the appointments so that the room can be sanitized for the next patient. After every appointment, the room should be cleaned with disinfectants such as Madacide-FD germicidal solution and Madacide-FDW Plus disinfecting wipes for a thorough cleanup.

Stress Relief: The Acupuncture Way

Acupuncture is an effective healing method to help you alleviate the stress levels caused by the current Novel Coronavirus situation. It will help in balancing the energy flow of the body and lead you to better health and well-being. However, you must check the safety measures taken by the TCM practice before booking an appointment.

Are you working for a TCM/acupuncture practice? Single-use, disposable needles are essential for the safety of your patients. Buy acupuncture needles in bulk. Also, stock up on medical PPE supplies to follow the safety guidelines during each appointment.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying A Car for Your Teenager

A car has become an absolute necessity for the commute; especially when it comes to teenagers. A personal vehicle to commute to school or college is essential when your kid reaches the right driving age. When you think about your kid driving his or her first car, the three things you think about are safety, reliability, and the cost-effectiveness of purchasing a car.

Choosing the Right Car for your Teenager!

Focus on the following points as you search for a car for your teenage kid.

1) Set Your Budget

Think about the car budget for your teenager before you dive right into the shopping process. While you set your budget into place, you will realize the cars that you can afford. Consider the amount that you are earning, the amount that you would require to pay each month, and different ways that you can cut off some of your expenses and pay them towards the auto loan.

Most teenagers struggle with no credit history and often require a co-signer. Make sure you or a relative are co-signing for your teenager to obtain attractive interest rates and a better car deal. If you do not know anyone with a good credit score, it is best to apply for no credit no co-signer auto loans in advance.

2) Used Car or New Car: Your Choice

Extensive research should be made before you decide on a used car or a new car. Before deciding on a car, ask yourself questions such as how much would your kid be traveling on an average, would another family member share the car, and what features or safety requirements are necessary for you. A new car is low-maintenance with superior fuel economy and advanced safety features whereas a used car is wallet-friendly with a lower loan amount.

Usually, for a first-time driver like your teenager, a new car such as the Toyota Corolla or the Honda Civic is a safer bet which will also provide a good resale value. You can shop around at your local dealership or take the help of online auto portals to search for cars.

3) Test Drive Till You Are Sold

Purchasing a car is a big investment. While many people may not give importance to a test drive, you should test drive your car until you are sold on purchasing it for your teenager. Be mindful of certain things while test driving such as measuring fuel efficiency by noting the odometer before and after the test drive.

You can also roll down the window to check if the car is making any unusual noises and check if the car gear is easy to drive for your teenager. You should clear all your doubts before you purchase the car and test driving is the best way to do it.

While you purchase a car for your teenager, make sure you are satisfied with the safety, reliability, and price point of the car. You can also get pre-approved for a first-time car buyer’s loan to get the best deal for your son/daughter.

Make your kid’s first car purchase memorable. Choose a first time car buyer’s program to ensure a stress-free loan process. If your son/daughter doesn’t have a credit history to ascertain his/her creditworthiness, apply with an auto financing company that has experience of no credit no co-signer auto loans.

How to grab Low-Interest Rates on Your Next Car Loan?

When you are shopping for a car, in most cases, you are shopping for an auto loan too. The average cost for a new car ranges between $36,000-$38,000 and a used car costs approximately $20,000. As car buying is an expensive affair, we need to opt for auto financing.

The deal maker or breaker in an auto loan is usually the interest rate. It is the deciding factor that will sum up the final cost of the loan. Thus, it is important to understand the different factors that can help you to reduce interest rates and provide you with a comparatively cost-efficient auto loan.

Points to Keep in Mind while taking out an Auto Loan

The following tips will ensure that you obtain a low-interest rate on your next car loan.

1. Cater to Your Credit Score

The most important thing that decides your interest rate is your credit score. The higher your credit score, the lower will be your interest rate. A score of 600-700 is considered the bare minimum to attract decent interest rates. So, if your credit score falls below 600, work on improving it by paying off any past debt and paying your current credit dues on time.

Another great way to increase your credit score is to reduce your debt-to-income ratio. Your credit will improve once you are earning more than putting against your debt. Therefore, cater to your credit score, so you can confidently negotiate for lower interest rates.

2. Shop Around

Do not limit your car loan shopping to one or two lenders. Shop around various dealerships for captive financing options as well as dealership financing to get an idea of the deal you are getting.

Even approach online portals or online lenders for a pre-approved auto loan. Keep in mind that the more the number of positive deals you receive, the better will be your chances to negotiate a good deal.
Auto loan shopping will also help you to understand the current interest rates offered in the market and help you to receive low rates.

3. Keep the Auto Loan Term Short

The best way to ensure you pay less on interest rates is to shorten the term of your auto loan. An ideal auto loan term is 60 months. You should opt for 60 months or less to reduce interest rates.

If your payments seem too large when distributed for over 5 years, you should consider switching to a less costly car. Additionally, a good down payment of 20% of the total amount will help you to negotiate the lowest interest rates available in the market.

Low-Interest Rates on Auto Loans lead to Good Savings

Interest rates on auto loans can make you spend a lot or help you save a lot. If you wish to save up on interest rates, you should focus on building your credit score a few months before you start shopping for the car.

Additionally, the money that you save up from getting low-interest rates can help you towards building a better financial future. Thus, focus on low-interest rates when you shop for your next car loan.

Are you ready to buy your next car? Apply with a reputed lender to get the best rate auto loan deals. Whether you have a bad credit score or a zero down payment situation, the company will help you in getting a pre-approved auto loan instantly.

Hand Sanitizers: Prevent the Transmission of COVID-19 in the Workplace

It was the 21st of January when CDC confirmed the first American travel-related case of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Since then, a lot has changed. From the way we live our lives to the way we work, COVID-19 has changed the world around us. It has also presented a new set of challenges and opportunities for business.

As the workforce is slowly coming back to offices and factories, the onus of the health and safety of the staff is on the owner/management. Along with routine cleanliness measures, hand sanitizers will continue to play a big role in the fight against the SARS-CoV2 virus.

You need to remind your staff to use hand sanitizers repeatedly. And, the best way to remind them is by making the sanitizer easily accessible. Here are the different locations that warrant the use of hand sanitizers.

1. Entrances and Exits

The door to your workplace can prove to be a cause of the spread of COVID-19 illness. Several hands touch it every day. And, so thorough disinfection at the end and beginning of the workday is not enough. A hand sanitizing station near the entrance and exit can help in combating the risk associated with Coronavirus effectively.

2. Employee Desks

Because employees spend a large part of their time at the desks, disinfection is necessary. Along with regular sanitization before the beginning of the day, employees should be provided with mini-hand sanitizer bottles for the desk. It ensures that good hand hygiene is always accessible for your staff.

3. Meeting Rooms

A packed meeting room increases the risk of getting infected with Novel Coronavirus. So, conduct a large number of meetings virtually. It will help you to avoid the entry of strangers into the building. For unavoidable circumstances, schedule staggered appointments with visitors. Do not forget to install a hand sanitizing station at the entrance for proper disinfection before entering the room.

4. Break Rooms and Lounge Areas

Considering the fact that employees will consume a majority of their meals in the break room, providing hand sanitizers at the entrance is not enough. Each table should have a hand sanitizer bottle for proper disinfection before eating.

5. Restrooms

The Healthy Hand Washing Survey by Bradley Corp. revealed that a majority of Americans are not washing their hands long enough. Often, people simply rinse their hands with water instead of using the soap. The survey corroborates the need for hand sanitizers in the restrooms and bathrooms in commercial complexes.

6. Transaction Counters

All places where bills are exchanged, especially check-outs at the cafeteria, departmental stores, clothing stores, etc., carry a high risk of transmission. It increases the risk of several diseases such as E. coli, salmonella, and even COVID-19. Keep sanitizers handy and encourage people to practice hand hygiene.

7. High Traffic Areas/Communal Areas

Every organization has communal areas such as the stairs, elevator, escalator, sink faucets, drinking fountains, locker rooms, waiting rooms, reception area, etc. You can conduct a thorough hazard assessment survey to identify high traffic areas in your organization and include social distancing measures as well as enhance the sanitization routine to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Choose FDA-Approved Hand Sanitizer

While installing hand sanitizing dispensers at various places in the organization is essential, using a quality, effective and FDA-approved hand sanitizer is equally important. Due to the sudden demand for hand sanitizers, many manufacturers have started selling sub-standard products to gullible buyers. And, many have started concocting their own version of hand sanitizers.

To avoid the spread of the virus, the CDC recommends a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content. Using a product with a lower alcohol percentage will render it impractical. So, it is essential to buy FDA-certified hand sanitizers from a reliable manufacturer.

Ensuring the Steady Supply of Hand Sanitizers

Now that hand sanitizers are flying off the shelf, businesses need to ensure the steady supply of hand sanitizers from suppliers. Order hand sanitizers in bulk and you can even discuss a subscription service with the manufacturer so that you get access to guaranteed supply each month.

Private Label Hand Sanitizers: A Marketing Opportunity

While you employ the use of hand sanitizers at several locations in your organization, you can consider private label hand sanitizers. This way the sanitizer packaging will include the logo and branding details of your business. It is a surefire way to differentiate your brand from other businesses.

You can use private label sanitizers as corporate event giveaways and business gifts to your vendors and customers. It will encourage a stronger sense of brand recognition. It can prove to be an off-the-clock marketing tool, especially when the public sees your customers and employees using the sanitizers outside of the workplace. Everyone will be drawn to the efforts that you have taken to ensure the safety and hygiene of your workforce.

You can buy custom-branded hand sanitizers in multiple sizes for the hand sanitizing stations in your organization. It will be less costly than buying branded hand sanitizers because it won’t include the marketing expenses spent by big brands.

Additionally, you can even opt for 55-gallon drum hand sanitizers and dispense the liquid into refillable bottles for key locations in the workplace. It will be cost-saving, and environmentally-friendly especially when your business sees a lot of footfalls daily.

Stop the Spread!

The power to stop the transmission of the virus is literally in our hands! And, with private label hand sanitizers, you can encourage good hand hygiene as well build a brand for your business. It’s a win-win situation in these stressful times.

Are you ready to open your business post the COVID-19 lockdown? Ensure the safety of your staff as well as customers by choosing to buy hand sanitizers in bulk. Do not forget to discuss the possibility of private label hand sanitizers with the manufacturer and understand how they can benefit your business.

The Ancient Healing Practice of Acupuncture: Your Questions Answered

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), health is determined by the balance of the life force, Qi or chi, in the body. It flows through the body via various points called “meridians”. When the opposing forces of Ying and Yang along with the five basic elements that make up the entire Universe, disrupt the flow of life force, it can lead to illnesses.

To ensure the general well-being of one’s health, the energy balance should be maintained. And, acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that sets out to do the same. It treats multiple illnesses of the mind and body by inserting tiny needles into the skin at certain points (acupoints). The aim is to remove congestion and ensure an adequate flow of energy throughout the body.

It is often said that acupuncture needles cause the body to release endorphins – body’s natural pain killers, and thus help in boosting the blood flow, enhancing brain activity, reducing pain and improving the overall health of the patient. From treating patients for chronic pain, acute pain, insomnia, indigestion, infertility to improving the conditions of those suffering from illnesses such as diabetes and dementia, acupuncture is recognized by Western medicine as an alternative healing practice.

Are Acupuncture Needles Safe to Use?

YES, acupuncture needles are safe to be administered on the patient’s body. The US FDA considers acupuncture needles as medical equipment used by “trained professionals”. FDA holds them to the same standards as other medical devices. It means the acupuncture needles that come to the market need to be passed through rigorous quality checks and protocols.

Additionally, it is required by law to use single-use, disposable acupuncture needles. It avoids cross-contamination and reduces the chances of infections. Thorough disposable of acupuncture needles is also required by acupuncturists and TCM practitioners.

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

With the right technique and correct size of acupuncture needles, it rarely hurts. Often, the patients may feel little to no pain when the needles are inserted or removed from the body. In some cases, bleeding, bruising and soreness may persist for some time.

It is important to understand that certain acupuncture treatments include the use of lancet needles for removing blood by reopening the orifices. The blood-letting treatment is administered to let out “bad blood” generated in the body due to injury and certain kinds of fevers. The TCM practitioner will use the technique to eliminate congestion, maintain the balance of Qi, and remove pathogens from the blood.

Why go to a Licensed Acupuncture Practitioner?

First of all, not everyone can buy acupuncture needles. Online acupuncture wholesale supplies store and offline brick and mortar stores require you to have a practitioner’s license to buy acupuncture needles. If a place is selling you acupuncture needles without requiring you to produce a license, it is a bit shady. Avoid buying needles from such a place because you cannot be assured of quality.

Acupuncture is a very precise healing technique that requires insertion of needles in specific points. If you insert the needles in a wrong way or keep them in the body for a long time, it can have adverse effects and lead to more imbalance of chi. Always have professional administering needles on your body.

A licensed, certified practitioner will be able to diagnose the underlying issue correctly. They have sufficient knowledge and required experience to understand the problem and solve it. So, you must choose a licensed TCM practitioner for effective healing.

Remember acupuncture is a safe treatment only when you choose a licensed professional.

A TCM practitioner is as good as his skills and tools. When you seek acupuncture treatment, choose a licensed acupuncturist, and make sure he uses the best acupuncture needles. Some of the best acupuncture supplies brands of 2020 include Seirin acupuncture needles and Silverstar acupuncture needles.

Chinese Herbal Therapy Products: Treat Ailments with Natural Herbs

Nature has the power to heal! And, when natural herbs are mixed in the right combination by experienced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioners and herbalists, they can help you lead a healthy life. Chinese herbs are natural medicines that the people have relied upon for thousands of years. Whether it is boosting the body’s natural immune system or treating an ailment, Chinese herbal therapy can help you in leading a healthy life.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Holistic Healing

Each Chinese herbal medicine is a combination of multiple herbs, minerals, animal products, and other naturally-occurring substances. Rather than taking a single herb as medicine, the ancient Chinese philosophy believes in a precise combination so that the pills/powders boost the effectiveness of the herbs and combat potential side effects.

The herbs-concoction is not based on illness or symptoms but they are tailored individually to treat the illness based on the patient’s body. Chinese herbal medicine focuses on holistic healing rather than adopting a disease-oriented approach.

Main Principles of TCM Herbal Therapy

Often used with other TCM practices such as acupuncture, moxibustion, Gua Sha, cupping, and others, Chinese herbs can balance the Qi, the lifeforce in the body that flows through invisible channels called Meridian. The herbs have the potential to treat ailments that other treatments are found lacking.

The lifeforce of the body is affected by the changes in Yin and Yang, the opposing forces of the universe. Both the forces attract and complement each other. A few organs and meridians are governed by Yin and others are affected by Yang. Pollution, stress, diet, sleep, infections, etc. cause Yin and Yang imbalances.

Together with the Yin-Yang theory, the 5-element theory of TCM also comes into play. The five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water help us in studying how the internal system of the body is connected. All the herbs are classified into five tastes (corresponding to the five elements): sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and pungent.

Since ages, Chinese herbalists and sages have applied the theories of five elements and Yin and Yang to prevent and treat diseases effectively.

What Conditions can be Treated with Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Similar to other TCM practices, Chinese herbal medicine focuses on restoring the balance of the life-energy in the body and treats diseases. The therapy can help to address the following conditions:

>>Cold, sinusitis, cough and flu
>>Persistent fatigue, tiredness
>>Chronic and acute pain
>>Diarrhea, constipation, inefficient bowel movements
>>Menstrual pain, fertility issues and menopause
>>Skin infections
>>Liver diseases and certain types of cancer, etc.

It is important to remember Chinese herbs do not always replace Western medicine and conventional medical treatment. In some difficult situations, such as cancer, Chinese herbal medicine can complement the allopathic treatment but not replace it. Additionally, special attention is a must when treating the elderly population, children, pregnant/breastfeeding women as well as patients scheduled for surgery in the short run.

Improper use of Chinese herbs can prove to be harmful and so, you need to consult an experienced and certified TCM practitioner.

What to expect when you book a Consultation?

If you are interested in trying out Chinese herbs, inform your allopathy doctor about it and make sure he clears you for TCM therapy. Choose a certified TCM practitioner for a better and safe treatment.

The practitioner will ask you detailed questions regarding your health history. They may perform diagnostics procedures to understand more about the illness. Do not forget to mention past illness and current ailments to the expert. Inform them about your prescription medications and allergies in detail because a few medicines and Chinese herbs may not go together.

You may be prescribed a traditional formula or the practitioner may create a customized formula to suit the requirements of your body. Chinese herbs are available in multiple forms such as:

a. Herb Capsules and Chinese Herbal Tablets
b. Chinese Herb Granules and Powders
c. Chinese Herbal Teas and Liquid Extracts
d. TCM Oils, Lotions and Cream

The practitioner will prescribe you the number of times you need to take the medicine. You may be asked to take your herbs 20-30 minutes before the consumption of food. Sometimes, the herbalist may suggest the ingestion of herbs after meals. Make sure you get the timings right for the best results.

Remember TCM herbal medicines are extremely efficient in holistic healing of the body. To avoid side effects and ensure the best results, a trained practitioner is a must.

Another important aspect is the quality and authenticity of the medicinal herbs. In the USA, Chinese herbs are classified as supplements and they are not subjected to rigorous protocols. So, you must choose high-quality TCM herbal medicines from a reliable seller. Remember Chinese herbal medicine won’t be effective without a qualified expert and quality products.

In the hands of trained TCM experts, herbal medicine can work wonders. If you are looking to buy Chinese herbal medicine in bulk, shop online. Choose a reliable TCM wholesale supplies store to buy herbal pills and Chinese herb granules.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions: Ensuring the Success of Dental Clinics During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put our lives on hold. It has touched every aspect of our lives, including routine medical checkups and dental health care. Even though dentists are now open for non-emergency procedures such as teeth whitening, they are reporting the reluctance of patients to come to the clinic. An American Dental Association (ADA) Survey revealed that patient volume is nearly 60 percent of what it was before March 15, 2020.

The low patient turnout at dental clinics, especially for elective procedures such as routine dental cleaning and teeth whitening, can prove to be an opportunity in disguise. Here are certain measures that you can undertake to become a safe choice for your patients’ dental needs.

Establish your Dental Practice as a Safe Choice

As a dental health specialist, you are well-equipped in managing and controlling infection risks. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made additional safety measures a must. Establish your dental practice as a safe option for patients by following additional CDC/ADA-approved measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

a. Call patients before the scheduled appointments to inquire about their health.
b. Make the use of face masks essential in the clinic.
c. Take the patient’s temperature upon arrival to ensure the safety of the staff and other patients.
d. Offer hand sanitizing facilities for patients coming into the clinic.
e. Opt for staggered appointments so that you can disinfect the room thoroughly for the next patient.
f. Staggered appointments will avoid over-crowding in the waiting area. Also, remove magazines and toys from the waiting rooms for additional safety.
g. Ensure that the dental clinic staff is equipped with PPE.

Offer the Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions

This is the right time to foray into the world of teeth whitening products. It will address the needs of your patients and ensure the sustainability of your business. Patients do not want to come into the dental clinic for fear of getting infected by Novel Coronavirus. However, they still want their teeth to look bright and beautiful. You can focus on such patients by offering dentist-approved teeth whitening products under your brand name.

Many private label teeth whitening suppliers will help you deliver robust dental care products to your patients. The best part about working with a private label supplier is that you do not have to worry about the manufacturing process. Simply provide your logo and other branding details to the supplier and they will deliver products with your label on it.

Modern-day manufacturers and suppliers will even customize product formulations and ingredients for you. For example, you can access teeth whitening products specially designed for people with sensitive teeth, veneers, caps, and crowns by informing the supplier about your specific requirements. So, spend time in choosing the best teeth whitening products supplier who manufactures products under rigorous supervision and testing protocols.

Popular Teeth Whitening Solutions to Grow your Business

1. At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

For patients who are reluctant in coming to your dental clinic, basic at-home teeth whitening kits offer a valid solution. They can use it several times to remove stains from teeth. The kit includes custom teeth whitening gel syringes, thermo-fitting trays, personal LED light, shade guide, and instructional manual to ensure easy dental whitening at home.

2. Complete Teeth Whitening Kit

The complete teeth whitening kit includes everything required to keep the patient’s teeth shining for a long time. In addition to all the essential dental whitening products, you will able to provide pre-treatment products for a more efficient teeth whitening session at home. It also includes a retainer case for keeping the thermo-forming trays clean and safe.

3. Maintenance Teeth Whitening Kit

The maintenance kit can be a perfect upsell item for patients to take home. You can provide them with maintenance teeth whitening kits after their chairside treatment. Used every 4-12 weeks, the kit can help your patients in maintaining their perfect smile for a special occasion. It includes a whitening pen with a gel of your choice and a personal LED light to expedite the process. A shade guide and instructional manual are added for easy tracking.

4. Teeth Whitening Pens

If patients are looking for cost-effective options to maintain their pearly-white teeth, dental whitening pens can help them in achieving their goals. The whitening pens target stains and offer quick, on-the-go touchups in between treatments.

You can choose between different gel options such as advanced hybrid peroxide, 35% carbamide peroxide, 6% hydrogen peroxide, peroxide-free, and custom gel formula for removing stains caused by red wine, cigarettes, tea, coffee, etc.

Opportunity to Serve your Patients in a Better Way

The Novel Coronavirus pandemic has posed new challenges for every business, including dental practices across the USA. To serve your patients in a better way, you need to take steps to ensure a safe dental clinic for chair-side treatments. Patients may have to come for restorative dentistry procedures, tooth decay treatments, and teeth cleaning but teeth whitening doesn’t always necessitate a visit to the dentist.

Foray into the world of at-home teeth whitening solutions and offer a unique and safe option for your patients to keep their teeth brighter and whiter forever.

Sustain and grow your dental practice in times of COVID-19. Introduce your patients to robust, professional-quality at-home teeth whitening kits and on-the-go dental whitening pens. Get in touch with a reputed manufacturer who has an experience of providing custom teeth whitening solutions for dentists and other dental professionals.

Gastric Cancer: Risk Factors associated with the Cancers of the Stomach

The incidences of stomach cancer or gastric cancer are low in India. However, there are certain regions of the country that witness a prominent prevalence of the disease. This warrants for more widespread discussion of the causes of stomach cancer and how we can work together to fight against cancer.

Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer among Indian males and the seventh most common cancer among females in the country. Why so many people are affected by the fatal disease in our country? The answer lies in certain behaviors, lifestyle patterns, and living conditions that increase the risk of getting the disease. Let’s find out what risk factors cause stomach lining cells to become cancerous.

Gender and Age

Men are more prone to stomach cancer than females.

As you grow older, the chances of getting diagnosed with stomach cancer rise. Most gastric cancer patients are over the age of 50.


It is witnessed that certain populations of the world are more prone to the disease. Regions such as Japan, Korea, certain parts of Eastern Europe, and Southern and Central America are seeing a rise in gastric cancer cases. Experts attribute the rising numbers to the food preservation techniques of drying, smoking, salting, or pickling used by these inhabitants. So, it is essential to limit the usage of such preservation techniques in your households.

Family History and Genetics

If you have a close family member (first-degree relatives including parents, siblings, and children) who have suffered from stomach cancer, you are more likely to develop the disease.

Certain genetic conditions such as Lynch syndrome, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), Li-Fraumeni syndrome, etc. have higher chances of stomach cancer.

Inherited mutations of the GSTM1-null phenotype or CDH1 gene, IL-17, and IL-10, and polymorphisms of the interleukin genes also increase your risk. Even inherited mutations of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that often causes breast cancer can also lead to stomach cancer.

Medical History

One of the most common reasons for the cancers in the distal part of the stomach is Helicobacter Pylori (H pylori). Doctors have found out that long-term infection can lead to inflammation and affect the lining of the stomach.

Patients who have pernicious anemia should also regularly look for symptoms of stomach cancer. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is connected to lymphoma and linked to a small number of gastric cancer cases.

Dietary Habits

Although the link between obesity and gastric cancer is not pronounced, experts suggest that being overweight or obese can lead to cancers of the upper part of the stomach. Hence, it is essential to adopt a simple, sustainable diet and focus on maintaining a healthy weight.

Diets with excessive usage of salt, pickled foods, and preserved meats are known to increase the risk factor. Research suggests that nitrates and nitrites found in cured meats can lead to Helicobacter Pylori and cause stomach cancer in the future. Avoid prolonged intake of red meat, saturated fat, and preserved food that can cause inflammation.

Consumption of Tobacco and Alcohol

Consumption of tobacco especially in the form of smoking can cause gastric cancer. Whether it is cigarettes, cigars, hookah, or other types such as opium, it is best to avoid tobacco for multiple health benefits. Additionally, excessive consumption of alcohol can affect the stomach lining and cause it to erode. It can lead to stomach cancer as well.

Occupational Hazards

Certain jobs cause exposure to chemicals, dust, high-temperature particulates, metals, etc. They increase the risk of the disease. For example, the presence of asbestos can lead to stomach cancer in the future.

Socio-Economic Status

Although it may not be directly related to the cause of gastric cancer, a lower socio-economic status prevents patients from getting access to immediate medical treatment. Prolonged infection of H. pylori or stomach inflammation can lead to stomach cancer. People with low incomes also have less access to fresh produce. They often rely on affordable, processed food which leads to more chances of cancer.

On the other hand, proximal stomach & gastroesophageal junction tumors are more visible in affluent classes of the society. The reasons behind it are a sedentary lifestyle and morbid obesity. It shows that greater access to rich, fatty foods and less physical activity negatively impacts your health.

What can we do to reduce our Risks of Stomach Cancer?

We must understand that certain risk factors are modifiable such as the habit of smoking tobacco or consuming alcohol. Other factors such as age and gender cannot be controlled. It is also important to recognize that having a few risk factors doesn’t mean you will get stomach cancer soon.

So, what lies in our hands? We need to take our health in our hands. Practice a healthy lifestyle, improve your dietary patterns, and lead an active life. The healthier you are, the lesser are your chances of getting stomach cancer.

For gastric cancer treatment, seek immediate medical expertise from a gastrointestinal surgeon. Get in touch with South Gujarat’s first national board-certified HPB and GI cancer expert, Dr. Jay Chokshi. Call on 8010918000 and book a teleconsultation today.